04 Proposal

Zheng Chenxuan would never marry that strange woman home to be his wife.

His grandmother forced him to marry Chang Manni.

Neither of them noticed that Chang Manni had disappeared for a long time.

Until an assistant came in, "Old madam, that lady seems to have run away."

"What? Run away?"

Zheng Chenxuan and the old lady asked in unison, their eyes full of disbelief.

This was a great opportunity to marry into a rich family. She said she would give up and give up?

The old lady was even more moved by this, "What a good child! Don't compromise for money! Much better than that woman of yours. Forget it, go home!"

The old lady was going to investigate the girl, and she really liked her.

But Zheng Chenxuan didn't feel anything about it. He was so nervous because of the diamond ring.

That diamond ring doesn't belong to that woman!

"Damn girl, you stole my diamond ring and still want to run?"

Zheng Chenxuan cursed to himself.

When the old lady was about to leave, she suddenly turned around and ordered her grandson seriously, "There's a family meeting tonight! Try not to come back!"

The old lady spoke, and Zheng Chenxuan dared not go.

After two o' clock in the afternoon, Zheng Chenxuan left the hotel and went to the company to look for his friends.

After entering the president's office, Zheng Chenxuan stared at his friend coldly, "What happened last night? If I remember correctly, I was drinking with you. Should you explain to me where you went after that? Why am I with a strange woman?"

What happened last night was too strange to think about.

Chen Xuan's friend Zhang Xinghao, who grew up with him, was also Zheng Chenxuan's most trusted friend.

Zhang Xinghao shrugged his shoulders innocently. After thinking about it carefully, he suddenly realized, "Ah, I remember. Last night, we were drinking in the hotel room... And then I left. But when I left, I didn't seem to close the door!"

It's not closed! The point is not to close the door, okay?

Only now did Zheng Chenxuan realize that he had let the drunk Chang Manni into his room by mistake because he didn't close the door.

At this moment, the soaring clouds between Zheng Chenxuan's eyes made the air around him a little colder.

His eyes darkened and he asked coldly, "Do you know that because of your mistake, I might be completely trapped by that woman in my life?"

Zhang Xinghao laughed and nodded quickly, "I know. How come I don't know? The internet fell out early this morning. Photos and news of the two of you spread all over the street. Ah, and that video of you proposing to her."


One wave after another, and Zheng Chenxuan never thought that the trouble was one after another. He had no chance to catch his breath.

Zhang Xinghao immediately took out his phone and showed him the video.

It turned out that Zheng Chenxuan, who had drunk too much last night, mistook Chang Manni for his favorite woman, An Yafu.

Zheng Chenxuan not only knelt down on one knee to propose, but also personally put the diamond ring on Chang Manni's hand.

At this moment, Zheng Chenxuan looked extremely embarrassed.

Who would have thought that he was the one who put the ring on her?

Zhang Xinghao noticed that his good friend's face was too embarrassed, so he patiently advised, "I told you, chen xuan, there is no need to get too tangled up in this matter. You chased yafu for seven years! He proposed five times during this period. The diamond ring had not been worn by that woman for seven years. It means that you and she may not really be destined."

Zhang xinghao wanted to comfort Zheng Chenxuan, but he accidentally touched the most painful part of his heart.

A murderous glint flashed in Zheng Chenxuan's eyes. Zhang Xinghao realized he was wrong and immediately changed his mind, "I know you love her, but she decided to fly to hollywood for her career. What can you do? Your grandmother and grandfather will definitely not spare you. The news is all over the place now. You must marry that woman."

Zhang Xinghao didn't like anya fu very much. He was more interested in Chang Manni, who had suddenly been killed.

"Anyway, Yaf has a two year appointment with you. She said that you should give her two years to develop in hollywood. You can marry that woman first. First of all, I have an explanation for your family, and second of all. Women are strange creatures. You chased her and she pretended to be cold. If you are in love with another woman. Maybe she's jealous and will be back in a few months."

Zhang xinghao was a master in love, and changing women was more frequent than changing clothes.

Zheng Chenxuan looked down for a long time and thought that this trick could be tried.

"Go and check the details of that woman for me. The more details, the better."

Zheng Chenxuan asked zhang xinghao to find out the details of chang manni.

In two years, he could afford to wait.

As long as we get An Yafu back and sacrifice a few pieces like Chang Manni, why not?

Zhang Xinghao patted his chest and assured him, "Don't worry, I'll take care of this! I'll give you a satisfactory answer tomorrow. Let's go. Your grandparents should be waiting for you at home for a long time."

Zheng Chenxuan glanced at the time and got up to go home.

Or did Zhang Xinghao know him well enough to know that he had to pass tonight.

A few hours later, inside the Zheng family mansion.

The old lady took the old man and hid in the room, whispering.

Let me tell you, old man, that girl is fine. I got someone to check on her. The girl had a good family. Her father was a pilot and her mother was a flight attendant. She had more than half a year to graduate from college. The girl had been doing well in school and had only dated a boyfriend. She's a good girl."

The old lady had long wanted her grandson to start a family.

Zheng Chenxuan is 26 years old. It's time to get married and have children.

However, Chen Xuan was an infatuated woman. After seven years, she would never fall in love with another woman if she stared at Yaf.

Now, there was a chance for him to give up on An Yafu!

The old man smiled and nodded, "Yes, yes, yes. I saw the picture of that girl. She's pretty. Not like the foxy look of yafu. This girl looks lovely in the sunshine. Not bad, not bad."

The two old men finally reached a consensus.

The next step was to discuss how to make his grandson obedient.

The old man frowned with a headache, "Old lady, you know chen xuan's temper. He will recognize Yaf. If you ask him to marry Mani, what if he doesn't agree?"

The old lady didn't take it seriously. She just smiled at the old man.

"What are you laughing at?"

For some reason, Zheng Chenxuan's grandfather always felt numb and cold on his back.

"When Chen Xuan comes home later, you play dead. I said you had a heart attack. Can he continue to be stubborn for you?"

"What? Am I pretending to be sick again? I pretended last time, but this time it was me?"

The old man was a little excited. It was not easy to pretend to be ill in front of the children.

The old lady was so light that she handed him this important task every time.

"What? You don't want your grandson to get married as soon as possible?"

The old man gave the old lady a helpless look and sighed, "I can't do anything about you. I'll listen to you."

After a discussion, the two old men walked out of the room holding hands.

In the living room downstairs, Zheng Chenxuan and his forms, Zheng Chenyi's family, had also arrived.

The old lady elbowed the old man, who blinked and was about to faint.

Zheng Chenxuan frowned slightly and knew that the old man was acting again. He said in a cold voice, "Grandpa, you'll faint later. I came here today to tell everyone. I will marry that woman! That woman called chang manni!"