They Won't Make Things Difficult for You

Chang Manni admitted that close contact with Zheng Chenxuan was indeed electrified by his charm.

It's not normal to be with such a rich and handsome man without blushing or beating your heart.

Chang Manni's smile gradually widened, but his face was a little awkward.

It is really not used to showing off love openly in front of many elders.

Zhengjianainai and grandpa took a lot of photos. As they looked at the camera in their hands, the two old men nodded and smiled with satisfaction, "It's really a man and a woman. I'm not very good at taking pictures, but my face is here. The effect is like an oil painting."

The old man took a closer look and saw the two people in the photo. Grandson Zheng Chenxuan had a slight smile on his lips and his sharp features gradually softened. Looking at his granddaughter-in-law, her pretty little face was even prettier than the blooming flowers.

The two of them were indeed on the right track.

After the photo shoot and the love show, the old lady ordered, "Okay, we can go now."

Everyone dispersed towards the door. When Chang Manni heard Zhengjianainai's order to call it a day, he immediately hid his smile and quietly left Zheng Chenxuan.

Zheng Chenxuan lowered his head and watched as Chang Manni quickly distanced himself from her while he still had the warmth of her body on him.

But she left without mercy?

Do you really think it's just a job?

For some reason, Zheng Chenxuan was in a bad mood.

Did you pretend to be smiling so sweetly just now?

Didn't Chang Manni have any feelings for herself?

Zheng Chenxuan wanted to reach out and grab Chang Manni. Chang Manni took a step forward and found the man in the corner.

Zheng chenyi smiled at Chang Manni and walked out of the shadows, dressed in a black casual suit with three buttons half-buttoned on his chest. There was a charming smile on the corner of his mouth, which made Chang Manni dizzy.

Zheng Chenyi walked over slowly.

"Brother Chen Yi, you're here. I thought you weren't coming today."

Just now, Chang Manni was surprised that all the relatives of the Zheng family had arrived, but only Brother Chen Yi was missing.

Zheng chenyi fondled Chang Manni's hair and said softly, "You and my brother got married. As the big brother of the Zheng family, how could I not come? From now on, you are officially the daughter-in-law of the Zheng family. Happy wedding."

Zheng Chenyi opened her thin lips and said her best wishes to chang manni.

But when Zheng Chenxuan heard the blessing, it was so shrill and funny.

His blessing?

How many are sincere?

Chang Manni lowered his head and smiled, feeling a little sour in his heart.

The elders had already walked out of the Civil affairs bureau. When they looked back, they saw that the three younger generations were still in a daze.

The old lady of the Zheng family immediately waved at the three of them, "Come out quickly. What are you still waiting for? Go home first. I have a dinner party to attend tonight."

It turned out that the old lady of the Zheng family had already been prepared. When she learned that her grandson went to the Civil affairs bureau this morning to get his license, she began to prepare and prepare for tonight's celebration dinner last night.

In any case, one of the Zheng family's two grandchildren has settled down, and now it's just boss Zheng Chenyi.

When the three heard their grandmother calling them, they nodded and walked out of the Civil affairs bureau side by side.

Although the picture looked beautiful or not, the three of them walked out of the Civil affairs bureau at the same time and felt something was wrong.

Everyone waited at the door for a while, and the driver immediately drove over.

Chang Manni had no choice but to deal with distant relatives like the Zheng family. Each of them was a hundred thousand copies. Why? Thinking that he had so many questions to answer, Chang Manni's head turned into two.

She unconsciously moved a few steps in Zheng Chenxuan's direction. As long as she was close to Zheng Chenxuan, those relatives wouldn't come looking for her again, would they?

All the other relatives got in the car, and Chang Manni was going to sit with Zheng Chenxuan or brother chen yi.

At this moment, the old lady of the Zheng family beckoned to chen xuan, "Xuan er, come on up and have a car with us."

Zhengjianainai had something to say to his grandson, and the conversation was about An Yafu.

Seeing Zheng Chenxuan stride away and get into the car in front of him, Chang Manni stood there a little uneasy.

Does this mean that she wants to ride alone with her elders?

Come on, she's not familiar with anyone else.

The most frustrating thing for Chang Manni was that her mother-in-law and father-in-law, who had only met once, suddenly grabbed her hand, "Mani, come with us. We have something to say to you."

Chang Manni smiled bitterly. Did her mother-in-law have the right to refuse?

Chang Manni carefully got into the car and sat quietly in the corner, not daring to breathe.

The car was about to start, and Zheng Chenyi got in at a critical moment.

Zheng Chenyi smiled and sat next to Chang Manni. She asked her parents-in-law coquettishly, "Uncle and aunt, no one else wants to drive with me, only you."

Chen Xuan's father and mother doted on his nephew.

The two of them smiled dotingly, "I wish you could stick to us."

Chang Manni smiled and turned to look at Zheng Chenyi, who was sitting next to him, feeling more at ease.

Chang Manni approached Zheng Chenyi and whispered in his ear, "Brother Chen Yi, thank you. I really don't know what to do if you're not here."

The first time they met, they had to be alone with their parents-in-law. Chang Manni was afraid that he might say something wrong sometimes.

Zheng Chenyi lowered his head and smiled, comforting Chang Manni, "Don't worry. Uncle and aunt are very nice. They won't make things difficult for you."

Chang Manni blinked. The lines on his stiff face gradually softened and the corners of his mouth unconsciously curled up.

Somehow, Zheng Chenyi's voice seemed to have some magic power.

He said that her parents-in-law would not make things difficult for her, then she would definitely not make things difficult for her!

Chang Manni had always believed in him.

On the way home, her mother-in-law asked a few questions.

"Mani, did Chen Xuan tell you about his past?"

Her mother-in-law had been worried about An Yafu.

His son spent seven years with Yaf and gave birth to two more children for the zheng family.

By rights, the Zheng family should be grateful to an yafu.

However, that woman was too greedy. The fire of desire hidden in her eyes might be able to hide it from Zheng Chenxuan.

But he couldn't hide the countless Zheng family ladies and old men.

An Yafu was definitely not going to be the daughter-in-law of the Zheng family.

Chang Manni thought about it carefully. Zheng Chenxuan told her some rules and important matters before signing the agreement.

But he didn't mention anything about Zheng Chenxuan's past, whether it was his childhood or his love life.

Mani shook his head, "No, but it's okay. I don't care about his past."

Chang Manni rolled his eyes and defused the crisis cleverly, making her mother-in-law very happy.

Zheng Chenyi looked at Chang Manni and knew that if she was smart, she would definitely live a good life in the Zheng family.

It's just...

Zheng chenyi looked into Mani's eyes, and there was an even more complicated emotion in addition to his deep indulgence.

The car sped along the road, and Zheng Chenxuan's car passed by.

Zheng Chenxuan looked through the window and saw Chang Manni in the opposite car.


Zheng Chenxuan narrowed his eyes and looked over coldly.

His hands could not help but clench into a ball, and his eyes burst out with a man-eating fire.

Zheng Chenyi! Damn Zheng Chenyi, why did he get in that car?

Why was he sitting next to Mani?