35 You Can't Stay Here

The fate of the Wang family has changed drastically since the last time they attended Chang Manni's wedding celebration dinner.

Wang Danni's father was positive about lin Tianyou. Both of them were in the same school, and the university was also one of the top universities in china.

As a gifted student like lin Tianyou, he would definitely make a great career if he was given a little chance to train him.

It was precisely because of this that Wang Danni's father was willing to leave all his branches to Lin Tianyou to manage.

But he did not expect that this man's feelings would be so tangled and ambiguous.

As the family sat together, Wang Danni's father re-examined the young man in front of him.

He tapped his fingers on the coffee table and lowered his eyes with a slight frown.

Wang Danni knew that his father was angry, so he patiently coaxed him, "Dad, I was really reckless yesterday. I shouldn't have tangled with her in public. I was wrong. Don't be angry, and don't take it out on Tianyou, okay?"

Until this moment, Wang Danni was still defending Lin Tianyou.

Lin Tianyou apologized, "Uncle, I didn't handle this well. I did date Mani before, but I love danny the most now."

The king's father sighed and shook his head helplessly, "Tianyou, do you know who you have offended? That's the Zheng family! What was Zheng Chenxuan's role? What kind of person is Zheng Chenyi? After the dinner, all the clients I've been working with have broken their contracts, and several banks have withdrawn their funds."

The situation was serious, and with Zheng Chenyi secretly pressuring him, the Zheng family loved Chang Manni so much that they couldn't keep him.

"Dad, what do you mean by that? That bitch Chang Manni, playing tricks?"

Wang Danni roared, her delicate little face flushed with anger.

Father wang looked at his daughter with hatred and raised his hand to slap her.

"Outrageous! How dare you do this? From now on, when you see Chang Manni, you should call her Mrs. Zheng. Also, pick some expensive jewelry with your mother tomorrow and personally go to the door to apologize to Chang Manni. Even if you kneel down, you can ask for her forgiveness."

If not, the entire Wang family company would be hard to keep.

Wang Danni looked at his father in astonishment as if he had heard a big joke.

She was his favorite daughter. When did he let her suffer such humiliation?

Before Wang Danni could recover, the king's father looked at Zheng Chenxuan and continued to speak.

"I'll give you a week to finish the closing and handover with the next Vice president, and then leave the company."

The Wang family could no longer keep Lin Tianyou.

The decision came too soon, and Lin Tianyou sat there, his thin lips pressed tightly.

He was unwilling, but what was the use?

Lin Tianyou was not stupid. He knew that it was better to kneel down to Chang Manni than to beg the Wang family father.

The person who could control his fate was no longer Wang Danni, no longer a Wang family man, but his ex-girlfriend, Chang Manni.

"I see. I'm sorry for troubling you, uncle. I'll take care of it. If I can handle it, I'm looking for you."

Lin Tianyou got up slowly and apologized to his father in a weak voice. Although his voice was vague, it was still calm.

Father wang looked at him and nodded. If he could handle this, there was still a chance for him to return to his previous position.

Wang Danni saw lin Tianyou leave and chased out like crazy.

"Tianyou, where are you going? Are you going to beg for chang manni?"

Wang Danni ran over and hugged him from behind with tears on his face.

Lin Tianyou was the man she loved the most. She looked at the man she loved the most and lowered her head to beg for manni. Her heart ached.

Lin Tianyou sighed helplessly, then nodded, "I have to go. Otherwise, how will this be resolved?"

"What did you mean by that? What do you mean by coming back to us after you've dealt with it? If it's not handled properly..."

Wang Danni suddenly panicked and for the first time felt Chang Manni's horror and fear.

It was also the first time he regretted his recklessness.

Lin Tianyou remained silent for a long time before he said, "If we don't handle this properly, do you think your father will still agree to our marriage?"

Everything was shattered, right?

All of Lin Tianyou's great prospects would be gone.

So, he had to see Chang Manni.

Watching Lin Tianyou leave, Wang Danni wiped the tears off his face with the back of his hand and whispered behind him, "I won't let you leave me. Tomorrow I'll go see Chang Manni. Even if I kneel down in front of her and beg for her forgiveness, I'll ask for her forgiveness."

Wang Danni, indeed, loved miserably. Even for the sake of love, he would rather give up his proudest self-esteem.

The driver drove Chang Manni and xiaoxiao back to Zheng family's old residence, the first time Xiao Xiao followed Mani to the Zheng family.

As soon as they entered the living room, Zheng family's grandparents and Zheng Chenxuan's parents came down to greet them.

"Grandparents, parents, this is my best sister, Xiao Xiao. She grew up with me. After my father left, xiaoxiao's parents took care of me."

Mani introduced xiao xiao to them.

The Zheng family woman smiled and touched Xiao Xiao's head, "This child is really good. He looks like a lively and lovely child. Don't be polite to us when you come home often."

The old lady Zheng family's attitude really scared xiaoxiao a lot.

This grandma, so sincere and so passionate, was completely different from those rich old ladies in the tv series.

It's not harsh at all.

Looking at Chang Manni's parents-in-law, she was standing there with a smile on her face, speaking appropriately and gently.

Xiao Xiao could not help but whisper in Mani's ear, "Oh my god, did you save the entire galaxy in your last life? Isn't this the kindest family in the world?"

Mani lowered her head and smiled. Yes, she was really shocked when she first met the family.

The Zheng family woman led the two girls upstairs, "Chen Xuan said he was going to throw you a celebration party at the nightclub tonight. This child is finally sensible. Of course, you should invite your classmates to celebrate when you are married. I'm ready for your girls'dresses."

Not only that, the old lady also prepared the dress they were going to wear, which could not warm her heart.

After closing the door, Mani and xiaoxiao looked at the two dresses prepared in front of the wardrobe.

A white dress and a red dress.

One white and one red, just like Mani and xiaoxiao, one pure white and beautiful, one delicate and beautiful as fire.

It seems that Zhengjianainai did have a heart.

The two of them hurriedly changed their gowns, put on light makeup and set off again.

The elders would naturally not intervene in a gathering of young people.

But when Mani was about to leave, Mami ran down the stairs to plead with the old lady of the Zheng family. "Grandma, it's so boring for me to come back alone. Let me go to second sister-in-law's celebration party."

The old lady thought about it. Perhaps it was the best chance to mend her sister-in-law's relationship.

She nodded and kept telling Mami, "Go on, don't mess with second sister-in-law."

With permission, Mami skipped out.

After getting into the car, Mami smiled smugly.

She would not be obedient. She would have ruined their marriage sooner or later.

After getting in the car, Mami looked at xiaoxiao patiently. He really relied on his clothes.

I didn't expect two ordinary women to look quite noble in this dress.

But in her eyes, it was still so ordinary.

"That's funny. Second sister-in-law married the Zheng family, and those cats and dogs around him wanted to join in the fun."

Xiao Xiao frowned.

It seems that Zheng family people are not all good people.

"Ouch, who was I? I didn't expect that it was just a granddaughter, and she was still here."

How could a woman like Xiao Xiao allow Mami to humiliate herself?

Mani just glared at Mami.

"All my classmates are here today. Please behave yourself if you insist on causing trouble today. I'll have to ask you, second elder brother, to invite you out."

Mani was usually too lazy to argue with her, but he was not a pushover.

Ma mei snorted coldly and turned to look out the window, not provoking them.

There were plenty of opportunities, and she was waiting for them.

More than half an hour later, the car arrived in front of the nightclub.

Mani got out of the car first. As soon as she got down, she heard a man calling her from behind.


Chang Manni looked back and was a little surprised.

It was Lin Tianyou.

Why is he here?