491 Was More Ruthless to Her

Mani had nothing to say. She knew that no matter how busy she was, she should pay attention to her words and actions.

Eldest aunt was right. She was the granddaughter-in-law of the Zheng family and chen xuan's wife.

So you should pay more attention to your appearance and dress.

Mani admitted her mistake to eldest aunt and left the office. Eldest aunt asked her to go to the Design department to pick out a dress and carefully put on makeup to get her hair done.

However, Mani was a little frustrated with his colleagues at the Design department.

Especially the design director of the Design department.

From the first day she worked at the company, the director had been unhappy with her.

I don't know if I'll get a nosebleed from borrowing clothes this time.

Mani came to the Design department with trepidation.

This time, she was greeted by the male colleague from the previous time.

"Mani, how did you end up like this? You will definitely be reprimanded by Wu Boss."

Only then did Mani realize that the employees in the company really knew their boss very well.

That's right, she was reprimanded from eldest aunt.

"Yes, that's why president wu asked me to come over and change my clothes. Please help me put on some makeup and get my hair done."

Maybe there's still dinner tonight.

The male colleague nodded and led Mani into the director's office.

The director only glanced up and saw that it was Mani. When he saw her dress, he couldn't help but roll his big white eyes.

Then he asked angrily, "I say you really don't know where this is? We have always been at the forefront of fashion. Look at the whole company, from the top management staff to the cleaning staff in our company. Even the cafeteria lady is dressed up in a new fashion. You, on the other hand, are clearly the granddaughter-in-law of the Cheng group and the wife of chen xuan and Vice president. Why are you dressed up so casually?"

Mani stood there helplessly for the second round of reprimand, and she knew that coming to the director's office was inevitable.

Yes, yes, she's the only country bumpkin here.

Her taste in clothes has always been good. Although she doesn't like luxury goods and expensive clothes, Mani will wear her own taste even if it is an ordinary brand.

It's not because I'm too busy these days that I'm not in the mood to match my clothes.

Mani had no choice but to explain his intentions. "The director said so, so president wu asked me to come over and condition the clothes."

The director grunted. Wu Boss had contacted him just now and asked him to personally help manni match a set of clothes and help her make up.

Mani was right, because there was dinner again tonight.

The director led Mani to the cloakroom behind his office.

When manni looked at the room full of clothes, she almost exclaimed.

It's so weird. Who would get a cloakroom in the back of their office?

Moreover, this cloakroom is full of classic and new styles from all the major luxury brands.

I have to say, the director is very proud.

The director looked up and down at Mani, then picked up some clothes from the hanger and measured them in front of Mani.

"Go put this on."

Mani went into the fitting room and changed her clothes. When she came out, she noticed that the director's eyes had changed.

The director immediately clapped and exclaimed, "Not bad, at least there are some redeeming qualities. Although you are not smart enough, your taste in clothes is a little bad. But fortunately, you are a natural hanger, and the clothes are really beautiful on you."

Her face was so exquisite and her body was so perfect that she could only wear these clothes for Mani.

Mani didn't know whether he was praising her or insulting her.

I always thought what the director meant was that she had no talent and was just a good-looking vase?

Because of her good figure, the director was addicted to it. He gave it to Mani one by one and asked her to call her clothes one by one.

He also asked the male colleague to take pictures of manni with a camera.

After more than an hour, most of the clothes in the fitting room were already worn.

Mani felt so tired that changing her clothes back and forth to let others take photos felt more difficult than letting her handle ten documents.

If the assistant hadn't come in to remind the director that there was an important meeting to prepare for this afternoon, the director would have asked her to try on all her clothes.

The director was in a difficult position.

How should I choose?

This one is not bad, and that one is very beautiful. Mani looks good in either one.

In the end, he chose a long black dress to change for Mani and took Mani to the dressing room.

"Dress her up."

The makeup artist nodded and immediately helped manni with her makeup. Mani was ready in less than half an hour.

Her hair was slightly curled on both sides of her shoulders, matching the exquisite makeup that the makeup artist had painted for her.

The director's eyes lit up and immediately gave a thumbs-up compliment, "It's so beautiful. This is Mrs. Vice president's demeanor and aura. Well, you can go back and report to Wu Boss."

Mani hurriedly bowed his thanks, then hurried back to the president's office downstairs.

Annie raised her eyelids and looked at Mani with a flash of surprise in her eyes. Then she said coldly, "Don't think that you can stand here just because you're pretty. There's no shortage of vases around Wu Boss. If our company wants to keep a vase, we can go to the entertainment circle and find some actors. Remember your identity and blame."

Mani knew that this was annie's personality, and it was probably because eldest aunt had taken a liking to her cold personality that she was recruited as an assistant.

After all, annie and eldest aunt were really alike.

Mani kept his accusations in mind and tried to keep up with the pace of others, trying not to take them off his back.

Mani had been severely sleep-deprived for the past few days and her head had been heavy. As soon as she finished today's work, she saw eldest aunt come out of the office.

"Come on, follow me to Jiang Nan Hotel."

Mani was right. It seemed that eldest aunt would not be merciful. He had to drink until he was unconscious today before he could go home.

Mani followed eldest aunt. After the two got into the car, eldest aunt specifically told her, "This dinner is very important. Turn off your phone and don't let anyone affect us."

In fact, eldest aunt didn't want chen xuan to mess things up.

If she wanted to force Chenyi to marry Yuyan as soon as possible, she could only do more.

Mani turned off his phone as eldest aunt said.

But tonight, Chen Xuan must be a little worried and anxious, right?

Mani just felt more guilty about the children. She hadn't seen them in days.

Yuanhang was fine. After all, he was older and more sensible. It was Xing Qi.

The child had been her biological mother ever since he saw her. Mami was not fit to be around. He would have to cry every day.

While Mani was still deep in thought, the car drove out of Jiang Nan Hotel.

Mani helped eldest aunt out of the car and they entered the private room.

The last time he was with the head of the tv station and the director was just a few people, but today's dinner was a bit too spectacular.