Are You Scared Too?

Zheng Chenxuan, who had always been cold and dark, actually took the initiative to show his kindness.

No wonder chang manni felt cold and uncomfortable all over.

Chang Manni suddenly turned around, his back to Zheng Chenxuan, and said gloomily, "No, I'll just sleep on the floor tonight."

Zheng Chenxuan lay on the bed, his eyes still fixed on her.

He narrowed his eyes and asked dangerously, "Don't you usually like to sleep in bed? What? Are you scared too? Afraid I'll eat you?"

In fact, Zheng Chenxuan had already eaten it once.

Unfortunately, both of them were drunk that night, and Zheng Chenxuan really couldn't remember what it felt like that night.

It was only a vague feeling that Chang Manni had a unique charm that was gradually attracting him.

Chang Manni laughed coldly and retorted without looking back, "Stop teasing me! I'm not a vegetarian! I just don't want to sleep in the bed today. I want to sleep on the floor, okay? Can't I?"

Chang Manni was still holding her tongue, but now she had some regrets.

Why is the temperature in this room getting colder and colder?

Chang Manni hugged the quilt tightly and wrapped himself in a ball, rubbing his hands against his chest.

Even so, the room was still cold.

Zheng Chenxuan curved his lips slightly and closed his eyes with a smile, "Suit yourself."

He was too lazy to continue arguing with Chang Manni. If that silly woman was cold, she would naturally climb onto the bed.

All he did was wait patiently.

As time passed by, the butler outside the door stared at the clock without blinking.

An hour later, the housekeeper immediately turned the air conditioner down.

Chang Manni, who had gradually fallen asleep, suddenly sneezed and was woken up by the cold.

She rubbed her shoulders and her nose was red from the cold.

Chang Manni couldn't stand it any longer. He got up from the floor and climbed to the bed step by step. He looked pitifully at Zheng Chenxuan, who had closed his eyes.

"Hey, wake up, are you asleep?"

Chang Manni reached out and shook Zheng Chenxuan's body, but he remained unmoved, as if he was teasing her on purpose.

Chang Manni sighed helplessly, "Are rich people sick? The air conditioning is so low at night?"

She was lying on the side of the bed alone, talking to herself. Zheng Chenxuan suddenly opened his eyes on the bed and replied lazily, "I'm afraid it'll get colder later."

Because it was a central air conditioner, the temperature wasn't set in Zheng Chenxuan's room.

It was obviously impossible to get out!

Zheng Chenxuan knew that this was grandma's trick again!

His grandmother is really tall!

Zheng Chenxuan stared playfully at Chang Manni, who was lying on the edge of the bed, to see what she was going to do next.

Unless she was really stupid, she would have slept stubbornly on the floor.

Not long after, Chang Manni, who had been persevering, finally couldn't hold on.

She took advantage of Zheng Chenxuan's inattention and quietly climbed onto the bed.

As soon as she lay down, Zheng Chenxuan kicked her down.

Chang Manni fell awkwardly on the floor and rubbed his little pp with heartache. He was so aggrieved that he almost cried.

"What are you doing?"

Chang Manni could not help but complain. At this point, she had to haggle with her.

Zheng Chenxuan said leisurely, "Don't you have a lot of backbone and don't want to sleep in the bed?"

"But I want to sleep now!"

"You can sleep if you want to. You can sleep if you want to? You seem to have forgotten that this is my home and this bed is mine too."

In Zheng Chenxuan's mind, even chang manni is now his!

How could she resist him?

Chang Manni took a deep breath, then quickly went to bed, "I don't care. The temperature in this room is so low. If I sleep on the floor, I will fall ill tomorrow."

The Zheng family has been busy these days, with two children to attend to and Mami eyeing her.

If you don't get a good rest, how can you keep fighting?

Zheng Chenxuan didn't take it seriously and said coldly, "What about you? What does it have to do with me?"

Chang Manni turned to look at Zheng Chenxuan. How could such an arrogant and overbearing man have a woman interested in him?

Chang Manni had no choice but to continue exhaling and exhaling repeatedly, and his mood finally eased.

Forget it, good women don't fight men.

Just think of Zheng Chenxuan as having a prince's illness.

Chang Manni thought to himself, "Who asked her to be kind and magnanimous? Just let him be."

Chang Manni did not refute a single word. He turned off the light and wrapped himself in a corner of the quilt, shivering as he prepared to fall asleep as soon as possible.

Just get through the night!

After some time, Chang Manni could not sleep soundly.

Instead, a shadow stood up and pressed against him.

Chang Manni gasped and her beautiful eyes widened.

The darkness covered everything, but Chang Manni could still see clearly the outline of the man who was riding on her by the moonlight outside the window.

In the dark, Zheng Chenxuan's slightly mocking eyes looked at her without concealing it.

Chang Manni's heart tightened. The next second, he reached out like a madman and began to pound his solid chest.

"Zheng Chenxuan, get down here. What do you mean? You're crazy!"

Maybe she was the one who was really crazy. How could she be so stupid as to send her to someone else's bed?

Chang Manni was extremely upset, but these fists hit Zheng Chenxuan like a tickle, which aroused his interest.

In the dark, his voice made Chang Manni tremble like satan.

"Didn't you climb up on your own initiative? You are my wife. What's wrong with me and my wife doing what we should do?"

Zheng Chenxuan seemed to be making sense. She climbed into bed and they were officially married this morning.


This is not the case!

Chang Manni's face was flushed with shame, and her small hands were firmly clasped to her chest by Zheng Chenxuan. She angrily scolded him, "You are shameless! What is the right thing to do? We're just getting married by agreement. I'm a busybody!"

Chang Manni's scalp went numb and his throat tightened. He could not imagine what would happen next.

Only now did Chang Manni know how dangerous Zheng Chenxuan was.

And she, foolishly, slept in the same bed as a wolf?

Zheng Chenxuan rode on Chang Manni, looking down on everything that happened before him like an eagle.

Chang Manni panted, trying to take advantage of his daze to relax.

However, she miscalculated again!

Zheng Chenxuan's body suddenly pressed down, and Chang Manni screamed even more in fear, "Ah, let go of me. You're messing around. I'm really going to scream."

Chang Manni was shouting all by himself, but Zheng Chenxuan smiled helplessly. He reached out to touch Mani's face, and his voice was filled with heartache, "What are you shouting for? Don't forget we're a serious couple."

With that notebook, does it mean that everything Zheng Chenxuan does to her is reasonable?

Chang Manni was really scared. She was gasping for breath under Zheng Chenxuan's control, and her whole body was shaking.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at the shivering little man under her and felt her helplessness and fear. A trace of pity arose in her heart.

He shook his head, got down from her and lay beside her, but his body still tightly hugged her.

The two bodies snuggled up to each other. After a moment of silence, Chang Manni tried to struggle, but Zheng Chenxuan held her tighter.

"Be good, I just want to keep warm."

Zheng Chenxuan's cold voice was so clear in the darkness.

Chang Manni was so angry that he almost fainted!

After so long, it made her blush and her heart beat, but only to keep warm!

Zheng Chenxuan, he's a jerk!