05 Meeting

Zheng Chenxuan decided to get married. His attitude changed so quickly that the whole family was caught off guard.

Chen Xuan's parents stared at their son in astonishment. Wasn't he not an yafu's wife?

His cousin and eldest aunt were smiling, but the smile in their eyes was more meaningful.

Zheng Chenxuan was very calm in the face of everyone's doubts. He just looked up at his cousin, Zheng Chenyi, who was sitting in front of him, and then his lips curled up slightly, "Don't worry, I'll marry her."

These eight words strengthened Zheng Chenxuan's determination to get married.

Zheng Chenyi looked at his cousin's decision, only feeling strange and confused.

After seven years of love, An Yafu could easily give up?

Now, Zheng Chenyi was more interested in the woman named chang manni.

But what he was more interested in was, what kind of woman was it that could get rid of An Yafu and make Zheng Chenxuan so obsessed with her?

Everyone present had their own thoughts, but Zhengjianainai was extremely excited, "Good, good, good. You are really enlightened. Where's the housekeeper? Go to manni's house and invite her over now. We need to talk about marriage. I can be at ease if we set the date earlier."

Grandma was worried that An Yafu would come and mess things up, so the marriage must be settled as soon as possible.

Grandma found all the information about Mani. Mani's father died five years ago and his mother remarried to the united states.

So Mani had to make her own decisions about the wedding.

The housekeeper had already left to invite Chang Manni over to discuss the marriage.

Grandma and grandpa were busy at once, and the whole family was excited. They were even more curious and looking forward to the upcoming Chang Manni.

Zheng family, it's been a long time since it was so lively.

Half an hour later...

The housekeeper went back to Zheng family's old residence in a panic. As soon as he entered the living room, he lowered his head and looked guilty.

Grandma waited and waited, looked and looked, but did not see Chang Manni following in. She could not help but wonder, "Where's Mani?"

The butler nervously wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and stammered, "Old madam! Miss Manni... Miss Manni said he wouldn't marry young master Chen Xuan. She also said that she did not mind and that young master Chen Xuan was not in charge. Then he kicked me out."

The housekeeper's words made everyone gasp.

That girl Chang Manni is so bold!

To refuse marriage directly?

You can imagine how ugly Zheng Chenxuan looked at that time, even though he already had someone in his heart. But there were so many women who wanted to marry him, and Chang Manni was so ungrateful?

Zheng Chenxuan stood up and walked towards the door, shaking off the words coldly, "I will convince her myself."

Looking at Chen Xuan leaving, Zheng Chenyi could not help but sneer, look at the back of his cousin leaving, nodded thoughtfully, and then stood up.

"Grandpa and grandma, I have to go first."

As he spoke, Zheng Chenyi hurried out of the mansion.

On the way home, Zheng Chenyi took out his cell phone and called his secretary, "In half an hour, we must find out all the information about Chang Manni. Also, show me where she usually goes and what activities are there? I want to see her as soon as possible."

After hanging up the phone, Zheng Chenyi could not calm down.

What was the role of that woman?

What kind of feelings did Chen Xuan have for her?

Zheng chenyi's frown betrayed his thoughts. He seemed more nervous about his cousin's marriage and relationship.

The secretary was really efficient. In less than half an hour, the secretary had already sent Chang Manni's detailed information.

Zheng Chenyi took a closer look and found some similarities between this woman and herself.

Soon, the secretary sent over Chang Manni's schedule for tomorrow.

"Ten in the morning, making cakes for the Welfare home kids?"

Zheng chenyi said softly, and his eyes were filled with surprise.

Zheng chenyi had seen too many people do charity work, but it was not uncommon for a kind woman like Chang Manni to stick to it all the time and do it himself.

It seemed like this was a good opportunity to get close to her.

Zheng Chenyi immediately told his secretary, "Tomorrow morning's important meeting will be postponed. Tomorrow morning, 500 pieces of children's clothing and stationery will be sent to the Welfare home by 9 am."

Zheng Chenyi seemed to have figured out how to get close to Chang Manni.

The night was over, and the sky was shining with stars and moon.

Zheng Chenyi drove through the night.

He was looking forward to meeting tomorrow.

The next morning, Chang Manni got up and began to prepare delicious desserts for the children of the Welfare home.

She was too busy in the kitchen alone to remember what happened yesterday.

At this moment, a phone call from her best friend pulled her back to the cruel reality in an instant.

"Mani, what are you doing? You didn't answer all the calls yesterday. Don't you watch the news or tv? Oh my god, you're angry now, you know? The school is boiling. Brother zhiyuan's worried sick about you, okay?"

Xiao Xiao called. Xiao Xiao and Zhiyuan's father was also a pilot. They grew up together.

They had long become friends with each other.

Chang Manni sat on the sofa in distress and rubbed his temples with a headache, "Xiao Xiao, how dare I watch the news? How dare I watch tv? Don't mention it, I'm really rotten! Forget it. We'll talk at school this afternoon. I'll be late for the Welfare home. Bye."

Chang Manni hurriedly hung up the phone and left with the pastry she had made herself.

But when he left today, Chang Manni felt a little strange. It was even more strange when they took the subway.

She always felt as if someone was spying on her from behind.

She was just a small character. Even if she had a room in a hotel after drinking, she wouldn't really be known all over the city, would she?

Chang Manni had to lower his head to avoid looking at others.

After ten minutes of suffering, Chang Manni finally walked out of the subway station and came to a Welfare home in the south of the city.

As soon as Chang Manni entered the Welfare home, he was surrounded by children.

"Elder sister Manni, what's in your bag? It smells good."

"Elder sister Manni, I want to eat cookies. Did you make them today?"

It turned out that the children were more looking forward to the cake in the bag.

Chang Manni smiled indulgently and then distributed the cakes in the bag to the children.

At this moment, the dean came over with a man.

Mani, you're here. Let me introduce you. This is Mr. Chenyi. He funded the Welfare home and brought new clothes and stationery to the children."

Mani smiled lightly and reached out to shake Zheng Chenyi's hand.

However, the moment his eyes met, Chang Manni was slightly stunned.

It was a face that was so heroic that it was suffocating. It had a slanting, straight sword eyebrow, and long, slender black eyes, adorned with a charming luster.

Standing in front of Chang Manni, her tall and slender figure made her look even more petite.

Chang Manni stared unblinkingly at the man in front of him. His clothes were flat without a single wrinkle.

This kind of man exudes a noble and elegant gentlemanly aura all over his body.

He should be a great person, right?

It's just...

Chang Manni could not help but squint his eyes. He always felt that this man looked so familiar!