37 You Still Have Feelings for Him?

Lin Tianyou was probably really pushed. After seeing zheng chenyi, he could not help but not let go of his dirty hands, but hugged Mani tighter.

At that moment, Chang Manni was completely disappointed with the man beside him.

Zheng Chenyi's cold face suddenly cracked and his eyes tightened. He took a step forward and punched Lin Tianyou in the left eye.

Lin Tianyou staggered and almost fell on the roadside steps.

Zheng chenyi tugged at Mani, who was still standing there, and reached out to help her gather her hair, then asked her softly, "He didn't hurt you, did he?"

Mani shook his head, but his words were rather bitter. "No, Brother Chen Yi, and such people, there's no need to dirty your hands. Let's go. I don't want to see him again."

Mani just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. She really had enough. She never wanted to see this scum again.

Lin Tianyou was trembling with anger, but he kept squatting on the ground and refused to get up.

What's the use of hating and unwilling?

The man in front of him is the president of the Cheng group! The position was higher than manni's husband, Zheng Chenxuan!

Lin Tianyou knew in his heart that it was because of this man that he was kicked out of the Wang family and ended up in this mess.

If he continues to annoy him!

The consequences are unimaginable!

Zheng Chenyi just gave Lin Tianyou a cold look, then turned around and helped Mani into the nightclub.

Lin Tianyou looked at the figures and swore in his heart.

Sooner or later, he will trample Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Chenyi under his feet!

One day, he would have Chang Manni back in his arms!

In the nightclub, although Zheng Chenxuan had already booked the entire nightclub, the students were all dancing on the dance floor, and no one noticed the arrival of Chang Manni and Zheng Chenyi.

Zheng Chenyi pulled manni into the corner, looking worried and uneasy. "Mani, did that scumbag threaten you? Or did he do something to you? Don't be afraid, I'm here."

Zheng Chenyi was really nervous about Chang Manni, and he was even considering whether he should arrange for a few bodyguards to accompany Mani starting tomorrow.

After all, Lin Tianyou and Mani were students from the same school.

Anyway, they were about to graduate, or else, they might as well find an internship outside of town and get rid of Lin Tianyou?

Anyway, Zheng Chenyi didn't want that man around Mani.

Mani was so touched that she didn't expect Brother Chen Yi to care so much about her.

Thinking about her husband, Zheng Chenxuan, who was still nowhere to be seen, even if he knew about it, he wouldn't really care about her, would he?

Mani remembered the conversation with lin Tianyou outside the nightclub.

Lin Tianyou didn't care and didn't want to get involved in what was going to happen in her life.


Mani looked up at Zheng Chenyi in embarrassment and pleaded, "Brother Chen Yi, I know you want to punish the Wang family and Lin Tianyou for my own good. But that's what happens when it comes to relationships. I was angry, and they were humiliated in front of the public. That's about it. Real Brother Chen Yi, you don't have to make things difficult for Lin Tianyou and the Wang family anymore."

Zheng chenyi frowned, not expecting that Mani's offer would be this.

He thought she would ask him to help destroy Lin Tianyou.

Zheng Chenyi was puzzled and whispered to him, "Why are you pleading for lin Tianyou? Mani, do you still have feelings for him?"

Zheng Chenyi understood Mani's feelings, and the ex-boyfriend he liked so much might not be easily forgotten.

Mani just shook his head and chuckled, "I don't have feelings for him, and it's not because I'm kind and don't want to pursue anything. It's just that I think this should be the end. I'm not a resentful woman. It's time for me to start my new life. So, it's not pleading, it's not kindness, it's that I don't want to keep pestering you."

Mani explained it clearly, and Zheng Chenyi thought it was normal.

It was precisely because of this that zheng chenyi liked her so much.

"Okay, I promise you I won't trouble them."

Zheng Chenyi readily agreed to Mani's request, but if the Wang family or Lin Tianyou continued to trouble manni.


There was a murderous look on Zheng Chenyi's cold eyes.

He would never allow anyone to hurt Chang Manni.

The nightclub was buzzing with people, and Mani's classmates and the entire department came to the party.

At the entrance of the nightclub, a limited edition sports car suddenly stopped in front of the nightclub.

Zheng chenxuan and his good friend Zhang Xinghao walked out of the car.

The two of them walked into the store at the same time. Along the way, Zheng Chenxuan ordered Zhang Xinghao in a deep voice, "Let me tell you something. Mani and the others are graduating this year. Your company should still be short of people. Let's hold a job fair in a few days."

"What? Job fair? Are you stuffing your wife's students with me? The Cheng group is so big, why don't you personally accept these college students?"

Zhang Xinghao stopped in vain, his face full of shock and unwillingness.

He had always hated this kind of trouble.

Besides, there are so many graduates this year. Is it because Mani is Zheng Chenxuan's wife that he has to raise these useless people for nothing?

Zheng Chenxuan squinted at him, reminding him, "Don't forget, manni went to a famous university in the country! Those graduates deserve your company."

As soon as he said this, zhang xinghao almost rolled his eyes in anger. "What do you mean? My company is worthy of them. If they go to your company, they will climb high? I said Zheng Chenxuan didn't want to be so hurtful. Is my company a third-rate company or a fourth-level company? I'm a family business, too. I'm a big brand."

Zhang xinghao turned his head and refused to talk to Zheng Chenxuan.

He was very proud.

Zheng Chenxuan knew that he was a little neurotic and did not give him face. Instead, he threatened him, "I don't care if you are a third-rate company or a fourth-level company! You'd better open a job fair in a few days to take over my wife's classmates. Otherwise, even if it's a big brand, I'll make you a small company!"

Zheng Chenxuan only threatened a few words, and zhang xinghao was so angry that he could not speak.

"Sure, you've been protecting your wife since you got married. Okay, okay, I'm scared of you. But I only accept talent, so there won't be too many places."

This was Zhang Xinghao's bottom line. He wouldn't have agreed if it weren't for the sake of his new sister-in-law.

Zheng chenxuan nodded and the two continued to walk in.

As soon as he entered the nightclub, he was surrounded by the sharp-eyed Mami.

"Yo, second elder brother, you're here. I was so anxious just now. You don't know, we were blocked by Lin Tianyou the moment we got out of the car. He seems to be obsessed with second sister-in-law. But second sister-in-law is really funny. He married you and sent me away to meet him alone."

Mami was indeed afraid that the world would not be in chaos.

She just didn't like this ordinary new second sister-in-law.

For some reason, when Zheng Chenxuan heard the words "Lin Tianyou," he felt a little hurt.

Zheng Chenxuan's eyes were cold and he asked in a deep voice, "Where's second sister-in-law?"