46 So Soon to Change His Love?

Manni and zheng chen looked at each other with countless feelings in their eyes.

Zheng Chenxuan couldn't stand it. He didn't want to show off the rhythm of love in front of Chen Xuan and Mani.

Does this woman see him as her husband?

Zheng Chenxuan dragged Mani down the stairs rudely.

Mani looked back at Zheng Chenyi reluctantly as he went downstairs and waved at him, "Brother Chen Yi, I'll go first. Thank you for staying with me last night."

Zheng Chenyi didn't go downstairs to see her off, just stood around the corner and smiled at her gently. His eyes were burning.

There was still a chance. Although her relationship with him felt helpless, it also gave him a chance to get closer to her.

Even if Zheng Chenxuan stopped it, he wouldn't be able to stop it.

After leaving the villa and getting into the car, Zheng Chenxuan did not leave immediately, but reached out to grab the white pajama in manni's hand.

"Give it to me."

Mani frowned, clutching the pajamas in his hands and resisting stubbornly, "No, this is Brother Chen Yi's pajamas. Why should I give them to you?"

Zheng chenxuan's angry face turned green.

Why must Chang Manni protect Zheng Chenyi?

Don't forget who you are. You are my wife, not Zheng Chenyi's wife. What? Less than half a month after you broke up with your ex-boyfriend, you fell in love with Zheng Chenyi?"

What's the difference between her and other vain women?

Zheng Chenxuan reminded Chang Manni, "You don't know Zheng Chenyi at all. Don't think he's the president of the Cheng group now. You can sit on everything if you hook up with him. Cheng group, sooner or later it's mine."

The hatred in Zheng Chenxuan's eyes was so strong that Chang Manni could not understand it.

It was a family, so why did Zheng Chenxuan hate brother chen yi so much?

Did something unforgivable really happen between the two brothers?

Mani still held on to the pajamas and refused to give anything to Zheng Chenxuan.

Chen Xuan took a look at the time. If he didn't go back, he would alarm his grandparents sooner or later.

He glared at Mani and turned the steering wheel with a cold snort. The car finally drove slowly towards Zheng family's old residence.

On the way home, Mani thought of what xiaoxiao said to her yesterday.

"By the way, a few elders of the family want to see you. My mother will fly back to the country this afternoon."

The wedding date was set, so mother and the others naturally came to talk about the wedding.

Zheng Chenxuan's face was cold and even a little bored.

He hated that things were too complicated and that he hated meeting Chang Manni's family.

"What? Don't want to see him? You were the one who asked me to cooperate with you and show off my love in front of grandma. Now that I need you to cooperate with me, are you tired of it?"

Mani could not stand such an unequal treaty.

Every clause in the agreement was in Zheng Chenxuan's favor. It was so silly at first. Why didn't you take a good look at the agreement?

Annoyed by what she said, Chen Xuan replied perfunctorily, "I'll tell grandma."

Sooner or later, the two families will have to face it. If they meet and chat, it will be over.

Anyway, they had already received the certificate, and Mani's family was against it at this time, so it was invalid!

Mani was still nervous and hoped that Zheng Chenxuan would do what he said.

She just wanted to be happier in front of her uncles, aunts, and mother.

As long as they are happy, they will not continue to worry about themselves.

The car quickly drove back to the old house. Mani took a look at the time. It was not even six o' clock.

Fortunately, they didn't find out.

Mani and Zheng Chenxuan walked in quietly. They crept upstairs and went back to their room.

After closing the door, Zheng Chenxuan grabbed the pajamas in manni's hands and threw them into the trash can.

"To spend the night at another man's house and bring his pajamas back?"

Zheng Chenxuan kept holding on to this matter, which made Mani very upset.

Didn't he just sleep at brother chen yi's house for the night?

Mani stubbornly raised his eyes and stared at Zheng Chenxuan. There was no guilt on his small, white face.

"Then let me ask you, who is the mother of the two children? Are you still in contact with that woman?"

Talking about that woman, that taboo topic.

The temperature in the room suddenly cooled down.

Zheng Chenxuan stared at Mani with an unhappy look in the corner of his eyes.

Mani met his gaze fearlessly. "What? Can't you answer? It looks like you're still in contact with that woman."

Mani knew that marrying him was just a cover.

Although she did not know who the woman was and why she gave birth to two boys for the zheng family, she still could not marry into the Zheng family.

But manni knew that Zheng Chenxuan didn't love her at all. If she didn't love her, why did she care? Why did she keep restraining her?

Mani's sharp question left Zheng Chenxuan at a loss for a moment and did not know how to answer it.

Yes, he couldn't say that he had to keep An Yafu's identity a secret.

Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Chenyi had promised to keep yafu a secret. If her private life was known by the Paparazzi, then Mani would not be able to survive in the entertainment industry.

So, none of them said anything.

"Well, since you can't answer me, I won't make things difficult for you. I'm just asking about your private life, so please don't interfere with my personal life."

Mani bent down from the trash can and picked up the pajamas.

These pajamas are made of silk. It's a waste to throw them away.

Zheng Chenxuan was so angry that he didn't expect Chang Manni to give him a hard time in the morning.

Leave her alone?

How is that possible?

She couldn't ask about his private life, but he had to control everything about her.

At around eight o' clock, the whole family ate together downstairs.

The old lady looked carefully at Chang Manni and Zheng Chenxuan, who were both bowed and silent.

These two kids have been acting weird ever since they came back from dinner yesterday.

Was there a fight?

Before the old lady could say anything, Zheng Chenxuan asked her for one thing.

"Grandparents, parents, and aunts. Mani and I are already engaged. I heard that Mani's mother's plane today should be able to fly home in the afternoon. A few elders who have been taking care of Mani also want to see me."

The old lady nodded solemnly and looked apologetically at Mani, "That's right. We've been neglecting this. You should have invited your mother and your family to dinner a few days ago. Let's make it tonight. Let's have a simple dinner together and discuss the wedding."

Manni remembered, but tonight, wouldn't it be too hasty?

Mani forgot that the wedding itself was very hurried.

"By the way, Mani, I took a leave of absence from school for you today. We'll go to the bridal shop and pick out our wedding dresses later. I wanted to make a unique wedding dress with you, but it was too late."

Chen Xuan's mother had already contacted the bridal shop, but due to the rush of time, she could not prepare more exquisite wedding dresses, which made Chen Xuan's mother somewhat regretful.

Mani didn't care much about it. The wedding dress was fine as long as it looked good.

What could she do? And let her wear a custom-made unique wedding dress?

This position will be given up sooner or later in two years.

"It's okay, mom. I'll just pick one that suits me."

From today onwards, everything will be on the agenda.

Wedding photos, wedding rings, invitations.

It wasn't until this moment that Mani felt real about getting married.