48 Try on the Wedding Dress

Zhang Xinghao lowered his head dejectedly. What else could he say now?

Zhang Xinghao didn't say anything and left the hotel in disappointment.

Xiao Xiao strode into the bathroom and turned the tap to its maximum.

Listening to the sound of the water flowing, Xiao Xiao picked up a pool of water and slapped it hard on his face.

She looked at herself in the mirror and cheered herself up over and over again, "Don't panic. No one knows about this. Just pretend that nothing happened."

Xiao Xiao restrained his trembling body, took a hot bath and went back to bed to continue lying.

She wanted to leave immediately, but her body was a little weak. Maybe she was too shocked by what happened last night. She had to calm down to leave.

Lying in bed, Xiao Xiao kept thinking about what happened last night.

But she really couldn't remember anything about that.

At this moment, the phone suddenly rang.

Xiaoxiao looked and saw that it was Mani.

If he didn't answer the phone, Mani would have been thinking nonsense.

Xiao Xiao calmed down and answered the phone.

"Oh Mani, you have to prepare for your wedding. Are you still going to class today?"

Mani did not hear anything wrong with xiao xiao's voice. She answered, "Xiao Xiao, grandma said that the two families will meet for dinner tonight. You should inform uncle later that they will be here by five tonight."

Xiao Xiao remembered the time well.

By the way, Xiao Xiao, my mother-in-law and I will go to try on the wedding dress later. You are my bridesmaid. Would you like to try on the dress with me?"

"Okay, I'll see you at the bridal shop later."

After xiaoxiao hung up the phone, she struggled to get up from the bed.

No matter what, she didn't want to ruin Mani's wedding because of herself.

She was going to be the most beautiful bridesmaid at Mani's wedding.

Xiao Xiao was worried about what to wear when the hotel attendant rang the doorbell.

Xiao Xiao opened the door and found a set of clothes in the waiter's hand.

"Miss Xiao Xiao, right? President zhang went to a nearby shopping mall and bought a set of clothes. He said that you would use them."

The waiter handed the clothes to xiaoxiao and left. Xiao Xiao looked at the clothes in his hand.

The brand is dolce cabbana's.

This brand of clothing is not cheap, but they all take the sweet route of ladies, Xiao Xiao still likes it.

That man, on the other hand, had a thoughtful side.

Xiao Xiao immediately changed and left the hotel with his bag.

In order to meet up with Mani as soon as possible, xiaoxiao took a taxi out of the hotel and went to the wedding dress shop.

Mani had already booked her as the bridesmaid, but what Xiao Xiao was curious about was who the best man would be.

After breakfast, Mani changed and was ready to pick out a wedding dress with her mother-in-law.

Grandma wanted to go with her, but she was going to have dinner with Mani's family tonight.

The old lady took this matter very seriously and did not want any neglect, so she stayed at home and personally supervised the servants in the kitchen.

Zheng Chenxuan lazily sat on the bench in the garden and read the newspaper.

He was a little anxious.

An Yafu hasn't contacted him yet?

The wedding day was getting closer and closer, and that woman was really calm.

"Let's go. You can take us there."

Zheng Chenxuan didn't want to go, but her mother-in-law insisted on dragging him over.

"You are such a child. Which husband in the world doesn't want to see his wife in a wedding dress? What are you hiding from? Try on the dress when you go. Also, Mani has arranged for the bridesmaid. Where's the best man? Who are you looking for to be your best man? Why don't you call your cousin?"

Her mother's words made Zheng Chenxuan's cold eyes tighten.

He would never let Zheng Chenyi see Mani in a wedding dress.

Although he would still see it on the wedding day.

But now, he was so selfish that he didn't want him to come over.

"Zheng Chenyi is not the only unmarried man. I can look for someone else. You don't have to worry about the best man."

Chen Xuan's indifferent attitude made her mother-in-law very helpless. She had to hold Mani's hand and said softly, "Child, Xuan er's temper is like this sometimes. Don't worry too much."

Mani nodded with a smile.

She's used to it, okay?

She had been through worse situations than this, and this little situation was nothing.

When they arrived at the wedding dress shop, Xiao Xiao had been waiting for a long time.

Mani warmly introduced xiaoxiao to his mother-in-law.

"Mom, this is Xiao Xiao, who grew up with me. She's like my sister."

Her mother-in-law looked at Xiao Xiao. Her daughter-in-law's friend was indeed so dignified and proper.

Xiao Xiao nodded her head and said hello, "Hello, auntie."

Her mother-in-law smiled sweetly and liked xiaoxiao very much. "Well, xiaoxiao is really beautiful. She's as pretty as our manni."

Being praised by chen xuan's mother, Xiao Xiao covered her face shyly and whispered, "Auntie, don't praise me. I'm shy."

The mother-in-law was amused by the children and couldn't help laughing.

Zheng Chenxuan sat there and waited with a cold face.

In any case, the harmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law made zheng chenxuan feel much better.

Thinking about An Yafu, he was always disliked by his parents and grandparents.

Every time he was caught in the middle, it was difficult.

Why did Chang Manni easily conquer their hearts for something Yaf couldn't do?

Mani and xiaoxiao went to the back with their mother-in-law to pick out wedding dresses.

Mani looked at the more than a hundred wedding dresses in front of her and was dazzled.

This wedding dress brand is a well-known international brand. Although these wedding dresses are not custom-made, each one is also unique and can be considered as a fine product in the wedding dress.

Mani finally chose a simple and elegant wedding dress.

"Mani, do you like this one?"

Mani nodded.

Her mother-in-law immediately asked the waiter to accompany manni to the fitting room to try on the wedding dress.

Ten minutes later, Mani walked out of the fitting room.

This wedding dress was really stunning on her.

Romantic word shoulder, revealing the sexy collarbone, but with a faint elegant charm.

The wedding dress was slightly clairvoyant, sexy yet sweet and innocent.

Her mother-in-law immediately clapped her hands and praised, "Beautiful, this wedding dress is simply tailored for you."

The shop assistant and xiao xiao couldn't help but praise him.

"Mani, it's really pretty. Especially the big tail design."

Xiao Xiao liked this extravagant drag the most.

Unique three-dimensional flowers scattered on the trailers, and the soft net fairy skirt was refreshing and elegant.

Mani was like an elegant princess walking out of the forest.

Innocent, fresh and three-dimensional, and so solemn and elegant.

Xiao Xiao felt that Mani was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen!

"I like this one too, just this one."

Mani decided to choose this wedding dress. Her mother-in-law smiled and then helped Mani out.

Inside the bridal shop, Zheng Chenxuan sat on a bench and looked down at his phone, not noticing Mani's presence.

Her mother-in-law coughed a few times unhappily.

Zheng Chenxuan looked up and his eyes froze.

There was a flicker of excitement and surprise in his eyes.

I didn't expect her to be so beautiful.

It was so beautiful that he didn't know what to say about her.

She stood there like a goddess, dignified and elegant.

It was a little sexy with a slight perspective, exuding charm and retro elegance.

Zheng Chenxuan looked away awkwardly and said coldly, "Not bad, just this one."