Conspiracy 25

Mami wondered where Chang Manni came from, An Yafu, who had given birth to two sons for the zheng family and had been in love for seven years.

Not only that, but also to be loved and protected by my cousin?

It seemed that grandpa and grandma loved her very much.

Uncle and aunt looked at her with even more indulgence.

Mami was immediately curious, which family is this woman's daughter? Or is there a special identity?

Chang Manni stood there awkwardly.

I thought it was an angel, but I didn't expect it to be a troublemaker.

Chang Manni obediently shut her mouth and stood aside without saying anything more.

The daughter of the Zheng family woman was secretly looking at Chang Manni.

He looked good and had a good foundation.

But she was dressed too plainly.

"I heard you're a student at a prestigious university?"

Aunt asked, and Chang Manni nodded modestly immediately, "Yes, aunt, I'm about to graduate."

Her aunt looked at her thoughtfully, and she was even more annoyed.

Mami couldn't help but complain, "Are you graduating soon? Wouldn't that mean they would be assigned to work in the company after graduation? That's great. You can split your assets as soon as you get married."

Mami had always wanted to get a good position in the company, but her grandparents always said that she was not capable enough to stay in the company.

This made Mami even more disgusted with Mani.

Anya fu was beautiful and a big star, and her face was radiant.

But looking at the plainly dressed Chang Manni in front of her, Mami really did not know what qualifications she had to enter the Zheng family.

The old lady could not stand it any longer and interrupted her coldly, "Mami, you talk too much! I didn't ask you to come back to complain! It's not your turn to make decisions about the company."

The old lady did not lose her temper, and the mother and daughter immediately lowered their heads and remained silent.

After a long time, the old lady finally calmed down and ordered, "The makeup artist and stylist have arrived. Mami, take second sister-in-law upstairs to the room to make up."

Mami was reluctant, but she dared not provoke her grandmother.

She rolled her eyes, but still gave in, "It's grandma. I'll take second sister-in-law to dress up."

As she spoke, Mami put down her luggage and led the way, while Mani followed behind mamei.

Zheng Chenxuan had not said a word since the mother and daughter entered the mansion.

He seemed indifferent to chang manni, but in fact, his dark eyes betrayed his heart.

Mami had always been arrogant since he was young, but this time, if she really touched his bottom line.

Zheng Chenxuan would not leave her any mercy.

The Zheng family old lady and the old man took their daughter back to their room to chat about their daily life. Chen yi and chen xuan looked at each other and left in the opposite direction.

Zheng chenyi went to the garden and Zheng Chenxuan went to the study.

Upstairs in the room, sister-in-law Mami had been putting pressure on Chang Manni.

Chang Manni could only look at his sister-in-law's face, not daring to breathe.

Perhaps to make things difficult for Chang Manni, Mami chose the simplest evening dress in the closet for her.

Not only that, but also repeatedly asked the makeup artist: "You must draw light makeup, the lighter the better! Just do a simple hair job. In short, everything will be simplified."

The makeup artist nodded awkwardly, so she had to do Mani's makeup according to mamei's request.

But still unwilling, she walked to the corner and took out her cell phone to search for Mani's name on the internet.

Mani was not as famous as An Yafu. After searching for his name, only a few photos appeared with Zheng Chenxuan.

After thinking for a while, she came over and asked curiously, "Second sister-in-law, which school did you go to?"

Mani did not hide it and replied directly, "Xx university."

"Oh, I see." Mami lengthened the ending and was secretly delighted.

She happened to have friends from home who were studying at that university.

Mami quietly left the room and called her friend outside the corridor.

"Chang Manni, do you know? I want to know something about her."

The friend said truthfully, "Chang Manni is quite good-looking, but his family background is average, so he is not a big shot in school. But lately, she's been having a lot of affairs with your big brother second elder brother. Her real boyfriend was Lin Tianyou! But Lin Tianyou cheated on Wang Danni and dumped her. Do you know Wang Danni?"

Mami suddenly became interested. He did not expect that second sister-in-law, who looked simple and quiet on the surface, had such a rich history of love behind him.

Wang Danni and Mami, of course, knew each other, but they weren't close. They had met at a friend's party a few times before.

Ma mei hung up the phone and looked at her cell phone. She happened to have Wang Danni's cell phone number.

Ma mei turned her eyes and thought of a plan.

If Wang Danni brought Lin Tianyou to the banquet, what would it be like for the three of them to meet?

Mami decided to embarrass Chang Manni, second sister-in-law, in public at tonight's party.

So Mami dialed Wang Danni's phone number.

When the call was connected, Wang Danni was also surprised that she had never been in contact with Mami.

"Danny, our family is having a big party tonight. I heard that your father also has business dealings with our family. I would like to invite you to dinner tonight. I hope your whole family can attend, and you have to bring your own partner."

Mami seduced Wang Danni step by step.

What is the status of the Zheng family in the circle? How can the dinner of the Zheng family be easily missed?

Wang Danni immediately told his father after he finished the call. Father wang thought that he had offended the Zheng family for a small matter a few days ago, so he could explain it in person today.

When the Wang family decided to attend the dinner, Mami couldn't help but secretly rejoice.

Chang Manni, Chang Manni, you have to reveal your prototype tonight.

The Wang family was not on the banquet list, so no one at the Zheng family knew anything about it.

Chang Manni, in particular, was sitting in the dressing room at the moment, not knowing how much trouble awaited her.

Minutes and seconds passed, and some of the guests were already there at around five in the afternoon.

In order to get ahead, Mami ran into the room and pushed away Chang Manni, who was putting on makeup.

"Second sister-in-law, you won't see the guests until later. Make me up first."


The makeup artist was in a bit of a dilemma. Today, it should be all about chang manni.

Chang Manni didn't want to cause any trouble and smiled humbly, "My sister-in-law must be very busy. I want to help her with her makeup. I'm not in a hurry."

The makeup artist had no choice but to help ma mei put on her makeup first.

In order to restrain his second sister-in-law, Mami specially chose a gorgeous dress.

Under the careful dressing of the makeup artist, Mami changed from a fashionable girl to an elegant and beautiful lady.

Chang Manni looked at her and couldn't help but praise her sincerely, "It's so beautiful."

Mami is really beautiful.

Mami crooked his lips wickedly and handed the dress to the stylist, "This is the dress I picked out for second sister-in-law. You must do as I say."

Mami threw down the inconspicuous dress and left the room.

As soon as the door was closed, a cold voice came from beside him, "Why did you come out first? Where's your second sister-in-law?"

Mami looked back and was stunned.

Second elder brother Zheng Chenxuan?

Did second elder brother stay outside the room all the time just to wait for Chang Manni?