28 Who Destroyed Who?

Chang Manni raised her eyelids slightly, and she found Zheng Chenxuan particularly charming at that moment.

He smiled at her, his voice low and soothing, he could not hear the blame, only a slight heartache.

Today, she had just received her license, but at this moment, Zheng Chenxuan couldn't stand being bullied.

Chang Manni stopped the tears in his eyes and stubbornly refused to let them fall from his eyes.

Yes, you can't cry!

The reason why she agreed to get married by agreement was to let herself get married and kill those two bitches.

Zheng Chenxuan is a hundred times better than lin Tianyou. Why should she worry about her inferiority complex?

Thinking of this, Chang Manni straightened her back. With Zheng Chenxuan behind her, she felt more confident.

Chang Manni stood on tiptoe, reached out and wrapped her arms around Zheng Chenxuan's neck, and quietly kissed him passionately on the lips.

Then she lowered her head and smiled shyly.

Zheng Chenxuan was a little absent-minded. He didn't expect her to do this. Although her face was still calm, his heart was in a mess.

He lowered his head and asked her in a hoarse voice, "I asked you to take revenge on him, but I didn't ask you to kiss me."

Was this woman openly taking advantage of him?

Chang Manni chuckled shyly and replied softly, "You told me to use you."

Zheng Chenxuan looked at the woman in her arms and smiled. Her pale cheeks were slightly red from shyness, reflecting an indescribable sweet enchantment under the light.

He was slightly absorbed. After a long time, he coughed softly and warned her in a low voice, "Don't take an inch."

Mani smiled and nodded. The sweet interaction between the two was truly envious.

No matter what others say, as long as Zheng Chenxuan doesn't mind Mani's previous emotional experience, what right does anyone have to gossip here?

But this scene, in Zheng Chenyi's eyes, was too dazzling.

Why were the two of them so loving and loving?

Were they too good at acting or were they showing their true feelings?

For the first time, Zheng Chenyi, the older brother who had always felt superior, was deeply jealous of his younger brother.

The old lady from the Zheng family looked over worriedly and wanted to get up and help out.

The old man reached out and grabbed her.

"Didn't you see that both chen xuan and Chenyi were there? They'll figure it out. If you do it now, it'll only make people feel like you're trying to suppress it."

Regarding Chang Manni's love life, the two old men had already investigated clearly that Chang Manni had only dated lin Tianyou as a boyfriend.

It could be said that no one else in the room was as innocent as her.

Chang Manni left Zheng Chenxuan and walked towards Lin Tianyou step by step.

The man she once loved deeply, now it was time to end it.

Chang Manni stopped in front of Lin Tianyou and Wang Danni. She looked at Lin Tianyou and smiled coldly, "Is that what you told her? You dumped me?"

In fact, they didn't say goodbye at all. Even breaking up was so perfunctory.

Wang Danni could not stand Chang Manni's arrogant appearance and snorted coldly, "Did he dump you, or did you dump him?"

Chang Manni suddenly smiled, so smug and confident.

"Miss wang, why are you so aggressive towards me? Slander me face to face on such an occasion? When I was in love with lin Tianyou, you didn't know which senior you were throwing yourself at! This man is really not good, so I took the initiative to give him to you! I have fulfilled you, but you have slandered me like this? Miss wang, do you feel inferior because the man around you can't compare to my husband?"

Chang Manni's husky voice rang out. She was smiling all the time. Her eyes were full of pride as she looked at Wang Danni with smiling eyes.

Zheng Chenxuan asked her to use him. Yes, Zheng Chenxuan alone was worth more than Lin Tianyou!

In front of Chang Manni, Wang Danni had no right to show off.

Chang Manni usually kept a low profile at school, so that they forgot.

She's just keeping a low profile, but she's not really easy to bully.

This pair of sharp tongues won't give anyone a chance.

The Zheng family woman smiled with satisfaction and could not help but sigh to herself, "This is the way we look at the granddaughter-in-law of the Zheng family. Our granddaughter-in-law of the Zheng family can solve the problem on her own, not hide behind a man."

The Zheng family appreciated chang manni even more.

In the face of these people's doubts and ridicule, she calmly and systematically listed the truth to counterattack.

At this moment, the proud smile at the corner of Chang Manni's mouth was a little mesmerizing.

As the campus belle, how could Wang Danni endure this humiliation?

Her cardan fingers were tightly clasped together and she pinched herself in pain.

After a long time, she looked up with a smile in her eyes, but she exposed her viciously, "Stop being so self-righteous here! You're acting innocent enough. Who doesn't know that you've been so proud of peach blossom recently? You still have the face to stand here and defend yourself when someone took those photos at the hotel?"

Wang Danni couldn't swallow it today. She had been attacking Chang Manni like a mad dog.

Zheng Chenxuan finally couldn't listen. He walked over to Mani and gently took her into his arms. He glared at Wang Danni with sharp eyes, "What's wrong? I'm making out with my wife at the hotel, and I have to report it to you?"

Zheng Chenxuan's voice was cold to the bone, like a knife soaked in ice and snow that reached Wang Danni's throat.

She wanted to retort, but found herself trembling all over.

Zheng Chenxuan, like his big brother, was cold and arrogant, especially his big brother, Zheng Chenyi, was ruthless and ruthless.

Wang Danni, who refused to admit defeat, calmed down, restrained his trembling body and glared at Chang Manni fiercely.

Her voice was stuck in her throat. She bit her lip and said, "Young master xuan, you were deceived by this woman. She's not as innocent as you think. She was walking with your big brother a few days ago, and she might have planned to marry into your family."

Wang Danni's stubborn personality was really irritating, and the silent Zheng Chenyi finally said in a deep voice, "Shut up, you Wang family dare to come here to disrupt the situation today?"

Zheng Chenyi didn't care what the outside world thought of him, but it was about Mani's innocence.

Zheng Chenxuan glanced at his unsettled brother. Then, with a faint smile on his lips, he snapped his fingers to get his assistant ready.

While you were slandering my wife, I asked my assistant to investigate your personal life. I find your private life really chaotic."

Zheng Chenxuan gave the assistant a look, and then the assistant turned on the slide.

Wang Danni and the other men's ambiguous photos immediately appeared on the huge projection wall. The scale was so large that the angry faces of the Wang family parents present turned green.

Wang Danni clenched his lower lip. Damn it. Fighting the Zheng family, he had no chance of winning.

This time, it was a real loss.

The guests could not help but point at Wang Danni's back when they saw such a revealing photo.

Zheng Chenyi stepped forward and ordered in a stern voice, "Our Zheng family has always been tolerant and understanding of our partners, but what the Zheng family has done today is unforgivable. I hereby solemnly declare that from today onwards, Zheng family will cut off all business dealings with the Zheng family."

The moment he said that, there was an uproar.

Zheng Chenyi was really good at doing things, and the Wang family daughter went too far this time.

However, as the president of the Cheng group, Zheng Chenyi said this in front of all the guests.

After that, no one would dare to continue working with the Wang family.

The king's father looked extremely frightened. He lowered his head and moved forward a little bit. He pitifully begged him for mercy and said, "Zheng Boss, this is my daughter's fault. She is still young and ignorant. I will teach her a good lesson when I go back. Don't be angry. Our cooperation has always been fine."

The father glared at his daughter and slapped her hard.

This hateful girl is really too weak. The Wang family family business of more than ten years will be destroyed by Wang Danni in an instant.

It was the first time Wang Danni had been beaten up by his parents since he was a child.

She covered her face and cried angrily. Lin Tianyou stood there awkwardly.

He thought he had ruined Chang Manni, but in the end, he was completely destroyed by Chang Manni...