34 Stopped Confessions

In order to cooperate with Zheng Chenxuan, Chang Manni had to pretend to be in love and snuggle into his arms.

Not far away, a strong line of sight came, and Chang Manni could feel the anger behind the hot line of sight.

She dared not look up at him.

Is it Brother zhiyuan?

Oh, it shouldn't be like this.

If she had known, she should have told Brother zhiyuan earlier.

The crowd gradually dispersed and they made an appointment to go to the nightclub to celebrate Chang Manni's wedding.

For a moment, Chang Manni, who was in high spirits, suddenly became a hot potato and a popular figure on the campus. Not to mention, everyone was also fawning on her to seek some benefits for herself.

When everyone left, Zhiyuan came over and xiaoxiao followed Zhiyuan.

It was obvious that the two of them had serious expressions and a hint of murderous intent.

Chang Manni's married, got his license!

How dare you make the decision on your own and not even mention it to them?

Xiao Xiao couldn't help but roar out, "Mani, am I still your sister? It's okay if you don't tell anyone, but you don't even tell me?"

Xiao Xiao had always been on Mani's side. She was supportive of Mani finding a good home, especially for a capable and attractive man like Zheng Chenxuan.

Mani won't be worried about marrying him for the rest of his life, will he?

Since the rumor about Mani, Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Chenyi spread, Xiao Xiao felt that it was not simple.

But she never expected that the person she would marry in the end would be Zheng Chenxuan!

Mani knew they were really angry and giggled, trying to get away with it, but Brother zhiyuan stepped forward and reached out to shake Zheng Chenxuan's hand.

"Hello, I'm wu Zhiyuan. I grew up with Mani. She's as important to me as family and sister."

Brother zhiyuan directly stated his relationship with Chang Manni.

Xiao Xiao knew that Brother zhiyuan didn't just treat Mani as a sister.

The three of them grew up together. Xiao Xiao was the real sister, not Mani, right?

Zheng Chenxuan quietly curled his lips. He had thought that wu Zhiyuan was a very interesting man.

It was obvious that he really had feelings for Chang Manni.

A man who had been by Mani's side for nearly 20 years, but he kept himself from confessing?

Zheng Chenxuan didn't understand. What was wu Zhiyuan thinking?

"In that case, I hope you will still treat her like a sister in the future."

Zheng Chenxuan's words confused Chang Manni.

What did he say?

What else could Brother zhiyuan be if she didn't treat herself as a sister?

Wu Zhiyuan just laughed coldly. His face looked terrible.

The two of them looked at each other, and there was a kind of power that was competing secretly.

Both xiaoxiao and manni could clearly feel how powerful this power was.

Only Mani did not know what was going on with these two men.

Xiao Xiao shook her head helplessly. Sometimes Mani's eq was too low.

After creating chaos, Zheng Chenxuan left.

He had to prepare for the party tonight.

After Zheng Chenxuan left, Brother zhiyuan did not let manni leave.

"You and he have already received the license?"

Mani nodded, "Yes, I got my license yesterday."

A trace of pity flashed in wu Zhiyuan's eyes, but more confusion.

Why should a good woman hurt herself so much?

Brother zhiyuan stared at Mani with a sad face and said with certainty, "You don't love him."

Mani was speechless.

Yes, I don't love him.

But this marriage can be really complicated at times.

"Brother zhiyuan, leave it alone. I decided to get married after careful consideration."

Wu Zhiyuan's forehead was blue, and Mani's decision made him angry and painful.

This time, he really mustered up the courage to confess.

Am I a step too late?

"You married Zheng Chenxuan just to provoke Lin Tianyou."

Brother zhiyuan kept pestering her. Chang Manni was a little tired and nodded, "Even if it is, it's okay. He's not bad."

The Zheng family treated her well, and she didn't lose anything.

Wu Zhiyuan's heart was complicated. If Chang Manni married Zheng Chenxuan, it would only be to stimulate Lin Tianyou.

So, it doesn't matter who the married person is, does it?

He can do it too, can't he?

Brother zhiyuan hesitated and wanted to express his feelings.

Even if they were married, they could still get divorced.

Xiao Xiao saw his thoughts and immediately interrupted him.

"Well, Brother zhiyuan, it's her decision who Mani will marry. She's an adult, can't she make her own decisions about marriage? Besides, I think Zheng Chenxuan is quite nice. We'll talk about it later."

Xiao Xiao took a meaningful look at Brother zhiyuan, then pulled Mani away first.

She knew she was selfish and shouldn't have stopped Brother zhiyuan from confessing.

However, at this moment, xiaoxiao did not want this matter to become more complicated.

Brother zhiyuan, it's never a good time to express your feelings.

This time, it was the same.

In this class, Mani was not in the mood to listen to the teacher. All her attention was on Zheng Chenxuan and Brother zhiyuan.

From today on, all the teachers and students in the school know that she is Zheng Chenxuan's wife, and she won't be able to live in peace until she graduates.

What surprised Mani even more was that when Brother zhiyuan was in the canteen, he seemed to want to say something to her.

If it weren't for Xiao Xiao's sudden interruption, Brother zhiyuan would have said it, right?

Was he trying to stop the marriage?

Chang Manni was in a daze for an entire period of time. It was not until after class that her classmates gathered around her that she gradually regained her senses.

"Mani, you're so good. You caught a big fish without saying a word. The Zheng family is quite something."

The girls worshipped her even more, and everyone gathered around and begged Chang Manni to give them a chance.

"Mani, you know we're going to graduate and intern. Is the Cheng group hiring people these days?"

If I could work for the Cheng group, I would have a carefree future in my life.

It was hard for anyone to get into a place like that, but it was different now. Chang Manni was Zheng Chenxuan's wife, and she was the righteous young lady of the Cheng group.

Isn't a single word from her working?

Chang Manni looked embarrassed. She didn't want to reveal her identity, but she didn't want to face this difficult moment.

How could she make the decision about the Zheng family?

She was embarrassed, but she managed to squeeze out a smile, "I'll talk to him. If there's a job opening, I'll let everyone know."

The students didn't expect Chang Manni to be so easy to talk to, so they all praised her, "It's better for Mani. She's not arrogant and kind. Unlike Wang Danni, she's just a rich girl."

When the students talked about Wang Danni, Chang Manni realized that Wang Danni and Lin Tianyou did not come to school these days.

Could it be...

That incident had a big impact on them?

After class, Mani pulled xiaoxiao out of the campus.

There was a rolls-royce parked in front of the school gate. Seeing manni coming out, the driver immediately got out of the car to greet her personally.

"Young madam, young master asked me to pick you up."

Mani helplessly covered her face.

Zheng Chenxuan did it on purpose, and he did it in such a high-profile way!

Chang Manni had to drag xiaoxiao into the car.

The driver closed the door and started the car slowly. Xiao Xiao sat in the car and touched the leather seat. He could not help but exclaim excitedly, "Mani, you really married the right person this time. From now on, you will be the young lady of a rich family."

Mani looked at the excited Xiao Xiao and laughed helplessly.

What kind of young lady is she?