Do You Have A Girlfriend?

Chang Manni knew that his request was abrupt and rude.

As soon as she married into the Zheng family, she had to spend the night at brother chen yi's house.

Does anyone think this is too much?

Zheng Chenyi was very surprised, even a little flattered.

Mani didn't want to go home, which Zheng Chenyi could understand.

If she was thrown on the street by chen xuan, would other women be tired of that house and chen xuan?

Mani saw that brother chen yi had been in a daze and knew that he was being rude.

She smiled awkwardly, then explained softly, "Well... I actually wanted to go back to my old home, but the key is still with Chen Xuan. Or brother chen yi, you can take me to a nearby hotel for a night."

No matter where he went, Mani didn't want to face Zheng Chenxuan this night.

He really went too far.

The streets were a little deserted at night. After a few cars drove past them, Zheng Chenyi finally made up his mind.

"Let's go to my house. I don't feel comfortable sending you to a hotel at this time. Go to my place tonight and have a good night's sleep. I'll send it back to you tomorrow morning."

It was lucky for Zheng Chenyi to have the chance to be alone with Mani.

As for how things would develop between the two of them, Zheng Chenyi decided to let nature take its course.

If you can't control your heart, just love it. Mani and Chen Xuan got married by agreement anyway.

Two years later, after Mani's divorce, Zheng Chenyi was ready to pursue her and marry her.

Of course, those were the last words. After all, everything was unknown. No one knew what the future would be like.

Mani smiled shyly. "Thank you, Brother Chen Yi."

Zheng chenyi smiled gently and warmly.

As long as it was Mani's request, he would never find it troublesome.

As he drove back to the villa, he passed a 24-hour convenience store. Mani touched his stomach and immediately stopped.

"Brother Chen Yi, stop the car."

Zheng Chenyi immediately stepped on the brakes and looked at Mani in confusion, thinking that she was going to change her mind and return to Zheng family's old residence.

Mani just smiled and pointed to the convenience store on the roadside. "I just had two beers at the party tonight. I'm a little hungry. Brother Chen Yi, are you hungry?"

Zheng Chenyi nodded and opened her thin lips, "I'm a little hungry too. I'll go shopping with you."

Zheng Chenyi parked his car in the front seat and got out of the car to accompany manni into the convenience store.

Zheng Chenyi was the president of the Cheng group, but when he was studying in the uk, he earned a scholarship on his own and worked part-time at a convenience store during the winter and summer holidays.

Therefore, zheng chenyi was more down-to-earth than Zheng Chenxuan, and he was not as cold and arrogant as Chen Xuan.

Chang Manni looked at Zheng Chenyi with admiration, "Brother Chen Yi, you seem to know everything. You know everything."

Yes, Brother Chen Yi, who was so warm and approachable, could not be compared to that selfish and arrogant bastard.

Zheng Chenyi's smile was especially contagious. He reached out and touched Mani's head. He looked doting. "Take whatever you want. I'll buy it for you."

Mani nodded her head, feeling like a little princess who was loved.

Brother Chen Yi is the real boyfriend, max!

Mani bought some side dishes and a few bags of instant noodles.

So late at night, eating instant noodles with brother chen yi felt very romantic.


Zheng chenyi saw Mani pushing the shopping cart towards the checkout counter and asked her doubtfully.

I always feel that there are a few things in the shopping cart. Don't girls like snacks very much?

Zheng Chenyi stuffed a lot of snacks into the shopping cart, and Mani was a little sad and amused, "Brother Chen Yi, you spoil me too much. This will spoil me. And I'm staying at your house for one night, so I can't eat so much! You want me to get fat?"

If she really gained weight, wouldn't that Zheng Chenxuan guy hate her even more?

Zheng Chenyi curled his lips awkwardly, so he gave up the snacks in his hand and accompanied Mani to the cashier.

The two of them walked out of the convenience store with a good harvest. Zheng Chenxuan held the shopping bag in both hands and said nothing to Mani.

"Brother Chen Yi, it's not really heavy."

"Yeah, it's not heavy, so I can carry it."

Zheng Chenyi is really thinking about Mani all the time.

The two of them walked side by side in the direction of the parking space. Mani peeked at Zheng Chenyi.

This man, satisfied all the good things that she had imagined.

Gentle, kind, considerate and manly.

It would be great if the person he had arranged to marry wasn't Zheng Chenxuan, but Zheng Chenyi.

Mani shook his head helplessly and lowered his head, inevitably feeling a little disappointed.

Even if she and Zheng Chenxuan did not have an agreement to marry, even if her relationship with Chen Xuan was clear.

Brother Chen Yi wouldn't like her, would he?

She was just an ordinary woman who could not be in an ordinary place. For a group president like brother chen yi, the people she chose to date, especially the ones she married, were usually rich and wealthy, right?

Mani sighed in disappointment.

Zheng Chenyi noticed that the smile on Mani's lips gradually disappeared.

Not knowing what she was thinking, she asked with some distress, "Why do you sigh? Are you still angry about Chen Xuan?"

Mani shook his head and suddenly changed the subject, "By the way, Brother Chen Yi, Chen Xuan is married. What about you? When are you going to get married?"

Zheng Chenyi paused and looked a little flustered, but soon regained his usual composure.

"I haven't thought about it yet."

In fact, Mani was just trying to test what kind of woman Brother Chen Yi liked.

"Brother chen yi, do you have a girlfriend?"

Despite asking such a question, Mani speculated in his heart that Brother Chen Yi should still be single.

If he had a girlfriend, how could he allow him to spend the night alone with another woman?

And no matter what event he attended recently, Brother Chen Yi was alone.

Speaking of his girlfriend, Zheng Chenyi's lips curled up and a bitter smile appeared.

The first woman he thought of was An Yafu.

The woman who caused him and his cousin to go from being good brothers to strangers.

But now, he only had eyes for Chang Manni.

Zheng Chenyi answered Mani truthfully, "I don't have a girlfriend."

Mani was secretly overjoyed that he had guessed correctly.

"Brother chen yi, what kind of woman do you like?"

After pausing for a while, Mani finally mustered up the courage to ask such a sharp question.

Mani's hands intertwined uneasily, looking forward to it, but afraid to hear his answer.

"Well, let me see. I like women who are upbeat, cheerful, and honest."

The corners of Mani's mouth curled up with pride. Why does that sound like she was being talked about?

The type of woman Brother Chen Yi likes is really similar to himself.

Mani lowered his head, unable to help but feel a little shy.

But soon, he couldn't help patting his face.

"Really, you're flirting with yourself again. Brother Chen Yi didn't say he liked me."