23 Had Already Seen through His Heart?

Zheng Chenxuan clearly saw how bright and sweet Chang Manni's smile was.

Chang Manni and Zheng Chenyi seemed very close. Did she ever show such a brilliant smile in front of her?

At that moment, Zheng Chenxuan's heart was blocked by a big stone.

Why did Zheng Chenyi always get involved in his love life?

Zheng Chenxuan's eyes were fixed on the two people in the car opposite him, while the old Zheng family lady next to him was trying to persuade him, "Chen Xuan, I don't want to ask too much about your love life. Actually, I'm also curious why you suddenly gave up on Yaf."

Old lady Zheng family was really curious, but she thought about it if she interfered too much.

Would it backfire and make my grandson more rebellious?

An Yafu was beautiful, but her heart was too complicated.

The Zheng family would rather accept a clean Chang Manni than a complicated and scheming An Yafu.

Zheng Chenxuan remained silent.

An Yafu did not respond to him until today.

The woman seemed to have disappeared. The call was made and the person who answered the call was always her assistant.

There was no anger, interrogation, or hysteria in Zheng Chenxuan's imagination.

She was too calm and composed, which made Zheng Chenxuan even more uneasy and uncertain.

Is this a good move?

Or did An Yafu see through his heart?

Zheng Chenxuan was so upset that he knocked his eyes and wanted to rest.

Zhengjianainai continued, "I won't ask you any questions about you and Yaf, but you've already got your license with manni. From now on, stop thinking about Yaf. The children are looking forward to a new mother. You have to manage your marriage and family well."

The old lady of the Zheng family tried her best to persuade her grandson. Whether he really heard the truth or not depends on what he thought.

Zheng Chenxuan was annoyed and nodded slightly, indicating that he would listen to his grandmother.

The car continued to move slowly.

Zheng Chenyi and chang manni took the first bus to Zheng family's old residence.

After Zheng Chenyi got out of the car, the gentleman reached out his right hand and helped Mani out of the car.

Chang Manni looked curiously at the old house in front of him. It had a romantic and solemn temperament, a high hall and a grand gate, round arched windows and cornered stone blocks.

Visiting such a mansion always made Chang Manni a little nervous and at a loss. In her mind, most of the places where rich people lived were glittering with gold.

Zheng Chenyi naturally held Mani's hand and gently suggested, "Shall I take you in for a walk?"

Chang Manni smiled and nodded, "Okay."

If brother chen yi had led her around, she would have enjoyed the process.

Zheng Chenyi looked back at the aunt and uncle behind him and said softly, "Uncle, aunt, I'll take Mani in for a tour first."

The two elders behind him smiled dotingly. "Well, it's Mani's first time at home."

It was better for an acquaintance like Chenyi to take her on a tour than for them.

With the permission of her aunt and uncle, Zheng Chenyi slowly led Mani into the mansion.

Behind them, the relatives who had just arrived were even more surprised when they saw this.

Chang Manni looked more like a perfect newlywed with Zheng Chenyi.

Although the relatives disagreed with each other, Chen Xuan's parents were there, so it was hard for the other relatives to say anything.

After Chang Manni entered Zheng family's old residence, he was so surprised that he couldn't speak.

Zheng family is really different!

Zhenchenxuan's mansion was mainly black and white, clean and neat.

She had thought that Zheng family's old residence, where Zheng family's grandparents lived, would be a magnificent and luxurious place.

But the mansion was so cozy.

Chang Manni could not help but exclaim. Although there was no golden decoration, the first impression was that it was still airy.

The interior and exterior of the design are transparent, and the natural light is introduced to the maximum. The overall color arrangement is light, and the space gives people a clean and bright feeling.

Chang Manni liked this feeling. It was a light, blue, neoclassical romance that echoed with the lustful beauty.

Simple, yet exquisite!

Zheng chenyi smiled indulgently and asked curiously, "Do you like it?"

Mani unconsciously nodded and sighed, "Grandpa and grandma really have good taste! In the past, watching the villa of a rich family on tv only made him feel luxurious. But when I visited my grandparents' home today, I felt that this was the real home of taste, simple, exquisite, and magnificent."

Zheng Chenyi looked at Mani with even more appreciation.

I can see the essence of grandma's design, which is enough to show that this girl is also a meaningful person.

The two of them visited the mansion for a while. Outside the villa, Zhengjianainai's car had already driven into the garden.

Zheng Chenxuan got out of the car and began to search for Chang Manni.

"Looking for manni? And Chenyi are inside."

Chen Xuan's mother saw him looking around and knew that he was looking for Mani, so she told him about manni and Chenyi.

Zheng Chenxuan frowned and did not respond to his mother. He turned and quickened his steps into the villa.

He hated having his woman with his cousin.

I hate the ambiguous feeling between them even more.

Seeing that they were not in the living room, Zheng Chenxuan went upstairs to look for them.

At the corner of the stairs, Chang Manni and zheng chenyi were standing there chatting.

"Haha, that's right. You were very naughty when you were young. But my grandparents are really nice."

The Zheng family people were very nice. They were very kind to manni. Here, they gave Mani a sense of home.

Zheng Chenxuan was on the stairs, watching Mani smiling at his cousin. The trust and dependence in her eyes hurt him deeply.

Zheng Chenxuan strode forward. Chang Manni heard footsteps and looked forward to find Zheng Chenxuan behind Zheng Chenyi.

Chang Manni opened his mouth in surprise and could not help but protest in a low voice, "Why do you come and go silently every time you appear? Are you a ghost?"

Every time Zheng Chenxuan appeared like this, Chang Manni felt like he was caught on the spot.

She rubbed her arms and hated the chill.

Although Chang Manni's complaints were small, they still reached Zheng Chenxuan's ears.

Zheng Chenxuan glared at her coldly and asked her in a cold voice with a hint of banter, "You always sneak around. Did you do something you shouldn't have done behind my back?"

Zheng Chenxuan's words puzzled Chang Manni. She raised her eyes in confusion and stared at the man in front of her.

What is the wrong thing to do?

Did I eat behind his back?

Chang Manni lowered her head and thought about it seriously. Yes, she really liked brother chen yi.

If she didn't get married to Zheng Chenxuan by agreement, would she have developed with brother chen yi?

Chang Manni patted his chest, frightened by his strange thoughts.

How is that possible? She and Brother Chen Yi, it's impossible.

Chang Manni lowered her head even more guiltily, refusing to look into Zheng Chenxuan's sharp eyes.