40 Angry

The corner of Chang Manni's mouth twitched and his face was covered in black lines.

She shouldn't have gone to the library to borrow books that day. Now, the whole school thinks that she was in such a hurry to marry Zheng Chenxuan because she was pregnant before marriage, right?

Mani explained slowly, "Don't listen to their nonsense. The more you talk, the more ridiculous it gets! I admitted that I went to the hotel that day to look for lin Tianyou, but I got drunk and went into Zheng Chenxuan's room. We did have a relationship, but I'm really not pregnant, okay!"

It's not that easy to get pregnant!

Besides, the first time, or the only time, just say yes?

One hit?

How is that possible!

Xiaoxiao saw Mani's excited expression and believed that she was not lying.

Xiao Xiao finally breathed a sigh of relief. It was better to be pregnant before marriage.

But why did Mani borrow a parenting book?

Is she going to be a rich wife after graduation and give birth to a few fat boys for the Zheng family as soon as possible?

"Since you're not pregnant, why did you borrow a parenting book? No, you're weird, you know that?"

Xiao Xiao was ready to ask the whole story. Mani looked around carefully to make sure there was no one else around.

Then she whispered nervously, "I can tell you the truth, but Xiao Xiao, you have to promise not to tell anyone about this."

Xiao Xiao was even more curious about the mystery.

"Okay, I swear, I swear to the lamp that I will never reveal what you said to anyone else. Not even Brother zhiyuan, is that okay?"

Mani nodded, thinking of Zheng Chenxuan's secret, hesitated, but finally said it.

"I borrowed the parenting book because Zheng Chenxuan has two children. My youngest son is just over a year old. I can't take care of him. Of course I have to learn."

Xiao xiao's head grew bigger when she heard the word "Child." She looked at the calm Mani with tongue-tied eyes.

It was as if it were the children of the five wangs next door, as if it had nothing to do with her.

Xiao Xiao couldn't help but shout in surprise, "Child? He has children? Or two? Are you out of your mind?"

Mani jumped up and covered xiaoxiao's mouth with his hands.

This girl is really not calm. She just promised not to say anything.

Mani looked around nervously. Fortunately, the dj in the nightclub was playing some loud music and his voice was deafening. No one should have heard Xiao Xiao's words.

Although no one could hear what they were saying, Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Chenyi noticed their strange behavior.

No, exactly!

Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Chenyi, who had been in the club this night, did nothing but stare at Mani.

Zhang Xinghao also stared at xiaoxiao from time to time in a daze.

"Are you the crazy one? Didn't you just say that you would keep your mouth shut? Why are you shouting so loudly for fear that others won't know I'm a stepmother?"

Mani saw that she was in a stable mood and gradually released her hand.

Just now, it was really close.

If people knew that Zheng Chenxuan already had two sons, Zheng Chenxuan would have cut her into pieces sooner or later.

Xiao Xiao looked at Mani with a look of heartache. This girl is really willing to fall.

In xiaoxiao's heart, there were two kinds of men she would never consider.

One was a man much older than himself, and the second was a second-hand man who had already married and had children.

Having a child is very frustrating. Zheng Chenxuan has two more!

Mani just got married and was going to be the stepmother of two children?

The sad scene made people want to cry.

Xiao Xiao seemed to have seen the state of life after Mani's marriage and sighed helplessly, "Mani, Mani, you really are! Well, in the end, it's all lin Tianyou's fault."

Xiao Xiao clenched his fists and cursed the scumbag with indignation.

Mani didn't feel anything about it.

This wedding, in fact, is not bad.

Two adorable little beauties and a warm Brother Chen Yi.

Not only that, the Zheng family's population was thriving and it was lively to get together on weekdays. Her in-laws and grandparents loved her even more.

In any case, she did not look like a wronged little wife.

Although Mani didn't care, Xiao Xiao couldn't help but feel sad.

She drank one glass after another and was already slightly tipsy.

Mani drank two glasses with her, but her mind was still clear.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at the time. It was already past eleven. It was almost time to go home.

Chen Xuan walked over and picked up Mani, "Let's go home."

Mani nodded dully and turned to look at the drunk Xiao Xiao. He was worried. "But who sent xiao xiao back?"

Zheng Chenxuan was going to let Zheng Chenyi drive xiaoxiao home. Before he could say anything, Zhang Xinghao rushed over and said, "I, let me take xiaoxiao home."

How could he miss such a good opportunity to be alone?

Mani frowned slightly. Zhang xinghao was willing to send xiaoxiao home. He should be grateful to him.

It's just...

Mani was a little worried.

She wouldn't be luring a wolf into the house, would she?

Zheng Chenxuan saw Mani's worry and warned Zhang Xinghao in a deep voice, "Send xiaoxiao home directly. If you dare to act rashly, see how I deal with you."

Zhang Xinghao smiled and nodded in response, "Yes, yes, yes. I'll send her back right away."

Just like that, Mani watched as Zhang Xinghao helped the drunk xiaoxiao into the car.

Mani was still worried until the car drove away.

The address has been told to Zhang Xinghao. Will he really send xiaoxiao back safely?

Other students were still partying in the nightclub. After zheng chenxuan settled the bill, he got in the car with manni.

Manni fastened her seat belt and saw that brother chen was still outside the car. She rolled down the window and waved at him, "Brother Chen Yi, drive carefully. Be careful on the road."

Zheng Chenxuan was upset by such a thoughtful gesture. Before the two of them could finish their conversation, he stepped on the accelerator and the car flew in and out.

Mani nervously touched his little heart and glared at him. "Drive well. What's the hurry?"

Such a rude attitude was in stark contrast to the gentle attitude towards Zheng Chenyi.

The more Zheng Chenxuan thought about it, the angrier he became.

Why should we treat them differently?

Not long after zheng chenxuan drove out, he parked his car on the side of the road.

Mani didn't know what was wrong with him, so he asked unhappily, "Why did you stop the car? Aren't you going back?"

It was already very late. It was almost twelve in twenty minutes.

Mani was really sleepy and wanted to go back to sleep as soon as possible.

After all these days of torment, she's really not in the mood.

Zheng Chenxuan didn't say anything. He suddenly turned around and stared at Mani with a burning gaze, but his eyes looked a little fierce.

Mani's heart skipped a beat when he stared at her.

"Hey, are you dumb or dumb? Say something. Why did you stop all of a sudden? What's wrong with you?"

Mani knew that Zheng Chenxuan was not easy to serve, but it was a good idea. Suddenly, what was going on?

Before Mani could finish his sentence, he was pulled into a strong embrace.

The next second, the thin lips were bitten to death.