From Now On, She Will Be Here, Unimpeded

Cheng group's security measures have always been notoriously strict.

It's not easy for a bird to fly in, not to mention Chang Manni, who is a living person.

A few security guards came up to him, ready to kick the troublesome Chang Manni out.

Chang Manni had no choice but to stabilize a few security guards and explain, "Wait a minute, Zheng Chenxuan and I know each other. I'll call him right away."

Chang Manni took out his phone and pressed a few numbers on the screen with his slender fingers, then the phone was dialed.

Zheng Chenxuan was on the 23rd floor of the building. He was planning to organize an important meeting with the top management in an hour.

When the phone rang, Zheng Chenxuan was thinking, and Chang Manni's call obviously interrupted his train of thought.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at the phone number on the screen, his brows furrowed, and a handsome face was instantly covered with frost.

Why did this woman always bother him when he had the most headaches?

Are you born enemies?

Zheng Chenxuan was still staring at her phone in a daze, but Chang Manni was sweating. She walked back and forth in circles and kept saying, "Damn Zheng Chenxuan, pick up the phone. Pick up the phone."

Chang Manni, who was extremely agitated, repeatedly dialed Zheng Chenxuan's cell phone number. Zheng Chenxuan was so annoyed by her noise that he suddenly pressed the answer button.

Before Zheng Chenxuan could question him, Chang Manni pleaded, "I'm in the lobby of your company. The security guards won't let me up. Tell them to let me up."

There was an unspeakable urgency and nervousness in Chang Manni's voice.

What happened?

Zheng Chenxuan sat calmly at his desk and asked slowly, "Why are you here to see me now?"

"Something happened to my friend. I need your help."

"Something happened to your friend. Do you need my help?"

Zheng Chenxuan's beautiful eyebrows were twisted into a knot, and a trace of impatience flashed through his long and narrow eyes.

The two of them had not yet received their licenses, and although they were about to get married by agreement, he had no right to be responsible for her friend.

Zheng Chenxuan's magnetic voice reminded Chang Manni in a low voice, "You married me, not your friend. Don't bother me with such trivial matters."

With that, he hung up the phone with a bang.

Chang Manni was dumbfounded. How could Zheng Chenxuan be so cold?

He was the vice president of the Cheng group, and asking him for a favor was nothing more than a gesture.

What a cold person.

The security guards stared at Chang Manni with a mocking look on their faces. Because of their handsome appearance, their two presidents often attracted a lot of beautiful women who wanted to take the opportunity to attract their attention.

In the eyes of the security guards, Chang Manni was such a crazy woman.

"Miss, you made the phone call too. You sent it to me too. I think we should leave soon."

The security guard waved his hand impatiently and told Chang Manni to leave as soon as possible.

Chang Manni collapsed and stood there. The security guards were too strong to charge in!

What should I do?

If he didn't ask Zheng Chenxuan for help, would brother Zhiyuan really go to jail?

Chang Manni was like an ant on a hot pot, spinning around in a hurry.

At this moment, a man walked into the building.

The appearance of this man immediately caused quite a stir.

The female employees in the company, especially the receptionists in the lobby on the first floor, stood on both sides and waited respectfully for him.

There were a few women who secretly put makeup on themselves in order to show him the best in front of him.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly with a faint smile. Although he looked kind and charming, his eagle eyes were unusually deep. Under the bridge of his nose, his thin lips were tightly pressed, and his sharp edges revealed a bit of coldness.

As he walked forward, he saw many security guards in front of the elevator, so he walked over and asked coldly, "What happened?"

The head of the security team stepped forward and replied respectfully, "Zheng Boss, this lady suddenly rushed out to look for Vice president. We'll kick her out right away."

As he spoke, a few security guards gathered around him and rudely drove Chang Manni's arm, ready to drive the girl out of the room, who was looking down and deep in thought.

The man looked down at Chang Manni and asked, "Mani? How did you get here?"

Chang Manni suddenly heard a familiar voice above his head. He looked up and his innocent eyes were filled with surprise.

"Chenyi, it's you!"

Chang Manni actually called the president of the Cheng group by his first name?

The two security guards who were driving Chang Manni's arm immediately put her down and quietly stepped aside, but their foreheads were sweating profusely.

This woman seems to be really close to Zheng Boss. She should not be a crazy woman who is crazy.

Oh no, they seem to have accidentally offended an important woman.

Zheng Chenyi's dark eyes were sinister, and he stood in the hall, looking down on the world like an emperor.

After a long time, he announced in a deep voice, "From now on, this woman will come to the Cheng group without any of you asking or checking."

This seemed to be a reminder to others that Chang Manni had a special identity and would be able to get through the Cheng group from now on.

This is more honorable than a vip gold card or a black card!

The security guards immediately bowed their heads and apologized, "Sorry, please don't mind this lady."

Chang Manni nodded hurriedly, then pulled Zheng Chenyi to the elevator, stood on tiptoe, and whispered in his ear, "Brother Chen Yi, can you do me a favor? Something happened to my friend. Can you help me?"

Chang Manni couldn't figure out who else to ask for help. Zheng Chenyi was her last straw.

Zheng Chenyi had a project to talk about, but she was so anxious that something really happened.

Zheng Chenyi did not know why, but he could not see her so wronged, how could he not help her?

"Okay, let's go out and talk on the way."

Zheng Chenyi held Mani's hand and walked out of the zheng building step by step under everyone's gaze.

Until the two of them disappeared from sight, someone slammed his head and shouted, "I remember who she is. Isn't she the girl who had an affair with our Vice president a while ago?"

Soon after a voice sounded, other voices responded.

"The girl who went to the hotel with Vice president and was secretly photographed?"

I see. No wonder they thought that woman looked familiar.

But that day, it was a scandal between Chang Manni and Vice president Zheng Chenxuan. Why is it now that this girl and the president left?

Are the two brothers eating together?

Everyone lowered their heads and whispered, and the manager of the publicity department couldn't help but snort, "Be careful. You don't want to work in the company, do you? Let's get out of here and do what we need to do."

The manager couldn't help but scold and everyone dispersed.

But everything that had just happened was still heard by Zheng Chenxuan without a word missing.

The assistant reported what happened downstairs to Zheng Chenxuan. "Vice president, young madam and Zheng Boss left together. Young madam also got into Zheng Boss's car."

Zheng Chenxuan sat on the swivel chair, his eyes as deep as a thousand years old pool, layers of cold can not help but make people feel creepy.

After a long time, his thin lips curled up and he said in a deep voice, "Send someone to follow and see what happened."

Although it was an arranged marriage, it was impossible to ignore her completely!