Are You Sick?

Chang Manni felt a tingling electric current rush through his body.

Crazy, is Zheng Chenxuan crazy?

Mani tried so hard to break free from his arms, but he held her in his arms with his back, tighter and tighter.

Mani's lips were tightly pressed by him, and he rubbed them mercilessly.

A fiery kiss spread down manni's snow-white neck.

Mani was shocked and tried to push him away.

What's wrong with him?

Why did he have to go wild again?

Was it because it was too cold this time and wanted to hold her for warmth?

Mani was still gasping for breath as her powerful hands ripped open her collar.

Mani felt a chill and wanted to resist, but was swallowed by his lips and tongue.

The memory of that night vaguely surfaced in their minds.

That night, it seemed as if he had been so wild and presumptuous.

Mani suddenly felt afraid. She was ruthless and bit the corner of Zheng Chenxuan's mouth. A trace of blood flowed down the corner of her mouth.

Only then did Zheng Chenxuan let him go.

The corners of his mouth were still bloodshot.

She was really good at it.

Zheng Chenxuan wiped the corner of his mouth and looked at her coldly with anger in his eyes.

"Why did you bite me?"

Mani leaned against the back of the car seat, his hands folded around his chest, and his body trembled slightly as he roared, "Are you sick? You were the one who rushed over first and went crazy! I've already said that we're getting married by agreement. You can't do this to me if it's not necessary!"

The first time, he had no choice but to give him his body.

But this time!

Mani couldn't stand it!

Zheng Chenxuan was stunned for a few seconds.

He actually rushed over and forced a kiss on her?

She's Chang Manni, not An Yafu!

Was he really crazy?

Zheng Chenxuan slumped his head against the window, completely unable to figure out what he was thinking.

However, his initiative just now made him feel very embarrassed.

He said calmly, pretending to be indifferent, "I've done it once anyway. What's there to worry about? Besides, you're my wife."

With such an overbearing and unreasonable attitude, Chang Manni was even angrier.

"You're such a jerk, even more so than lin Tianyou."

She still had expectations for Zheng Chenxuan. She thought he was a good man, just cold on the outside.

But now, he really let Mani down.

Zheng Chenxuan was suffocating. He didn't like Mani comparing him to Lin Tianyou.

I just don't like it.

He kept silent in order to hide his gaffe.

It was a long time before he heard his hoarse voice ring. "I was a little drunk, that's why I treated you like that. I mistook you for another woman."

This time, Zheng Chenxuan lied again.

When he kissed her, he knew that she was Chang Manni, not An Yafu.

But now, to hide his embarrassment, he could only say so.

Mani sniffed.

There was still a hint of ambiguity in the air, but there was no smell of alcohol at all.

"You're lying. How can you drink? How dare you drive when you drink?"

I didn't expect Mani to expose Zheng Chenxuan's lies directly.

This made him feel even more humiliated.

Zheng Chenxuan suddenly opened the door and rudely unfastened Mani's seat belt.

"Get out of the car."

Mani was stunned.

What the hell?

"Why did you get out of the car?"

"I'll let you out of the car."

The two argued for a long time, and Mani thought that Zheng Chenxuan wanted to get out of the car and have a good talk with her.

In order to solve the problem as soon as possible, Mani had to get out of the car.

But before she could stand still, the car next to her left.

Mani looked in the direction of the car and took a few steps to chase it. He waved his fist and shouted, "Are you crazy? You left me here alone? Zheng Chenxuan, are you a man?"

But no matter how she shouted, the car drove away mercilessly.

Manni sat on the floor angrily, feeling aggrieved at every thought.

He took advantage of himself, was exposed, and left her behind?

This is not a man!

Zheng Chenxuan looked at Mani in the rearview mirror, distressed but helpless.

Anyway, he wouldn't drive back to pick her up.

Zheng Chenxuan just wanted to run away from what he really thought.

A cold wind blew, and Mani subconsciously rubbed his arms.

It was late at night and the wind was blowing. Sitting alone on the street, looking at the empty street, he felt a sense of grievance.

It's so late, it's not easy to take a taxi, and Mani's wallet is still in the car.

After thinking about it, she took out her cell phone and asked for help.

Mani hesitated as he flipped through the address book.

Who are you looking for?

Forget it for Brother zhiyuan. He should be very angry that he decided to marry Zheng Chenxuan on his own.

If Brother zhiyuan knew that Zheng Chenxuan had left her alone on the street late at night, he was afraid that brother Zhiyuan would go to the Cheng group and make a big fuss.

So, never call Brother zhiyuan!

Her fingers continued to slide and stopped before xiaoxiao's name.

Call xiaoxiao?

Forget it. Xiao Xiao was so drunk that he was unconscious. How could he pick her up?

In the end, all Mani could think of was Brother Chen Yi.

Although it was very troublesome for Brother Chen Yi, Mani really had no choice.

After the call was made, Mani said sadly, "Brother Chen Yi, that... I'm at intersection xx. Can you come and pick me up?"

Zheng Chenyi was very surprised, did not expect that manni would be alone at the intersection of xx waiting for him?

Didn't Mani get into Chen Xuan's car?

What exactly happened?

Chenyi didn't have time to think about it. He turned the steering wheel and drove west.

Ten minutes later, at the intersection, Zheng Chenyi finally found Mani.

She was dressed in a bright red evening gown, which stood out in the night.

Zheng Chenyi parked the car next to Mani and immediately took off his coat to cover her.

"It's so cold at night. Why are you sitting here alone? Where's Chen Xuan?"

The more Mani thought about it, the more aggrieved he became. His eyes were misty. "He's crazy. I said a few words to upset him, and he drove me out of the car without looking back."

Mani waited for more than 20 minutes in the same place. He didn't expect Zheng Chenxuan to be so heartless that he didn't drive back to look for him.

It's not safe for a beautiful girl like her to wander around the streets alone at midnight!

When Zheng Chenyi heard this, he was even angrier. "What? He left you alone on the street. It's already past twelve!"

Zheng Chenyi knew his cousin was cold and ruthless in business.

But he still knew the proper etiquette when it came to women.

How could he be such a jerk?

Mani was ashamed to speak about the cause of the matter.

Do you want to tell Brother Chen Yi that the two of them had a fight because they were dissatisfied with Zheng Chenxuan's initiative to kiss her?

Zheng Chenyi gently helped Mani into the car and helped her fasten her seat belt.

"I'll send you back."

That's good. He was willing to take her home in person.

But thinking of Zheng Chenxuan's cold face, Mani was a little repulsed.

Brother Chen Yi, I don't want to go back today. Can I stay at your house for the night?"