Allow You to Use Me Once

In Zheng family's old residence, the lights were shining and elegant music slowly rose.

Chang Manni was held in princess Zheng Chenxuan's arms and walked down the stairs in front of everyone's eyes.

The guests took a step forward and observed carefully. They found that Chang Manni was a real beauty.

Her delicate features and skin were as beautiful as white porcelain. Although she was just the daughter of an ordinary family, her every move was full of the elegance and elegance of a wealthy family.

As soon as Chang Manni appeared, everyone followed her closely.

Although the ladies of every family were equally beautiful and moving in such an occasion, today, Chang Manni deserved to be the center of attention.

She was the leading actress of the day, and the other women were slightly inferior to her.

Even the well-dressed Mami was completely overshadowed by her.

Zhang xinghao and Zheng Chenyi walked slowly to Chang Manni and Zheng Chenxuan. Zhang Xinghao's lips curled up with a wicked smile, but he applauded sincerely and praised them, "So this is the legendary Miss Manni. It's really special."

The appreciation in Zhang Xinghao's eyes was clear, pure and honest, without any emotion.

Chang Manni smiled shyly and said softly, "I heard brother chen yi talk about you. You are Chen Xuan's best friend. Thank you for coming to our dinner party."

Zheng Chenyi had talked to Mani about Zhang Xinghao before. Mani knew that although Zhang Xinghao was a playboy, he was honest and true.

Mami, who was left out by everyone, could not help but sneer, "Brother hing ho, do you think I'm second sister-in-law beautiful? What? Do you want to chase her too?"

Mami couldn't stand the fact that everyone liked her, especially Zhang Xinghao's high opinion of her.

Tonight, she stuck to Zhang Xinghao like a dog's skin plaster, but what happened?

From beginning to end, zhang xinghao looked straight at her, but praised this Chang Manni.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at Zhang Xinghao coldly, and even Zheng Chenyi looked serious.

Zhang Xinghao gave a wry smile and replied honestly, "My fair lady, you are a gentleman. I naturally want to chase a beautiful woman like Mani. But a friend's wife can't be deceived. Since she is chen xuan's wife, I certainly won't have any ideas."

Zhang xinghao was telling the truth. If she wasn't Chen Xuan's woman, he might really chase her.

When Mami heard this answer, his face was almost blue with anger.

Everyone was bewildered by her simple and beautiful appearance. It seemed that Mami could only count on Lin Tianyou and Wang Danni to come and expose Chang Manni's pure mask as soon as possible.

Mami kept looking at the time on his watch impatiently. Ten minutes later, Wang Danni finally called.

"Mami, we're already at the door. But the security guards at the door won't let us in."

The Wang family wasn't on the invitation list, so they didn't get the invitation. You can't enter Zheng family's old residence without a certificate.

Mami asked them to wait at the door, and she went out herself.

In front of the house, Mami finally met Chang Manni's ex-boyfriend, the man named lin Tianyou.

Mami walked up to the security guard and explained softly, "My friends, let them in."

When the security guards saw Mami personally come out to greet them, they thought he was an important guest and let them in directly.

Mami personally led the Wang family into the hall.

Chang Manni was still chatting with the guests, but when the Wang family walked in, she found Lin Tianyou at first sight.

The man who made her instantly stiff and her facial expression numb to the extreme.

Chang Manni's hands and feet were cold, and his beautiful eyes were filled with hatred.

Why are they here?

Chang Manni instinctively turned to look at Zheng Chenxuan, who was standing beside him, and asked coldly, "Did you invite him here? You invited me here to humiliate me?"

Chang Manni was not at all prepared for such an occasion.

She didn't want to meet Lin Tianyou and Wang Danni in this atmosphere.

Zheng Chenxuan frowned. He didn't take the blame.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at the woman beside Wang Danni. It was Mami!

It seems that this has something to do with her.

Zheng Chenyi's eyes flashed and reminded Zheng Chenxuan coldly, "It looks like Mami's guest. Be extra careful tonight."

Mami had always been spoiled and always brought trouble to his family.

But the trouble tonight was obviously unexpected.

Lin Tianyou and Wang Danni, who were walking across from each other, saw Chang Manni as well. Their expressions were rather surprised, and they were so surprised that they could not close their mouths at all.

After a long time, Wang Danni tugged at Lin Tianyou's sleeve and whispered, "Am I right? That woman is Chang Manni? She... Why is she here?"

Could all those rumors be true? Did Chang Manni really fly up the tree and become a phoenix?

Mami kept adding fuel to the fire, "Tonight's dinner is for her. She's our second sister-in-law now."

Second sister-in-law, is that Zheng Chenxuan's wife?

Lin Tianyou, who knew the truth, narrowed his eyes and looked resentfully at Chang Manni, who was standing in the middle of the room.

She was exceptionally beautiful today, which made Lin Tianyou very upset.

He had once thought of monopolizing her beauty alone and giving her a perfect marriage.

However, in the face of his future and love, he shamelessly chose the former.

Now seeing Chang Manni marry a better man than him, his heart was even more unbalanced.

She was supposed to be his. Until now, Lin Tianyou felt that she had always been his!

Wang Danni turned sideways and saw that lin Tianyou was staring at Chang Manni non-stop. The anger in his chest shot up.

Wang Danni proudly walked over and raised his voice in mockery, "Yo, Mani. I didn't expect it to be you. I heard from my classmates that you are very successful now. Although you were dumped by my boyfriend, you quickly hooked up with rich and young people. I heard there are a lot of people chasing you, and you chose young master xuan in the end. Congratulations."

The deeper meaning of these words was understood by everyone present.

As soon as the words fell, everyone began to whisper.

Wang Danni was the daughter of the Wang family, and the Wang family was considered a wealthy and noble family in the business circle.

What she said, of course, was convincing.

"So she hooked up with miss Wang family's boyfriend before."

"What's the use of hooking up? Didn't you get dumped too?"

"But now they have hooked up with young master xuan and become the young madam of the Zheng family."

"Hehe, hehe, I told you, this woman looks simple and kind, but she is actually not a simple person. How can a simple woman marry into a Zheng family?"

The discussion grew louder and louder, making Chang Manni want to escape.

As she turned around, Zheng Chenxuan suddenly grabbed her hand. "Are you here to let that kind of man humiliate you?"

In Zheng Chenxuan's eyes, Lin Tianyou was not a threat. He was a piece of trash. He didn't even bother to look at him.

What right does a man like that have to fight him?

Zheng Chenxuan turned around, pulled Chang Manni into his arms, and gently stroked Mani's pale face with his palm. His evil voice exploded, "Don't you want him to retaliate? I'll give you a chance to use me today."