Be Honest with Me

Mami smiled guiltily and walked over to take Zheng Chenxuan's arm and explained, "Second elder brother, that... I have to come out first to help entertain the guests. So second sister-in-law asked me to put on my makeup first, and she's coming out soon."

Zheng Chenxuan glanced at Mami coldly, knowing that she had a lot in mind, but Zheng Chenxuan did not expect that mammy would do even better.

The two of them were at a standstill when Zhang Xinghao's voice came from downstairs.

"Chen Xuan, what are you doing upstairs?"

How could Zhang Xinghao be absent on such an occasion?

Seeing that zhang xinghao was here, ma mei immediately let go of Zheng Chenxuan's arm and hurried down the stairs with the corner of her skirt.

"Brother hing ho, you're really good! Not even a single call? You only see those young models?"

Mami liked Zhang Xinghao. He liked him since he was a child.

However, Zhang Xinghao was used to being cool, and there were as many women around him as clothes.

Among all the women, Zhang Xinghao was the only one who had no interest in mamei.

Zhang Xinghao only touched her head symbolically and turned to look upstairs.

"You, second sister-in-law, are you in that room?"

Zhang Xinghao came to the banquet not to see mamei, but to see the legendary figure, Chang Manni!

Zhang Xinghao was really curious about what kind of person that woman was.

Ma mei snorted and replied, "Yes, yes, second sister-in-law is right there. But my brother is waiting there. You have to line up to see me, second sister-in-law! All right, come with me over there for a sit."

Mami clung to Zhang Xinghao, and because Chen Xuan was still waiting at the door, Zhang Xinghao had to leave unhappily.

It was not easy to meet Chang Manni.

The guests arrived one after another, and Zheng Chenxuan was still waiting patiently outside the room.

Zheng Chenxuan was waiting upstairs, and Zheng Chenyi was waiting downstairs.

The other guests were also curious about Chang Manni.

In the room, the makeup artist drew an exquisite makeup for chang manni. Her white and tender cheeks were slightly pink.

The black eye shadow swept between the brows, not exaggerated, but very beautiful.

The stylist held the dress that ma mei had chosen and shook his head helplessly, "Mrs. Cheng, this dress is too simple. Let me help you choose another one."

Mani looked at the dress, then smiled and shook his head, "It's okay. I like this simple style."

Time was running out, and Chang Manni didn't want everyone to wait for her.

Although the style of this dress is a bit simple, it is also exquisite and elegant, so it shouldn't be too bad to wear.

With the help of the stylist, Chang Manni changed into the white floor-length dress.

The swaying fishtail skirt accentuated her good figure to the extreme.

Chang Manni looked at himself in the mirror and blushed shyly.

Is this still her?

Although the makeup artist only scanned her face a few times, the beauty in the mirror was elegant and generous.

Her long black hair hung down on both sides of her shoulders, and a long white dress set her off with an incomparably gentle look.

The makeup artist and stylist applauded and praised with relief, "I didn't expect such a simple dress to be so beautiful on Mrs. Cheng. It's better for Mrs. Cheng."

Chang Manni bowed her head shyly when she was praised like this.

The makeup artist took a look at the time and urged anxiously, "Mrs. Cheng, get out. Everyone should be waiting."

Chang Manni looked at himself in his glasses again, nodded slightly, took several deep breaths, exhaled heavily, and then slowly pushed the door open and walked out.

In the living room downstairs, there were many wealthy and high-ranking officials in the circle.

Everyone was looking forward to the new daughter-in-law, the Zheng family.

Chang Manni stepped out of the room with his left foot and a figure was beside him.

Chang Manni looked nervously and was even more surprised to find that the person standing next to him was Zheng Chenxuan.

But luckily it was him.

With him around, Chang Manni's little heart wouldn't beat so hard.

Even so, her clenched hands were damp.

Zheng Chenxuan stared at her, her eyes flashing with shock and amazement.

She was indeed very beautiful. Although she was not dressed in the most luxurious way, it was obvious that the makeup artist was really trying to dress her up.

That white and tender face with light makeup, so beautiful and refined, it is unforgettable.

Chang Manni was frightened by Zheng Chenxuan's stare and asked cautiously, "What's wrong? Is it ugly?"

At that moment, Chang Manni's heart sank.

She couldn't help but reach out to touch her face. Zheng Chenxuan grabbed her hand and held it in his palm. His voice was hoarse, "Don't touch it. The makeup artist is very beautiful."

He was still so harsh on Chang Manni that even a compliment was so stingy.

But he said she was pretty. Even the makeup artist could not deny that she was really pretty tonight, right?

With that in mind, Chang Manni grinned, "I know you're praising me. Thank you."

Zheng Chenxuan looked at her coldly, then held her hand and walked down the stairs step by step.

Chang Manni was wearing a long white dress with a fishtail skirt, so it was inconvenient for her to walk.

In order not to fall, Chang Manni's entire body weight collapsed on Zheng Chenxuan, and he leaned over directly.

Zheng Chenxuan frowned slightly and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with you?"

It was obvious that she was very uncomfortable.

Chang Manni wiped the cold sweat off her forehead. "This dress is very uncomfortable. I'm afraid I'll fall. If I fall at this time. That would be really embarrassing!"

Chang Manni was so nervous that there was no room for her to make any mistakes.

Zheng Chenxuan glared at Chang Manni.

It was true that she had never seen the big world. If it were An Yafu, she would be elegant and elegant.

Although Chang Manni was beautiful and refined, he was too nervous.

Worried that she would make a joke, Zheng Chenxuan suddenly stopped.

Chang Manni looked at him curiously, wondering why Zheng Chenxuan stopped walking.

The guests downstairs were still curious. Zheng Chenxuan suddenly turned around and held Chang Manni in his arms.

This sudden flirtatious action made everyone dumbfounded.

Chang Manni was even more ashamed to find a hole in the ground.

"You're crazy. Put me down. You suddenly picked me up in front of so many people. What do you mean?"

Chang Manni was going crazy. Didn't he mean to cause trouble for her?

Zheng Chenxuan only looked down at the woman in his arms and ordered, "Be honest with me. If you dare to make a fool of me on this occasion today, I will not spare you."

In a word, she obediently asked Chang Manni to shut her mouth.

It was better to let him hold her than to fall down the stairs and eat shit.

Zheng chenyi's eyes tightened as he stared at Zheng Chenxuan, who was slowly walking down the stairs, and he felt a sense of panic.

He was not used to Zheng Chenxuan and Chang Manni showing off their love in public.

Zhang Xinghao walked through the crowd and came to Zheng Chenyi. He could not help but whistle loudly, "Brother Chen Yi, you see chen xuan has some feelings for Mani, right?"

Even if it was just an act, the feelings in his eyes could not be deceived.

Zheng Chenyi glanced at Zhang Xinghao but said nothing.

In essence, he didn't want to admit that Chen Xuan was interested in Mani.

Deep down in Zheng Chenyi's heart, he wished they weren't together!