Are You Pregnant?

Zheng Chenyi's efficiency was indeed fast and accurate.

In just a few days, Zheng Chenyi helped chang manni solve all her problems.

The school did not pursue any responsibility for Brother zhiyuan, and the Wang family shut up and said nothing more.

Most importantly, Zheng Chenyi somehow killed the Wang family's morale.

Recently at school, Wang Danni and Lin Tianyou both avoided Chang Manni. This made Chang Manni feel good.

Sure enough, brother chen yi was the most reliable person to do such a thing.

Before class, everyone sat in the classroom.

Without exception, Lin Tianyou and Wang Danni were absent from Chang Manni's class today.

Before the professor arrived, Xiao Xiao and ah yun immediately came over and asked curiously, "Mani, what exactly did you do? Brother zhiyuan was fine, and Wang Danni was no longer as arrogant as before. Is there really someone important behind you?"

Xiao Xiao squinted and looked at Chang Manni from top to bottom.

She has changed a lot recently. Although the style of her clothes is still low-key and casual, this brand is really famous.

Ah yun hesitated for a long time and finally asked hesitantly, "Mani, this question has been stuck in my heart for a long time. Don't be mad at me for saying that. I care about you too. I heard people say you went out to sell. You didn't really go out to sell, did you?"

That day, Chang Manni was photographed at the hotel. Her disheveled clothes and Vice president from the Cheng group appeared in the room.

But manni wasn't like that.

Chang Manni's face was black. Sure enough, the rich family was a big dye vat. Before they went in, they splashed dirty water all over themselves.

The point was, Mani didn't know if he explained it clearly.

Mani didn't know how to talk to his friends.

At this moment, Brother zhiyuan stood behind her at some point and said in a slightly resentful voice, "Mani, you came to the hospital to see me that day. It looks like a man sent you here. That man..."

Zhiyuan had long wanted to ask chang manni what her relationship with the Zheng family brothers was.

How could she, a simple girl, be involved with such a complicated pair of brothers?

Chang Manni couldn't explain for a moment and shook his head helplessly, "Brother zhiyuan, Xiao Xiao and ah yun, things are not what you think. Brother chen yi and I are good friends."

"Brother Chen Yi? So affectionate?"

Xiao Xiao suddenly felt that this place was not normal.

Zhiyuan continued with a cold look, "What about you and Zheng Chenxuan? What's the relationship?"

Chang Manni was silent.

How to answer?

How could they not be related? They were going to be officially married.

Chang Manni instinctively wanted to escape. Fortunately, the bell rang and everyone immediately returned to their seats.

But during this class, Chang Manni could feel the burning gaze coming from behind.

Brother zhiyuan, you should have been watching her for a class.

When the professor left, Brother zhiyuan floated to Chang Manni like a ghost.

"You haven't answered my question yet."

Chang Manni had never seen Brother zhiyuan so cold. He was really angry.

But she had to keep it a secret before the wedding.

Chang Manni smiled awkwardly and pointed at his watch, "Brother zhiyuan, I'm really busy. I'll talk to you another day."

Chang Manni avoided Brother zhiyuan and trotted away from the classroom.

Xiaoxiao stood behind Brother zhiyuan, always thinking that Mani should be in love.

I wonder if Brother zhiyuan can make it this time.

After waiting for so many years, this time, the man Chang Manni chose was not him!

After leaving the classroom, Chang Manni trotted all the way to the library on the third floor.

In the school library, there are all kinds of books. Chang Manni came here today to look for some books on parenting.

There were two little kids waiting for her to bring home.

Chang Manni searched the shelves one by one and found five or six books suitable for her.

Contented, she was about to leave with the books in her arms. A few girls happened to walk up to her, but they didn't see her. They collided and the book in Chang Manni's hand fell to the ground.

The girls were in the history department. Chang Manni had taken lessons with them before, and although they were not very familiar with each other, they knew each other.

Several girls immediately squatted down to help chang manni pick up the books on the ground, and repeatedly apologized, "I'm sorry, Mani, we didn't see you."

Mani smiled and shook his head. "It's okay."

The girl returned the book she had picked up to Mani and lowered her head to read the words on it, "Encyclopedia of newborn care?"

After that, the other girls came over to take a look.

After seeing the title of the book, a few girls were even more surprised and speechless.

Why would she read such a book?

Could it be?

One of the girls grabbed Mani's hands and looked worried, "Mani, are you pregnant?"

But what they were more curious about was, whose child was it?

Lin Tianyou's?

Or the zheng brothers' family that was exposed a few days ago?

Chang Manni looked down at the book in his hand and immediately regretted hitting the wall.

How could she be so stupid to dig a hole for herself and jump in?

Now that it's done, there's no way to explain it.

"Hehe." Chang Manni wiped the cold sweat off her forehead with a dry smile and continued to explain, "No, I have a friend who is getting married, and then she is pregnant, so she asked me to borrow a few books for her to see."

This explanation was obviously rotten to the core.

A few girls looked at her and smiled meaningfully, then everyone dispersed.

Chang Manni lowered her head dejectedly. Apparently, they didn't believe the reason she just said.

Chang Manni packed the borrowed books in her bag and quietly took the bus back to the Zheng family mansion.

Inside the mansion, old lady Zheng family and old man went to a friend's birthday party, and little Zheng Yuanhang went to a friend's house to play.

Zheng Chenxuan, the millennium iceberg, was nowhere to be found, leaving Chang Manni, the baby and a few servants to watch over the house.

Chang Manni fed the baby milk and had a simple dinner.

She thought that as a wife, she should wait for the child and husband to come back before resting.

However, Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Yuanhang still didn't come back after 10 pm.

After a dozen yawns, she took a shower and went straight back to her room.

As soon as she entered the bedroom, Chang Manni screamed and threw herself on the soft bed.

"Hahaha, it's so comfortable. Zheng Chenxuan will never come back."

She liked the feeling of being at home, sleeping as she wanted in the bedroom, without looking at Zheng Chenxuan's face.

After a long sleep, Chang Manni was suddenly awakened.

She rubbed her eyes and looked at the person in front of her sleepily.

Uh, Zheng Chenxuan's back.

"You're back." Chang Manni answered, falling down and ready to go back to sleep.

She was still a student, and it was time for sleep deprivation.

Zheng Chenxuan stood in front of the bed, his tall figure like an eagle in the night.

He grabbed Chang Manni by the collar and asked her to sit up from the bed.

Chang Manni reached out for the bedside table lamp with a headache, and the dim light hit zhen chenxuan's face, looking a little lonely.

Chang Manni calmed down and sat there with his arms folded across his chest, looking at him to see what he wanted to do.

"Are there any classes tomorrow morning?"

Chang Manni nodded, "Class."

"Ask for leave. Get your account book and id card ready and go to the Civil affairs bureau tomorrow morning to get your license."

The word "Getting a license" exploded in Chang Manni's mind, and she looked at him in a daze." Getting a license? Tomorrow? So soon?"