Who Is the Woman in the 32 Photo Album?

Holding Chang Manni in his arms, Zheng Chenxuan quickly fell asleep.

Her body was very warm, and although her body was still trembling slightly, Zheng Chenxuan liked the temperature of her body.

That kind of warmth, it can warm people's hearts.

Chang Manni was so scared that his soul was about to fly away, how dare he fall asleep easily?

She opened her eyes unblinkingly like a wolf in case Zheng Chenxuan attacked her in the middle of the night.

I don't know how long had passed, but it was probably the second half of the night, and the temperature in the room gradually warmed up.

Chang Manni could not resist the call of the drowsy insects and drifted into his dream.

The next morning, Chang Manni woke up at more than eight in the morning.

The light in the room was a little dim. Mani rubbed his eyes and looked out the window.

The curtains were covered.

She turned around and glanced at her side, which was empty...

Where's Zheng Chenxuan?

Chang Manni remembered that the door couldn't be opened last night.

Did Zheng Chenxuan deceive her again?

Chang Manni couldn't be bothered to think about the trivial things. After rolling comfortably in bed for several times, he got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up.

She had just changed and came out of the bathroom when the door was pushed open.

Then a pretty figure came in.

"Yo, second sister-in-law's really enjoying life! It's already past eight o' clock. You just woke up?"

Chang Manni did not expect Mami to trouble her early in the morning. This sister-in-law was surprisingly dissatisfied with herself.

Chang Manni couldn't figure out where he had offended her.

She didn't want to have an argument with her grandmother's granddaughter, so she walked past her and went out of the room, "I'm going down. Aren't you going?"

Mami glared at her and snorted, "How shameless."

As he spoke, he walked straight to Chang Manni, hit her with his shoulder and walked down the stairs.

Mani frowned and rubbed his sore shoulder, but said nothing.

All of this was seen by the butler on the side.

She silently lowered her head to keep in mind what she had seen and prepared to tell the old lady the truth later.

Mami, she was too much.

In the living room downstairs, everyone gathered to discuss Mani and Zheng Chenxuan's wedding.

Seeing her come down, grandma's serious face suddenly filled with smiles.

"It's my granddaughter-in-law. Have you slept well?"

The old lady looked at Mani with doting eyes.

Mami complained, "Haven't you slept well yet? What time is it? On the first day of marriage, let my grandmother and elders wait for you here. Do you feel good?"

As soon as Mami finished speaking, Zheng Chenxuan's cold eyes shot directly at her, scaring her into lowering her head.

Damn it, second elder brother dotes on her!

Mami was not reconciled. She didn't believe that she couldn't find a way to fix this new second sister-in-law.

Mani knew that she had indeed lost her composure today. As the granddaughter-in-law of the Zheng family, she should get up early and greet her elders.

Mani immediately bowed his head and apologized respectfully, "Grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, and aunt, I'm sorry I got up too late today."

It was heartbreaking to see such a cute look, and grandpa and grandma immediately smiled and shook their heads, "It's not too late. Your newlyweds had a big fight at night. They slept late. I can understand that."

Obviously, the old lady was thinking of something else.

In fact, last night, Chang Manni and Zheng Chenxuan just hugged each other tightly to keep warm.

Nothing happened between them.

But looking at everyone's expressions, Chang Manni knew that jumping into the Yellow River this time wouldn't wash her up.

After greeting her elders, mami went to the restaurant and had a simple breakfast.

Zheng Chenxuan went back to the upstairs room to change and was going to send manni straight to school later.

Mani was bored alone, and Mami rolled his eyes to make a living.

She walked over and softened, "Second sister-in-law, second elder brother told you to wait for him in the study upstairs."

Zheng Chenxuan had his own villa, but this was also his home.

There were too many secrets hidden in this room, especially in that study.

It was Mami who knew everything that led Mani there step by step.

Manni nodded and followed her upstairs.

The innermost room in the corridor on the second floor was Zheng Chenxuan's study.

Ma mei stood at the door and pushed it open, but she refused to go in.

Everyone in the family knew that this place was a restricted area for the Zheng family.

No one is allowed in except zheng chenxuan.

"Second sister-in-law, you can go in and wait, and have a look around. I'll go down first if I have something else to do."

Mami found an excuse to leave first. Mani had to stay in the study alone.

The furnishings and decor here were no different from the study in Zheng Chenxuan's house.

It seems that he really likes this simple style.

Mani was so bored that he wandered around the study alone.

There were a few photos of him on the desk. Mani picked them up and looked at them. The man in the frame looked similar to his present appearance, but slightly younger than now.

Manni held the frame and smiled, "You really love to act cool. You know how to act deep at such a young age."

She joked a few words and put the frame back where it was.

In other people's study, without their permission, it was not good for her to look around like this.

Mani was going to stop and sit in the chair and wait for him to come over.

But the moment she turned around, her eyes caught sight of the photo album on the bookcase.

What a beautiful photo album!

The black-and-white square album was inlaid with a few white pearls, which looked very special and precious.

Could it be a photo of him as a child?

Mani reached out curiously to get the photo album, but it was a little higher, so she had to stand on tiptoe and try it several times.

Finally, she took the photo album down with great difficulty.

"Such a treasure, it must be a very special photo."

Mani chuckled and a glint of calculation flashed in his eyes.

Could it be that chen xuan's mother dressed him up as a girl when he was young?

Could it be the look of his makeup? Or maybe he was wearing a skirt?

It was funny to think about it.

Chang Manni was really curious about this photo album.

"I'm just looking at the photo album. It's not a violation of his privacy. Just take a look. Just take a look."

After a few minutes of ideological struggle with Chang Manni, he finally opened the photo album.


The moment she flipped through the album, a shadow over her head covered her. The next second, the album that she opened was quickly closed by a pair of big hands.

"You dare to touch my things without my permission?"

The voice above him was cold and heartless, filled with deep displeasure.

Chang Manni shrank his neck and turned around innocently. "I'm just curious. I haven't seen it yet. I'll give it back to you. Can't I stop?"

Mani obediently withdrew his hands, indicating that he would not move the album.

But just as she flipped through the album, she saw something.

That photo, the one at the top of the album.

Although he could not see clearly, he could also see a rough outline.

Is that a woman?

Chang Manni was a little confused, but soon nodded firmly.

That's right, that's a woman!

It wasn't Zheng Chenxuan in disguise, but a real woman.

Although Chang Manni didn't get a good look at that face, she was also a beautiful woman from the outline.

She always felt familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before.

Zheng Chenxuan put the album back where it was, as if he was particularly nervous about it.

Chang Manni was even more confused.

Why was Zheng Chenxuan so sensitive to that photo album?

Is that woman his woman?