24 She Was His Last Line

Zheng Chenyi didn't care about it at all. He turned to Mani gently and said, "Go down and wait for your grandparents."

He asked Mani to leave first. First, he didn't want Zheng Chenxuan to vent his anger on Mani. Second, he wanted to have a good talk with Zheng Chenxuan.

Mani nodded, avoiding Zheng Chenxuan's gaze, and carefully walked down the stairs.

The two men stood on the stairs and watched Mani walk out of the mansion before Zheng Chenyi said, "Mani has already told me that you two don't want to love each other. You just wanted to use her to provoke An Yafu. I don't care about the mess between you and Yaf, but you'd better not hurt Mani."

Zheng Chenyi just wanted to protect Mani in his own way. Such a kind and innocent woman should not be involved in this complicated relationship.

Mani did not know what was going on between Zheng Chenxuan and An Yafu. It was unfair for Zheng Chenxuan to use her like this.

However, Zheng Chenyi was so protective of Chang Manni, but in Zheng Chenxuan's eyes it was another kind of aggression and competition.

His eyes were cold, and his tall body stood straight in front of Zheng Chenyi, exuding an inviolable dignity like a god's mansion.

Zheng Chenxuan's lips curled up and his voice was cold and sarcastic, "What? Mani again? Your tastes are really changeable."

Even if Mani wasn't the one in her heart, she was his woman now.

Whether it was An Yafu or Chang Manni, Zheng Chenxuan didn't want Zheng Chenyi to touch them.

Chen yi narrowed his eyes and a dark light flashed through his eyes.

"If you hurt Mani for Yaf, I won't forgive you."

Zheng Chenyi loved his brother more than he thought, but Zheng Chenxuan didn't know about it.

However, Zheng Chenyi was spoiling him, and he was not allowed to hurt Chang Manni.

That woman was the last line.

Zheng Chenxuan laughed coldly as if he had heard a big joke. "No forgiveness? How can you not forgive me? Do you know? Mani is already my woman, and that was her first time!"

Zheng Chenxuan's words stimulated Zheng Chenyi deeply.

A bloodthirsty light flashed through his eyes and his fists clenched.

The two looked each other in the eye.

There was a long silence.

There was a commotion downstairs. The old lady of the Zheng family looked up at her two grandchildren upstairs and asked curiously, "Why don't you two come down and get ready? What are you still doing up there?"

Hearing the old lady's voice, Zheng Chenyi and Zheng Chenxuan's eyes quickly faded away from the flames and returned to their usual indifference and calmness.

The two of them came down one after the other.

Chang Manni had been very worried, but the two of them looked calm, as if nothing unpleasant had happened.

In this way, Chang Manni was relieved.

Getting married was a big deal for the Zheng family, and the size of the evening dinner was unimaginable to Chang Manni.

The Zheng family woman looked around at the person in front of her and methodically divided the work, "Daughter-in-law, you and the second brother go and prepare first. Some of the best guests will come to congratulate them in the afternoon and must treat them well."

Zheng Chenxuan's mother was the second daughter-in-law of the Zheng family, and she usually had to do it herself to receive vip guests.

"Eldest daughter-in-law, you and the housekeeper should keep an eye on the dinner flow. Don't make any mistakes."

Speaking of his eldest daughter-in-law, Chang Manni could not help but peek at Zheng Chenyi's mother, who was standing in the corner.

There was still a powerful aura around her, which made Mani look defeated.

"Okay." Chenyi's mother nodded in agreement.

Everyone in the family had to help with such a big dinner party.

The old lady of the Zheng family looked at her distant relatives, coughed a little, and then ordered in a stern voice, "The rest of you can go get ready with your makeup. I invited you to this dinner party to celebrate with us. You have to watch your words at the banquet. You know what to say and what not to say."

The party was very private, but the Paparazzi must have been desperately trying to get some information.

Also, the outside world and the media were curious about Zheng Chenxuan's past.

Therefore, the old lady of the Zheng family must ensure that her family will not talk nonsense in that kind of situation again.

Although the old lady was old, she had a dignified air. The relatives immediately nodded, not daring to refute.

After everything was ordered, the crowd dispersed. The old lady smiled at Mani and turned to the old man and asked, "Where's Mami? Is it time to get off the plane?"

The old man glanced at the watch on his wrist and nodded, "It should be here soon. She's coming back with her mother."

The old lady grunted. Mami was the old lady's granddaughter. She had two sons and a daughter.

The eldest son was Chenyi's father, but he died in an accident a few years ago while patrolling the construction site.

The second son was chen xuan's father, who inherited the old man's character, smart but gentle.

As for this only daughter, the old lady was very helpless.

The child had a rough marriage and was pregnant before marriage. After giving birth to her, she resolutely followed her second husband to canada.

Unfortunately, she was still unhappy after marriage.

As the old lady sighed, the housekeeper ran in excitedly, "Old madam, the eldest lady is back."

The old lady was overjoyed and quickly led Mani over.

Soon, the maid led two women into the hall.

One of the middle-aged women looked like she was in her fifties, but she was well maintained, her skin was fair and moist, and she looked about forty years old.

The middle-aged woman was accompanied by a young woman, a white x-ray t-shirt, and a miniskirt that couldn't be any shorter. The dress was very fashionable.

The old lady hugged her daughter and granddaughter warmly and then introduced them, "Wan er, this is Chen Xuan's wife, Mani."

After introducing manni, the old lady continued, "Mani, this is my daughter and the only aunt of chen xuan and chen yi. And this is her daughter, Mami."

Mami was actually two years older than manni, not bad at this moment, but extremely reluctant to call her: "Second sister-in-law."

Mani nodded shyly and shook her hand affectionately, "Mami, you don't have to be so polite between us."

Facing this sister-in-law, Chang Manni was extremely fond of her. It was not easy for her to have someone of her own age in the family.

Would it be easy for them to get along with each other?

However, the mother and daughter were extremely repulsive to chang manni.

Ma mei glanced at Zheng Chenxuan, who was standing on the side, and could not help but complain coldly, "Second elder brother, you changed people quickly enough! More than seven years of love, you just threw it away? I thought you were an idiot, but I didn't expect that to be so."

Mami had a good relationship with An Yafu before. In her opinion, second sister-in-law, the Zheng family, should be as beautiful and elegant a woman as An Yafu to deserve such an honor.

Zheng Chenxuan frowned. Before he could say anything, Zheng Chenyi snapped, "Mami, you've been in canada for too long. Don't you remember the manners you should have towards your elders?"

Her cousin scolded her in person. Mami glanced at him, and the coldness between his brows made her afraid to say another word.