44 She's Gone

Mani blushed and felt his head start to smoke.

She was leaning against Zheng Chenyi in an ambiguous position, and even Zheng Chenyi, who had always been calm, coughed uncomfortably twice.

"Are you hurt?"

Although Zheng Chenyi felt a fire burning in his heart, he suppressed the heat in his heart and patiently asked Mani if he was hurt.

Mani shook his head, but was more worried about Zheng Chenyi, "I'm fine, but it's your brother chen yi. You're not hurt, are you?"

Mani was even more embarrassed and at a loss. He was not very light. If he fell down, would he hurt Brother Chen Yi?

Seeing the embarrassment in her eyes, Zheng Chenyi smiled and touched her head, "Don't worry about me. You're light. I'm not hurt."

It was brother chen yi, always so gentle and kind.

He sensed Mani's thoughts and said these words to ease Mani's embarrassment.

Mani sat stupidly on Zheng Chenyi's body. After a few minutes, he realized that he had lost his composure and quickly climbed down from him.

"Look at me. I forgot. Get up."

Mani quickly reached out and pulled Zheng Chenyi up from the floor.

Zheng Chenyi noticed that the stool on which Mani was stepping slipped, and without much thought, he ran over and was willing to be pinned down by her.

Mani was naturally moved to protect her like this.

"Why don't you call me when you're not tall enough?"

Zheng Chenyi told Mani to stand still. He reached out and gave her two bowls of noodles from the cupboard above.

Mani's eyes sparkled with admiration.

A tall man is handsome.

Under such circumstances, it was more like her prince to take the initiative to help her!

Mani was in a trance. Seeing that the ramen in the pot was about to crumble into a ball, he immediately took the bowl and filled it.

Brother chen yi didn't notice the infatuation just now, did he?

The two set up their bowls and chopsticks for dinner, while Mani ate, carefully observing Zheng Chenyi's facial expression.

I don't see any ups and downs.

Isn't it delicious?

Mani asked nervously, "Brother Chen Yi, is it awful?"

Mani was very independent from a young age. She could cook in junior high school, and her cooking skills had never failed.

This time, was he too nervous?

Zheng Chenyi looked at Mani amusedly. Her watery eyes were filled with anxiety.

"It's delicious. It's the best ramen I've ever had."

Zheng Chenyi praised Mani's cooking generously, but Mani kept asking him in disbelief, "Really? Do you really think it's delicious?"

Zheng Chenyi nodded, "Of course, will I lie to you?"

Mani was relieved to hear what brother chen yi said.

But the thought of a bowl of ramen making Brother Chen Yi so satisfied made her heart ache.

"Oh, it's just a bowl of ramen. It won't taste too bad no matter how you cook it. Next time, I'll make you something delicious."

It seemed that the only way Mani could think of to repay Brother Chen Yi was to make him a regular meal.

After eating ramen and washing the dishes, Mani still didn't feel like sleeping.

She stood in front of the living room, staring blankly at the picture hanging on the wall.

Chenyi walked over and handed her the boiled milk. Looking at her staring at the photo, he was puzzled, "What's wrong?"

Mani regained his senses and shook his head gently, but couldn't help but wonder, "Is she Brother Chen Yi's mother? I saw her at the family gathering that day. She was really good at the fashion festival. But you don't seem to have much contact with your mother?"

Mani always felt that Brother Chen Yi was so lonely and lonely.

But he seemed to have gotten used to this way of life.

Speaking of his mother, Zheng Chenyi felt helpless and heartbroken.

"Mother is not easy. You know my father died early. So it was all mother who supported us. As the eldest daughter-in-law of the Zheng family, her mother had paid a lot and sacrificed a lot. That's why I haven't been close to my mother since I was a child, and she's always been very busy in my memory."

Mani nodded as if he didn't understand.

No wonder, the first time she met brother chen yi, she felt that there was something about him that resembled her.

It turned out that the familiar feeling was because of this, because he also lost his father's love early.

Thinking of it this way, she and Brother Chen Yi were really in the same boat.

"Eldest aunt is a very strong woman. But she should love you very much. How can parents in the world not love their children?"

Mani comforted Zheng Chenyi, but there was a hint of sadness in his eyes and brows.

She thought of her mother who had married far away to the united states. She missed her very much, but she had to learn to be independent.

In this regard, she really did not do as well as Brother Chen Yi.

Zheng chenyi narrowed his eyes and suddenly thought of a woman.

Perhaps all the loving parents in the world loved their children very much, but that woman had always ignored her two sons.

Perhaps for that woman, the child was just a means to marry into a rich family. A chip that she could do whatever she wanted.

"Not exactly. There are all kinds of people in the world. There are many mothers who don't love their children. Well, it's getting late. Go upstairs and get some rest."

Mani obediently drank the milk, said good night to brother chen yi, and then went upstairs to rest.

Although it was the first time to visit brother chen yi's home, it was a completely unfamiliar environment.

But this night, Mani slept soundly.

Two hours later, Mani's phone had been blown out of battery by Zheng Chenxuan's frenzy.

Zheng Chenxuan stood on the cold street, thinking that Mani was only wearing a thin evening dress, so worried that he couldn't speak.

The secretary still had no results.

Zheng Chenxuan had no choice but to call zheng chenyi for help.

The phone rang for a while. Zheng Chenyi looked at the number on the screen and was still hesitating whether to answer it.

If he didn't answer chen xuan's call, would that kid make a big fuss sooner or later?

After a while, Zheng Chenyi finally pressed the answer button.

"I need your help with something. Mani is missing."

Sure enough, as Zheng Chenyi had expected, Chen Xuan couldn't sit still.

He had a conscience and knew how to find the missing Mani.

Zheng Chenyi asked a few questions unhurriedly, "Why are you missing? How long has it been missing? Have you been looking for her?"

With Zheng Chenxuan's personality, he felt that everything about other women was unimportant except for An Yafu.

If he really didn't care, he wouldn't have been searching the streets all night looking for Mani, would he?

Zheng Chenxuan was silent for a while before making a helpless voice, "I had a fight with her. I drove away first and left her behind. I've been searching all night and still haven't found her."

Zheng Chenyi's face was solemn.

From his hoarse voice, one could tell that he had indeed been searching all night. His voice was full of exhaustion.

Zheng Chenxuan cares about her!

Chen Xuan cared so much about Chang Manni that he was willing to call him for Mani's help.

Zheng Chenyi's heart ached.

Could it be that the two brothers were once again fighting over a woman?