21 Envious

Zheng Chenxuan's heartwarming gesture made Chang Manni feel touched in his chest.

After Zheng Chenxuan spoke, many relatives only smiled awkwardly. Others did not dare to make things difficult for Chang Manni.

Zheng Chenxuan's parents walked over with an exceptionally bright smile on their faces, "Child, I finally saw you. That's great."

Chang Manni could not guess how old Zheng Chenxuan's mother was. She had curly hair over her shoulders and a smile that warmed her heart.

It was obvious that Chen Xuan's mother was a woman of great taste and elegance.

Whether it was the style of dressing or the makeup, it was exquisite and flawless.

Chang Manni was envious of her fair face, without any trace of age.

What an elegant woman!

Chang Manni smiled shyly and peeked at Chen Xuan's father standing next to him.

She now understood why Zheng Chenxuan was so tall and handsome.

Chen Xuan's father was a little over 1.8 meters tall, with a strong jaw under his handsome features, and his eyes were as clear as obsidian, shining with the maturity and wisdom of a wise man.

Even if he didn't say anything, just standing there made one feel the awe-inspiring air that emanated from his entire body.

Chang Manni timidly took a small step back.

Zheng Chenxuan is so cold, isn't his father fierce?

"Mani, right? From now on, she'll be my daughter-in-law. Chen Xuan is a cold and stubborn child. If he bullies you, tell me I'll teach him a lesson."

Chen Xuan's father had a smile in the corner of his eyes and was as gentle to her as a kind father.

Chang Manni felt even more moved.

How lucky she was!

A rich family was a complicated place, and a nobody like her who married into a rich family was not only not disgusted by her parents-in-law.

On the contrary, she was cared for and cared for by her family.

Chang Manni thought about it. Maybe she really saved the whole earth in her previous life.

However, when the corner of manni's eye swept over a charming woman in front of her.

She was stunned.

That seems to be Zheng Chenyi's mother.

But her eyes were shining brightly, and her smiling face was particularly arrogant and cold in the crowd, causing an unfounded panic.

Why was she afraid of Brother Chen Yi's mother?

Chang Manni shook her head. She didn't know that maybe the woman's aura was too strong.

After meeting all the relatives, Zheng Chenxuan took a picture with chang manni and went through the marriage formalities.

The whole process was only ten minutes.

Chang Manni looked at the red book in her hand and could not help but sigh. It only took ten minutes for her to have a private life with an unfamiliar man.

If mother and other uncles knew, they would have fainted right away, right?

Chang Manni smiled and shook her head. She was getting married in a flash.

Chang Manni thought that if he got his license, everything would be ok.

When the wedding is held in a few days, everything will be fine.

Unexpectedly, Zhengjianainai did not let the two of them go and made a more exciting request.

"You are now officially married. Young couples are sweet. Come on, give me a kiss. I'll take a few more photos for you."

Ever since Zhengjianainai became addicted to photography, he always liked to take pictures of flowers, plants, and delicious scenery with his camera.

Today was her grandson's wedding. It was a great wedding. Naturally, she had to take a few more sweet photos as a souvenir.

"Grandma, this..."

Chang Manni was dumbfounded. He didn't say he was going to cooperate with the wedding, nor did he say he was going to cooperate with the kiss.

If grandma's demands were fulfilled, wouldn't Zheng Chenxuan have taken advantage of her all over?

Zheng Chenxuan was equally embarrassed.

But the old lady refused to compromise.

"What's the matter? I'm old, and I'm being unreasonable? I just want to take a few more photos of you, and cooperate! What's there to be shy about when you're married? Hurry up."

The old lady had already set up her camera and waited for the two newcomers to show off their love in front of everyone.

With a dark face, Zheng Chenxuan leaned over to Chang Manni and ordered her, "Since it's grandma's request, just do it."

Chang Manni glared back at him, "How do you do that? Kiss, and ask for hugs and hugs! Aren't you openly taking advantage of me?"

Chang Manni could not help but hug his chest with both hands, with a strong expression that said that death was inviolable.

Zheng Chenxuan's dark eyes narrowed, and a mocking smile suddenly appeared on his lips, "What capital do you have for me to take advantage of you? You're probably the one who's taking advantage of me when I get close to you."


Chang Manni couldn't help but get a little angry. Zheng Chenxuan was too confident.

No, to be exact, it's too narcissistic!

Their eyes met, and flames were flying everywhere.

The two of them were at a standstill, and the atmosphere that had just warmed up quickly turned into a deathly silence.

Zheng Chenxuan frowned slightly, his face slightly angry, but upon closer inspection, his eyes were as dark as a leopard.

In front of him, Chang Manni could only be slaughtered.

Zheng Chenxuan warned again in a low voice, "You have the responsibility to fulfill a wife's obligation. If you break the contract, do you need me to remind you how much you need to pay for the breach of contract?"

A clear and elegant voice sounded, clearly such a pleasant bass, but it sounded extremely frightening to Chang Manni.

Chang Manni tightened his throat and patted his little heart in fear.

Please, if you break the contract, you have to pay ten times the compensation.

The price of the three shops is increasing tenfold?

Forget it. Even if I sold her, it wouldn't be worth it.

Chang Manni smiled and immediately took Zheng Chenxuan's arm, "Oh, I'm good at acting. Don't worry."

Chang Manni immediately approached Zheng Chenxuan. Although there was a smile on his lips, it looked rather tragic.

Kiss him, kiss him. Anyway, that night, his whole body was naked.

When the old lady of the Zheng family saw the new couple in their positions, her face burst into laughter, "Not bad, not bad. Get closer."

Under the guidance of the old lady, the two of them got closer to each other.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at the shy girl in her arms, unsure whether it was true feelings or acting too well?

However, this kind of her, really pure and fascinating.

Zheng Chenxuan lowered his head and gently touched her lips.

There was no romantic kiss in her mind, just a light touch like a dragonfly.

But it was this gentle kiss that made Chang Manni's body twitch.

Deep inside, it was as if something had exploded.

Chang Manni pressed his head even lower.

Come on, she doesn't have much experience, okay?

At this moment, I'm so shy.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at Chang Manni's pale face and quickly blushed. He couldn't help but feel good.

She and An Yafu are two completely different types of women.

Zheng Chenyi took care of the company and drove straight to the Civil affairs bureau.

No matter what conflicts there were between the two brothers, he had to attend the wedding ceremony when his cousin got married.

As soon as she entered the Civil affairs bureau hall, she saw Zheng Chenxuan bow her head and kiss her affectionately. Chang manni's shy appearance really looked like a newly married little wife.

Zheng chenyi's eyes dimmed and retreated to the last position. A few people were watching Chang Manni silently.

She said it was an arranged marriage, and she said she didn't love him.

But that kiss just now, she also felt something, didn't she?