39 You Really Went Too Far

Xiao Xiao could not bear to see such an insolent young lady like Mami.

Just because I have a few lousy money, I don't like anyone and I don't like anyone.

He smelled of copper.

Although mami was Mani's sister-in-law, Xiao Xiao did not give her any face.

"As if this handsome man was yours?"

Xiao xiao glanced at Zhang Xinghao beside her, curled her lips slightly and leaned against him, whispering in his ear in a deadly enchantment, "What is your relationship with that lady?"

Xiao Xiao swore that she had no interest in this man at all!

Of course, xiaoxiao did not deny that Zhang Xinghao was indeed a very handsome man.

He was handsome and imposing.

His tall figure was accentuated by a casual suit. His face was filled with a confident smile, but there was a hint of playfulness and ambiguity in that smile.

This kind of man is easily attracted to all kinds of peach blossoms.

The only reason Xiao Xiao came close to her was because he wanted to piss Mami off.

Zhang Xinghao was already interested in xiaoxiao tonight. Seeing her take the initiative, Zhang Xinghao reached out and stopped her shoulder with interest. Her tone was very ambiguous, "She is my brother's sister. The relationship between me and her, that's all."

What Zhang Xinghao said was indeed cold and hurtful, and in public, he had directly distanced himself from Mami.

Xiao xiao's eyes flashed with a smile. She imitated Mami's mocking attitude and said playfully, "So it is! It seems that this rich second generation is really not easy to hook up with, even the rich daughter is useless."

This face is so good!

Mami felt that his face was burning. It was so embarrassing.

She blinked her eyes in grievance, looking pitiful. "Brother hing ho, you really went too far."

With that, Mami covered his face and ran out of the nightclub crying.

Mani saw everything. Although he didn't like this sister-in-law, it wasn't safe for her to run out like this, was it?

When Zheng Chenxuan saw Mami leave, he called his secretary and told him to follow Mami.

As soon as she left, Xiao Xiao pushed Zhang Xinghao away.

"Mani, let's go over there and have a drink."

Mani grunted and led xiaoxiao to the corner to sit down and rest for a while.

Zhang Xinghao was a little confused by xiaoxiao's hot and cold attitude.

What kind of tricks is this woman playing?

Playing hard to get?

Zhang Xinghao followed closely behind and offered to bring some drinks for xiaoxiao and manni.

"Xiaoxiao, right? Are you and sister-in-law in the same university?"

Xiao Xiao nodded, not wanting to talk to him.

Zhang Xinghao had a headache and was helpless against women for the first time.

In front of xiaoxiao, the light he brought seemed to be extinguished in an instant.

"Xiao Xiao, you just asked me about my relationship with mami. Did you treat me like that?"

This time, Zhang Xinghao was indeed a little anxious.

Xiao xiao burst out laughing when she heard it, then her cold eyes shot directly at Zhang Xinghao, and her expression did not fluctuate at all.

"Are you in such a hurry to talk to other women? Don't tell me you like me or are interested in me. It's our first time meeting, and we haven't known each other for half an hour."

Xiaoxiao never believed in love at first sight.

Zhang Xinghao sat there in a daze, unable to say a word for a long time.

Indeed, he was speechless.

When he met a woman he liked at a bar or a nightclub, he only needed to leave a cell phone number to talk to her.

Those women would come to him voluntarily.

But this woman was not interested in him at all!

Zheng Chenxuan and zheng chenyi stood aside, watching them both embarrassingly cancerous.

Zhang Xinghao, this kid, wanted to show mercy everywhere he went.

Zheng Chenxuan couldn't stand it. He walked over and grabbed his collar and walked away.

"You're a little promising. That woman is Mani's best sister. I heard they grew up together. Don't cause me any trouble."

Zheng Chenxuan frowned. Since he was Mani's best friend, he had to take care of her.

Zhang Xinghao is a boy who values love and justice, but he treats love casually.

"You can't say that. You and sister-in-law are a couple. If I become a pair with my sister-in-law's good sister. Isn't that a blessing in disguise?"

Zheng Chenxuan glared at him coldly and gave him a hard kick, "Screw you! Try to get me into trouble!"

Although Zheng Chenxuan threatened him like this, Zhang Xinghao did not take it to heart.

Even if he wanted to give up, his heart was still itching.

He really wanted that woman.

Mani smiled, leaned over to xiaoxiao's ear and teased her, "Zhang Xinghao looks pretty handsome, as if he has a lot of money at home. Didn't you always encourage me to marry a rich man? You also said that I could eat hot and drink hot, and that I could work less for more than ten years. What about you? He's interested in you. You don't mean anything to him?"

Mani didn't know much about Zhang Xinghao, but if xiaoxiao really liked him, Mani would naturally take the initiative to help pull the strings.

Xiao Xiao glanced at Mani with a sullen expression and hit her on the head.

I wonder what's in Chang Manni's head?

She grew up with Brother zhiyuan and Mani. After more than 20 years of relationship, why couldn't Mani figure out what she was really thinking?

She didn't want a rich second generation or a handsome guy. All she wanted was Brother zhiyuan!

Unfortunately, Brother zhiyuan only had eyes for Mani.

Xiao Xiao knew that Brother zhiyuan only saw her as her sister.

Mani was hit by her and screamed, "Ouch, ouch, what are you doing?"

Xiao Xiao replied unhappily, "I don't want that Zhang Xinghao. It's just too flashy."

Mani thought about it carefully and nodded approvingly. It's really rare for him to be friends with the cold Zheng Chenxuan."

This pair of couples, in Mani's eyes, is really quite strange.

The two of them had different personalities and tastes, but in the end they became good friends.

Xiao Xiao pricked up his ears and asked doubtfully, "What did you just say? Zheng Chenxuan? You're married to him, and you call him by his name?"

Xiaoxiao always felt that between Mani and Chen Xuan, it was more like a modest and polite newlyweds.

How can I put it? On the surface, it seems to be harmonious, loving and harmonious.

But Xiao Xiao could not feel the true love and sweetness.

Is it because the feelings are not deep enough?

Xiao Xiao looked at Mani with a pained look and leaned over with a serious face. "Mani, tell me the truth. Did you marry Zheng Chenxuan in such a hurry because you had a baby in your stomach? A few days ago, I heard from girls in other departments that they found you borrowing a lot of books about parenting in the library. Are you pregnant before marriage?"

If that were the case, things would really get worse.

Xiaoxiao wanted Mani to marry well, but she didn't want Mani to be tied down by her children at such a young age, and she didn't want her to sacrifice her love for her children.