He's Not That Bad to Her Either

Although Chang Manni also knew that everything would unfold quickly.

However, after hearing Zheng Chenxuan mention getting a license once, Chang Manni's heart was still inexplicably nervous.

Chang Manni nodded in a muffled voice without saying anything. He lay down and went back to sleep.

But in fact, she couldn't sleep at all.

Zheng chenxuan turned off the lamp on the bedside table and lay down some distance away from Chang Manni.

It was a quiet night for both of them.

Zheng Chenxuan didn't care if she continued to sleep in bed. He had been distracted all day and now he had no qualms about Chang Manni.

During the day, Zheng Chenxuan could not hold his breath, and he made countless overseas calls to an yafu.

Unfortunately, it was always An Yafu's assistant who answered the phone.

Zheng Chenxuan didn't know what An Yafu meant.

Didn't you see the domestic news?

That's impossible. She should be keeping an eye on the news. Even if she didn't see it, her assistant and her entourage would always have known about his scandal, right?

Or did An Yafu not care who he married or who he had sex with?

So Zheng Chenxuan couldn't wait to prove it in person. When he and chang manni got their marriage certificate, was An Yafu still so calm?

It was a long night, and Chang Manni and Zheng Chenxuan slept on the same bed, back to back, but it was a long distance away.

The moonlight spilled into the room, and the two of them looked serious, with their own thoughts.

Cohabitation also seemed to have a substantive meaning.

The next morning, before Chang Manni woke up, he felt a chill in his body.

She could not help but frown and whine, "Cold."

Zheng Chenxuan stood by the bed and looked at her coldly. His deep voice sounded in her ear like magic, "Still not up?"

Chang Manni opened her eyes slowly, her lashes fluttering like a fan.

When Chang Manni saw the enlarged iceberg face in front of him, he got up from the bed in a flash.

"Oh, you... You're awake."

Chang Manni remembered that today was the day she went to the Civil affairs bureau to get her license. Somehow, she had been very uncomfortable since the morning.

Zheng Chenxuan nodded, then ordered, "I'll wait for you downstairs, get my id card and account book ready."

Chang Manni blinked dully, then got up and retrieved all her documents from her suitcase.

With his id card and household register in his hands, Chang Manni's arms trembled even more.

There was a voice in her heart telling her that when she got into the Civil affairs bureau and got her license, there was really no way to go back if she wanted to go back on her word.

Chang Manni sat on the floor, his hands fidgeting restlessly in front of his chest.

Three shops in a luxurious area!

And the best wishes of her life were about to come true.

It's just a marriage, so what?

After struggling for a while, Chang Manni finally made up his mind, nodded his head fiercely, and then got up and went straight to the living room downstairs.

The old lady and the old man of the Zheng family had already gone to the Zheng family one step ahead of them to wait for them.

Zheng Chenxuan had been waiting impatiently in the living room downstairs.

Seeing chang manni slowly walk down, he walked up to her and warned her softly in her ear with a cold face, "It's too late to go back on your word. We signed the contract, unless you want to pay a huge amount of compensation."

Zheng Chenxuan smiled coldly. He was already fully prepared.

At this moment, Chang Manni was the prey that Zheng Chenxuan had been staring at. She was a sheep that could be slaughtered and had no power to fight.

Chang Manni helplessly lowered his head and sighed heavily, "Yes, yes, yes, I know. Let's go."

Chang Manni waved his household register and id card.

Zheng Chenxuan grunted and walked out of the living room.

Chang Manni obediently followed him out of the living room and into the car.

Chang Manni didn't know what to say until the car was on its way to the Civil affairs bureau.

The atmosphere in the car was so awkward that Chang Manni had to turn his head away and stare out the window in a daze.

It's a beautiful day, with a clear sky and white clouds. It's a good day to get married.

Chang Manni looked at the beautiful scenery, but only felt depressed and stressed.

After driving for more than half an hour, the car finally reached the Civil affairs bureau.

Zheng chenxu, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly turned his head and told Chang Manni in a deep voice, "My family is here. Don't look too pompous."

Zheng Chenxuan knew his family, and he knew the big deal of getting a license.

Maybe the whole family was out.

Zheng Chenxuan didn't really want Chang Manni to interact with his family.

However, grandma and grandpa were so enthusiastic that even Zheng Chenxuan's parents were looking forward to seeing Chang Manni more often.

Chang Manni's already nervous heart tightened even more.

Is everyone home?

The point is, how many relatives does the Zheng family have?

Chang Manni took deep breaths over and over again, reminding herself not to be nervous, but to smile and muddle through if she really couldn't.

After a few more minutes, the car finally stopped.

Zheng chenxuan opened the door and said coldly, "Here we are."

Chang Manni glanced out the window. This was the entrance to the Civil affairs bureau.

"Oh." Chang Manni answered in a daze and opened the door to get out of the car.

Unexpectedly, Zheng Chenxuan suddenly walked around and opened the door for her gentlemanly while holding her hand in a courteous manner.

Chang Manni was stunned.

What kind of treatment is this?

Inside the Civil affairs bureau, Zhengjianainai kept taking pictures with his camera. "You see, my grandson and granddaughter-in-law are so close. Have you ever seen Xuan er treat anyone so well?"

Apart from Anya fu, Zheng Chenxuan had never been so enthusiastic about other women.

If Chang Manni knew that he had been treated, he would have died without regret.

Zheng Chenxuan held Mani's hand and they walked slowly into the Civil affairs bureau.

Chang Manni had a slight smile on his face. Others looked cute and kind.

Only Chang Manni knew how numb her face was right now.

As soon as they entered the Civil affairs bureau, they were surrounded by a group of people.

"Ouch! Our Xuan er is finally getting married."

"Now that Xuan er is married, it's almost over. Soon, soon. Good news is near."

Zheng Chenxuan's beautiful brows were tightly furrowed.

He never expected that grandma would go too far to invite all the distant relatives in the family.

All the aunts and relatives that Zheng Chenxuan could not even name were also invited.

Chang Manni looked at the group of people in front of him and his right eye jumped violently. He felt as if he had been engulfed by some kind of monster.

You know, the most terrifying thing about meeting parents is these so-called aunts.

Soon, one of the elders asked sharply, "What degree do you have? What do your parents do? How much money can you make a month?"

If you want to marry into the Zheng family and become the granddaughter-in-law of the old lady of the Zheng family, at least you have to come from a famous family.

Chang Manni wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and looked at the crowd with a dry smile.

Zheng Chenxuan, who was silent at the side, was annoyed by the question or a little distressed by Chang Manni.

She actually stood up and protected manni behind her.

He looked down at the crowd and said coldly, "Mani is still young. Don't put so much pressure on her."

The deep voice was like a warm spring breeze blowing into Mani's heart.

She looked up at such a handsome man stupidly. Look, he wasn't that bad to her either!