36 I Forgive You

Lin Tianyou's appearance surprised and disturbed Chang Manni.

Xiao xiao and ma mei also got out of the car. When they saw Lin Tianyou, their expressions were also very surprised.

Xiao Xiao stepped forward and pulled Mani away, "You go in. Is there any need to meet him?"

Mani's in-laws were nice, and Zheng Chenxuan was nice to her. Xiao Xiao didn't want Mani to ruin his happy marriage because of this scumbag.

But Mami was watching the show and whistled, "Wow, is it a comeback? Yesterday, I came to my second elder brother and second sister-in-law's celebration dinner with my new lover. Today, I came alone to catch up with my old love? Second sister-in-law, he's very infatuated."

Mami continued to tease her, fearing nothing serious. Xiao Xiao glared at her fiercely.

But Chang Manni was unusually calm.

As she said before, she and Lin Tianyou had never even said the word "Break up," so they were dumped.

That's good. Speak your mind and break up seriously. It doesn't matter from now on.

When they met, they were just classmates at the same school, or simply strangers.

Mani smiled calmly and turned to pat Xiao Xiao on the shoulder to comfort her, "Don't worry about me. I'll talk to him alone. You guys go in first."

But Xiao Xiao was worried about her, "You told me not to worry about you. How could I not worry about you?"

"I'll be right in. Don't worry about Lin Tianyou. It's Mami. Keep an eye on her for me. Don't let her cause any trouble for me."

Mani was so determined that Xiao Xiao could only nod in agreement.

"You, come in with me."

Xiao Xiao pulled Mami roughly and dragged her into the nightclub.

Lin Tianyou and Chang Manni stopped at the back door of the nightclub.

Chang Manni sat down on the steps, took a look at his watch, and then said, "I'll give you ten minutes. Tell me. What's the matter with coming to see me?"

"It's nothing. Can't I see you now?"

Lin Tianyou's words made Chang Manni burst out laughing.

This man is really shameless.

Mani's cold eyes shot straight at him, and he pursed his lips. "Do you still need to meet me?"

Lin Tianyou corrected her, "You said we haven't broken up yet."

Mani chuckled and then asked, "So, this time, are you here to officially break up with me?"

Lin Tianyou was silent. As the minutes passed, Chang Manni suddenly got up.

"Since there's nothing to say, I'll go first. As you can see, I'm already someone else's wife, and even if we don't officially break up, we're still a couple. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other. Next time I see you, please treat me as a stranger. Thank you."

Mani was about to leave when Lin Tianyou reached out and grabbed her arm. His attitude softened. "You know, I've always liked you. The person I love the most is not Wang Danni, but you."

I didn't expect that at this moment, he would say such touching words in her ear.

If it was before, Chang Manni might have believed it and looked at him stupidly, then moved to tears and tears.

But now, Chang Manni was already a wife, no longer the innocent little girl from the past.

Perhaps the word love is worthless in this man's mouth.

Mani looked up and smiled, "Hehe, love is so cheap in your mouth! Who was the one who mocked me for breaking up, who made me sound so bad? I remember you telling everyone that your favorite woman was Wang Danni a while ago. Lin Tianyou, Lin Tianyou, you are so ridiculous."

Chang Manni suddenly felt that he was really wasting his time. What was he struggling with with such a man?

Maybe before, she still couldn't let go of it. After two years of love, she still felt a little heartbroken.

But at this moment, she suddenly felt a sense of relief.

Why waste time on such a scumbag when you're so good?

He, indeed, could not even compare to half of Zheng Chenxuan's finger.

Lin Tianyou was a little anxious and looked serious, "I'm serious. Do you think I dated Wang Danni because I really love her? I chose her for my career. She can give me everything I want. The father of Wang family has promised me that I will handle everything in the branch office. I'll be the president in two years. When I get divorced, I'll be with you..."

Lin Tianyou was eager to prove his feelings, but Chang Manni could not tell whether he was real or not.

Whether it was real or not, it didn't matter to Mani anymore, and it didn't matter.

She lowered her head, frowned, and said indifferently, "Congratulations on getting the recognition of the Wang family. Don't worry, I won't drag you down. I'm married to another man, so you can be your husband."

Mani didn't want to keep pestering him. Just as he was about to turn around, Lin Tianyou suddenly fell to his knees with a plop.

Mani, I beg you. You know I have power. In terms of ability, I am no worse than Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Chenyi. But I don't have a background. It's hard for me to get ahead. Can you just help me? Zheng Chenyi and Zheng Chenxuan were angry with the Wang family because I offended you. The Wang family kicked me out. I can't just give up. You know, I'm capable."

Lin Tianyou actually knelt down and begged for mercy.

Chang Manni looked at him in astonishment and stood there in a daze.

All he could see was his usual handsome and tall appearance.

That man, despite his poor family background, was always as warm and handsome as the sun.

But now, for the sake of money, kneel to her?

Chang Manni was heartbroken. How could a person become like this in an instant?

She thought that even though he broke up, his initial good looks would remain deep in her heart.

Unexpectedly, tonight, he would destroy all the good things that had happened before.

She closed her eyes in pain and calmed down for a long time, "I will make it clear to Zheng Chenxuan or brother chenyi that they will forgive you."

After all, I still don't want to do things too much.

Mani walked forward, but Lin Tianyou didn't get up behind him. He whispered, "I'm sorry, Mani. I'm really sorry. I hurt you. It's my fault. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Lin Tianyou kept apologizing to Chang Manni.

Mani turned to look at him and was a little lost when he saw those eyes.

Those deep eyes were clear and clear.

Just like when he first met him, Chang Manni remembered that when he first met him, his eyes were so clear, as if they were full of stars, brighter than obsidian.

But now, the stars' eyes were stained with dust.

Mani nodded hoarsely, "I forgive you, but from now on, let's not continue to pester each other. Really, that's it."

This time, it was a complete disconnect.

Even if they met on the street, Chang Manni would completely ignore her.

I thought a breakup like this would be a good break up.

But lin Tianyou continued to suggest, "Mani, why don't you divorce and we'll be together? You can get a lot of money after the divorce. Should be able to get half of Cheng group's business? When I manage the company, you will be my good wife. We will cooperate very well."

Unexpectedly, in the end, this scumbag still only saw money in his eyes.

Chang Manni was trembling with anger. She rushed forward, grabbed Lin Tianyou by the collar and punched him.

"You bastard! Money, money, money, you only have money in your eyes, right? I was really blind."

Lin Tianyou suddenly got up and gripped Chang Manni's arm with his backhand, pulling her into his arms with one force, "Why? Why did you ask Zheng Chenxuan to touch you, but not me? What did you tell me before? You whispered in my arms shyly that you were going to hand you over to me on your wedding day. But you turned around to be with another man? Aren't you doing it for money?"

Chang Manni was immediately held in lin Tianyou's arms, unable to move.

She hated, hated herself for being too soft-hearted.

Chang Manni was so aggrieved that she couldn't speak.

Not far away, a car stopped, and Zheng Chenyi came down from the car. When he heard something moving here, he looked over inadvertently.

At this look, his heart immediately tightened.

"Lin Tianyou, are you tired of living? Young madam Zheng family, is that your dirty hands too?"

The gloomy voice exploded, but Chang Manni's heart suddenly felt secure.

It's brother chen yi!