18 Unspeakable Love

On the fifth floor of the city center hospital, in a separate ward, Chang Manni and zheng chenyi stood outside the ward, glancing through the glass window on the door at Brother zhiyuan, who was covered in gauze, on the bed.

Chang Manni's heart tightened.

Lin Tianyou was really ruthless!

Chang Manni looked away and whispered, "Brother Chen Yi, please help me. I can't find another person to help me except you."

Zheng Chenyi glanced sideways at the man in the ward, about the same age as Chang Manni.

He was sunny and handsome, yet he had not entered society, but he had already gotten rid of his childishness.

Zhiyuan had maturity and calmness that did not match his peers.

But such a mature youth, but also for Chang Manni to become crazy.

Zheng Chenyi just felt a little sour.

Chang Manni begged him. He would help no matter what.

"Okay, I'll get you a lawyer. It's nothing. It's just a regular fight."

If the Wang family were really prepared to sue, Brother zhiyuan would not lose with Zheng Chenyi's help.

But zheng chenyi wanted to do more than that.

The Wang family seems to have been very restless lately and needs him to send someone to warn them.

When Chang Manni saw that Zheng Chenyi agreed to help, his suspense finally came to an end.

She folded her hands and looked up at the tall man beside her with admiration.

Zheng chenyi was so warm and handsome in the morning sun.

This man always gives her a warm feeling.

Chang Manni looked at him and couldn't help but smile foolishly.

Zheng Chenyi chuckled at her appearance and bent over to rub her head, "Don't worry too much. I'll settle this. But you seem to have a good relationship with that guy. You're nervous about him."

I didn't want to ask more, but Zheng Chenyi still couldn't control his heart.

He wanted to get closer to her and know more.

Chang Manni nodded and confessed to Zheng Chenyi about his relationship with Brother zhiyuan.

"Brother zhiyuan, Xiao Xiao and I grew up together. Our father was a pilot, so we grew up close. Especially after my father left, Zhiyuan's father and xiaoxiao's father took care of me. Brother zhiyuan is my family."

It's family, not lovers, not secret lovers.

Hearing such an answer, Zheng Chenyi's troubled heart suddenly let go.

It was like a heart, through layers of clouds and fog, finally seeing the open-minded mood of the blue sky.

She had nothing special to do with that boy. That's great.

Zheng chenyi smiled warmly and was about to say something to Chang Manni when the phone rang.

It was his cousin, Zheng Chenxuan, who purposely called to disturb his and Chang Manni's alone time.

A trace of unhappiness flashed through zheng chenyi's eyes and he pressed the answer button with his fingertips, "It's rare that you would call me too."

Zheng Chenyi could not help but sneer.

Since the An Yafu incident, the two brothers have been like strangers.

Zheng Chenyi could not remember how long it had been since Zheng Chenxuan called him.

This was the first time he had contacted him, probably for the sake of this woman around him.

Zheng Chenxuan sat in his office, his slender fingers tapping on the table, his voice threatening and cold, "As the president of the Cheng group, is this how you do things? You should know that this project with the energy group is our company's favorite. But you want to stand your client up?"

Zheng Chenxuan did not lose his temper, but his eyes were burning with anger.

Since when did Zheng Chenyi, who had always been mature and cautious, delay his business because of a woman?

Why did he care so much about Chang Manni?

Even without Zheng Chenxuan's warning, Zheng Chenyi knew how important the project was.

But Chang Manni's business was also important.

Fortunately, on the way to the hospital, Zheng Chenyi had already instructed his assistant to show the client around the company.

He took a look at his watch. Fifteen minutes was enough.

"It's not your turn to worry about my business."

Zheng Chenyi hung up on Zheng Chenxuan domineeringly, and Chang Manni looked up to him even more.

What a handsome man, especially the one who could hang up Zheng Chenxuan's phone, he couldn't be any more handsome.

Chang man Nicole didn't have the courage to hang up on Zheng Chenxuan.

Zheng Chenyi turned around and patted Mani on the shoulder, "Don't worry, your Brother zhiyuan will be fine."

Chang Manni nodded heavily, "Well, Brother Chen Yi said it's okay, so it must be okay."

Zheng Chenyi curled his lips. He was in a good mood to be trusted so much by Chang Manni.

So he made a request to Chang Manni, "I did you a favor. In return, treat me to a meal. I want to eat the food you cooked yourself."

Chang Manni agreed without even thinking, "Ok, no problem. Just contact me when you want to eat."

It was just a meal. Chang Manni was very good at it.

Zheng chenyi smiled and nodded. It seemed that it was worth coming here today.

After sending Zheng Chenyi away, Chang Manni pushed the door and entered the ward.

Zhiyuan on the hospital bed had woken up, his handsome eyes were slightly swollen, and the corner of his mouth was covered in blood, which made Chang Manni's heart ache.

"Brother zhiyuan, I'm sorry."

Chang Manni walked to the bedside and held Brother zhiyuan's hand. Her eyes were red and the rest was stuck in her throat.

I want to say thank you, but I want to say sorry.

From childhood, brother Zhiyuan and xiaoxiao helped her too much.

Only her family would be so selfless and generous to her.

Zhiyuan stretched out his arm with difficulty, wiped away the tears from Chang Manni's eyes with heartache, and shook his head helplessly, "If you really feel sorry for me, promise me that you won't fall in love with this scum again."

Zhiyuan was helpless. Ever since he was a child, Chang Manni's eq was always worrisome, and the way he looked at men made him collapse.

Remember when she was in kindergarten, Chang Manni fell in love with her deskmate, an overbearing and unreasonable little boy.

I didn't expect that when I grew up, I would fall in love with a scumbag like Lin Tianyou.

Zhiyuan looked at Chang Manni with burning eyes. Why did she never notice him?

He not only wanted to be the guardian behind her, but also wanted to be the man who could stand beside her.

But why, all these years, she had been chasing after others, but she never stopped to look back at him?

Chang Manni wiped the tears off her face with her hand and plunged into Brother zhiyuan's arms, nodding, "Well, I will definitely choose a good man next time."

Zhiyuan had no choice. Until now, she still did not understand his good intentions towards her.

Zhiyuan held the woman in her arms and gently stroked her hair. Her voice was extremely soft and indulgent, "Don't cry, I don't hurt."

But in fact, Zhiyuan couldn't help grinning in pain.

However, holding the woman in his arms, he could not bear to make her heart ache.

Xiaoxiao stood by the window and looked at Brother zhiyuan. The love and affection in his eyes were all in her eyes.

All these years, he still doesn't know how to give up!