Thirty Was Calculated

In the upstairs room, Zheng Chenxuan and Chang Manni were alone. The room was big enough, but there was still only one double bed.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at the double bed, his brows tightly locked together.

There's something wrong with this bed!

Chang Manni looked at the bed and felt something was wrong.

This room is so big, but this double bed is a little small!

Zheng Chenxuan was helpless. It looked like grandma's masterpiece again.

I miss him, Zheng Chenxuan, but he's always been crushed to death by his grandmother.

No way. Who asked him to be filial?

Zheng Chenxuan went to the bathroom to take a hot bath, then lay comfortably on the bed.

Chang Manni glanced at him, his whole body sinking into the bed, taking up more than half of the space.

Tonight, we're not going to fight over his territory again, are we?

Mani drooped her head sadly. She just wanted to sleep comfortably every night!

Why is it so difficult?

Chang Manni dragged the long gown to the bathroom.

She finally took off her gown and hung it up in front of the mirror.

After the bath water was warmed up, Chang Manni entered the bathtub comfortably, ready to take a hot bath.

After a while, a servant knocked on the door.

"Young madam, are you inside? I'm here to pick up the dress."

Chang manni pulled up the shower curtain and said softly, "Well, the dress is right in front of the mirror. You can take it."

Upon hearing the response, the servant pushed the door open and saw the dress in front of the mirror.

The maid took the dress and was about to leave when Chang Manni suddenly realized that she had not changed.

"By the way, help me prepare a set of pajamas and send them over, please."

The servant nodded and finally left the bathroom.

Zheng Chenxuan saw the servant coming out of the bathroom with the dress in his hand, and did not ask anything.

Outside the room, Zhengjianainai remained in the corridor.

Seeing the servant coming out of the room, he immediately waved for her to go over, "How is it? What are they doing inside?"

The servant answered truthfully, "Young master is reading the newspaper on the bed. Young madam is taking a bath in the bathroom. By the way, the young madam has not changed her clothes. Let me prepare a set of pajamas and send them over."

"Pajamas? Hehe hehe, there's nothing else for you. Go back to your room and rest."

The old lady of the Zheng family suddenly came up with some clever idea.

The servant looked confused. "But the young lady asked me to prepare my pajamas."

"I'll have someone send it over. Go back to sleep. There's nothing else for you."

Since the old lady gave such an order, the servant would naturally not ask any more questions. She nodded obediently and went back to her room to rest.

The old man looked at his old lady smiling so smugly that his back suddenly felt numb, "Granddaughter-in-law wants pajamas. Aren't you going to prepare them?"

The old lady glared at the old man disdainfully, "You're so stubborn. Don't you want to hug your great-granddaughter sooner?"

"Yes, we have two great-grandchildren. I want a great-granddaughter too."

The old lady crooked her lips and called the housekeeper, "In half an hour, set the temperature of the air conditioner in the young master's room to 16 degrees."

The housekeeper was stunned and opened her eyes wide to remind the old lady, "Old lady, 16 degrees? That's so cold! Young master and young madam can't stand it."

The old lady smiled even more wickedly, "You can't die. You don't have to worry so much. Remember to set the air conditioner to 16 degrees in half an hour. At 1: 00 in the middle of the night, set it back to 25 degrees."

Without creating an atmosphere for them, they would not be in a hurry to create people.

The temperature was so low that the only thing they could do to keep warm was...

Thinking of this, the old lady couldn't help but laugh.

The old man was helpless and gently tapped the old lady's head, "You old lady, you're filthy to death!"

The old lady disapproved, but rolled her eyes, "What do you know? It's a wedding night, but with our grandson's slow and warm rhythm, I don't want to wait a hundred years for my great-granddaughter to be born."

For the sake of their children, their elders could only help here.

After giving the butler the order, the old lady and the old man went back to their room to rest contentedly.

I believe that soon, the good news will come from the granddaughter-in-law's stomach.

In the bathroom, Chang Manni was soaking for a long time, but the servant hadn't sent the pajamas over yet.

Chang Manni couldn't wait any longer and was too embarrassed to ask Zheng Chenxuan for help.

There was nothing she could do. She wrapped a towel around her body and walked out.

There were only two towels in the bathroom. This towel was quite long, but it was still short when it was wrapped around Mani.

Zheng Chenxuan saw her come out of the bathroom, looked up, and saw a pair of long white legs that were very eye-catching.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at the woman in front of him. Her figure was sexy and her curves were even more curves.

Was she trying to hook him up on her wedding night?

Looking at her curvy body, Zheng Chenxuan's eyes glowed with greed, no matter how determined she was.

Chang Manni stood there in embarrassment, clutching his chest with both hands.

Her small white face was as clean as a lily, clearly beautiful and moving, but her exquisite body seemed to be tinged with an enchanting mist, like a demon, which was strongly attracting Zheng Chenxuan.

Chang Manni turned his head awkwardly and explained in a low voice, "I didn't wear this on purpose! I don't have any clothes to change into."

Zheng Chenxuan did not say anything, but leaned over and squinted to admire her graceful curves.

Chang Manni felt that the atmosphere was not right and immediately walked towards the door, ready to go out to ask her mother-in-law for help.


She walked to the door and twisted the handle, but the bedroom door was still there, refusing to open.

Chang Manni was completely confused.

What's going on?

"Why can't you open the door?"

Chang Manni turned around and asked Zheng Chenxuan.

Zheng Chenxuan pursed her lips and walked out of bed to open the door for her.

It's just...

Zheng Chenxuan couldn't open the door either.

He frowned, lowered his head and cursed, "Damn it, it's completely calculated."

It seemed that grandma had pulled a stunt and even turned the door of the room upside down.

Chang Manni couldn't get out at all, so she couldn't change into her pajamas.

But she can't sleep around a towel, can she?

"What should we do? I can't sleep in this, can I?"

The towel was so short that it would fall off as soon as it turned around.

She's a busybody, not a busybody!

Although it was his wedding night, he couldn't really take advantage of him on his wedding night.

Zheng Chenxuan picked up the phone on the bedside table and was about to call his mother, but what Zheng Chenxuan didn't expect was that the phone line was also cut off.

The phone was dead, the line was cut off, and even the beeper didn't respond.

Zheng Chenxuan was completely convinced!

His grandmother really did a great job!

Old lady Zheng family, this is the perfect rhythm to force the two of them into bed.

Zheng Chenxuan had to find a nightgown in the closet and give it to her.

"Wear this first."

Chang Manni took the robe and looked at it. It was a man's robe!

Zheng Chenxuan's bedroom only had some of his pajamas, so it was impossible to find a female pajama.

However, men's pajamas are better than sleeping with a towel.

Chang Manni put on the nightgown and walked out of the bathroom again.

Although it covered her body, the bathrobe was too big. Chang Manni had to cover her chest tightly to avoid being seen by Zheng Chenxuan on the bed.

Chang Manni was devastated. She was going to lose anyway tonight.

Chang Manni always felt that she was in great danger tonight. She didn't want to fight with Zheng Chenxuan for territory. She took the quilt from her bed and laid it on the floor.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at her. She lay on the floor like a coward with her back to her, as if afraid that he would try something on her.

Zheng Chenxuan couldn't help but laugh. Would he be such a panicked eater?

While denying himself, he couldn't help but stare at her back.

Cold light, Chang Manni suddenly felt a cold light coming towards her, she subconsciously turned back to look in the direction of the light.

He turned around and caught his eyes off guard.

Chang Manni panicked.

There was a deathly silence in the room, and the atmosphere was so strange that every hair on Chang Manni's body stood up.

The most surprising thing was that Zheng Chenxuan, who had always been haggling with her, actually narrowed his eyes and invited her.

"Come up and sleep. The floor is cold."

Her hoarse voice pierced through Mani's eardrums, and she could not help but shrink back.

Zheng Chenxuan tonight, so dangerous!