50 Advance Invitations

The mother and daughter hugged each other with tears of joy. After a while, Mani helped her dry her tears and introduced her, "Mom, this is grandpa and grandma, this is parents-in-law. This is my husband, Chen Xuan."

Grandparents and in-laws smiled kindly. Seeing this family, Mani's mother felt at ease.

Zheng Chenxuan stepped forward and greeted softly, "Mom, this is Chen Xuan."

After getting married, she had to change her address, but Chen Xuan still felt a little awkward calling her mother directly.

Chen Xuan found out that manni looked like her mother. She heard that Mani's mother was a flight attendant.

Judging from her unique temperament, she should have been more beautiful when she was young.

Mani's mother was also looking at Zheng Chenxuan.

He was dressed in a stiff suit that was stylish and indescribably handsome.

I heard that Zheng family is rich and powerful, their son-in-law is handsome and charming, and their family is so kind and considerate.

Mani's mother was very satisfied with the marriage.

"Well, Mani is married to the right person."

Mother was full of praise for Zheng Chenxuan, and the two families had a good chat.

Mani couldn't help but curl her lips, "Oh, you know how to act. My mother was fooled by you."

Zheng Chenxuan was not as perfect as his mother had imagined.

It seems that the elders were also deceived by chen xuan's appearance.

Chen Xuan lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "You made me act more realistically in front of your mother."

"Yes, yes, yes. You did a good job. Thank you very much."

Mani responded angrily. Because her mother was here, she had to give Zheng Chenxuan a good look.

Unexpectedly, Zheng Chenxuan took advantage of the situation. He leaned forward and kissed Mani on the cheek. Then he teased, "Mom, Mani is so beautiful after you. When I saw her face, I couldn't help but kiss her."

Zheng Chenxuan's ambiguous words gave Mani goosebumps.

Oh my god!

It was completely unlike Zheng Chenxuan.

This acting is too reverse.

Mani's mother smiled from ear to ear. She didn't expect that Mani and her son-in-law had such a good relationship. She was really relieved that she loved him so much.

His mother's husband, david, came over and hugged Mani, then warmly congratulated her, "Mani, I wish you happiness."

Mani and david met a few times. He was a nice man, warm and straightforward. He was a responsible and responsible man.

It was because of this that Mani was relieved to let his mother marry him to the united states.

"Thank you, david, for taking good care of my mother in the future."

Everyone sat down and chatted. Mani's mother also brought some albums of Mani's childhood.

Zheng Chenxuan stood aside and looked. Mani was really cute when she was a child.

Her small round face was inlaid with two big eyes like black pearls.

As they chatted, the butler came in and announced, "Master, madam, Mani's family is here."

"Are you all here?"

Mani stood up excitedly and ran out.

Zheng Chenxuan had no choice but to continue following Mani.

The others entered the living room under the guidance of the servants.

Among these people, Zheng Chenxuan saw a familiar man.

If he remembered correctly, the man's name seemed to be Wu Zhiyuan.

It was a childhood sweetheart that Mani grew up with.

Sadly, Mani's eq was so low that she didn't seem to know Wu Zhiyuan's secret love for her.

"Grandpa and grandma, mom and dad, let me introduce you. They always take good care of my aunts and uncles. This is Xiao Xiao's parents, this is Brother zhiyuan's parents, and this is uncle Zhongnan."

The two families greeted each other and sat down to continue their conversation.

But the topic always revolved around Mani and Zheng Chenxuan.

With all the elders present, Chen Xuan had to hold Mani's hand and face everyone with a loving look.

Seeing that he was so patient with Mani, several aunts and uncles liked him very much.

"Actually, I was worried at first. After all, you are a wealthy family! I heard that Chen Xuan has a business mind and is also Vice president of the Cheng group. Of course we Mani are excellent, but I'm still worried."

Zhiyuan's father voiced his concern.

But when I saw Chen Xuan and you today, I realized that my worries were unnecessary. It was obvious that Chen Xuan liked Mani very much. That's good."

In the end, Zhiyuan's father was also subdued by Zheng Chenxuan.

Sure enough, everyone was deceived by his gentlemanly appearance!

Zhiyuan stood aside with a grudge.

How could a man like Zheng Chenxuan really like a woman?

But Brother zhiyuan had secretly investigated Zheng Chenxuan. His personal life was a blank, and there was no woman he had an affair with.

Neither of the Zheng family brothers had any gossip.

Only Zheng Chenyi had heard about it before with a famous actress.

Zheng Chenxuan looked really innocent.

The old lady found that the children were not very interested in their topic, so she let them go.

"Let's go play in the garden. We can talk about marriage."

Mani finally breathed a sigh of relief. It was good not to pretend in front of his elders.

Mani immediately took xiaoxiao's hand and went to the garden.

The two of them sat in the gazebo, drinking their drinks and eating their desserts. The breeze was blowing on their faces, and they could not be satisfied.

Soon, Chen Xuan and Brother zhiyuan came out.

But the two of them just stood far away from Mani.

Brother zhiyuan walked over and whispered something to Zheng Chenxuan, because there was a distance where Mani could not hear what they were talking about.

It's just...

Both of them had serious expressions.

"Do you really love manni?"

Zhiyuan asked in a cold voice. He would keep staring at Zheng Chenxuan. If he knew what Zheng Chenxuan had done to hurt her behind Mani's back, he would.

He would never forgive him.

Zhiyuan's eyes dimmed when he thought that Mani was already Zheng Chenxuan's woman.

There were many things that she missed because she didn't have the courage to do so.

Now, even if you have the courage to confess, you can't change anything.

Zheng Chenxuan looked coldly at the man in front of him, his stiff face showing a hint of wildness.

He smiled playfully, "What do you mean by that? Declare war on me? Or do you want to explain your relationship with her?"

Wu Zhiyuan clenched his fists, his eyes fluttering.

But thinking of the pavilion not far away, where Mani was looking at them, Wu Zhiyuan endured.

Mani was snatched by you before I could speak. Since you are your wife, you must always love and care for her. Don't forget, I'm always by her side. If you fail her, I'll take her away."

Wu Zhiyuan made a solemn promise in his heart that he would protect Mani, as he always did.

If this rich marriage really can't stand the test of time, he will take her away anytime and anywhere, and take her away from the shackles of this rich family.

Even if she was already chen xuan's woman, even if she gave birth to children for Zheng Chenxuan, he would not despise her.

Wu Zhiyuan's heart never changed.

"You've been by her side since you were little, and you've always liked her?"

Zheng Chenxuan put away his playful expression and looked serious.

Is a woman worth being loved by someone for so long?

Zheng Chenxuan couldn't help but think of An Yafu, who had been waiting for her for seven years.

Seven years could change too many people and things, but he stuck to it like Wu Zhiyuan did.

At that moment, Zheng Chenxuan seemed to see his own shadow in Wu Zhiyuan.

Wu Zhiyuan's voice was slightly bitter.

She thought I treated her like a sister. I thought I could propose to her after graduation. Maybe she and I are really fated together."

For nearly twenty years, he had not found the right time to say that I love you.

Now, what right do you have to say those three words?

Zheng Chenxuan looked at Wu Zhiyuan, who was so depressed, as if his heart was blocked by something.

Don't worry, I'll be good to her. I left first."

In the face of Wu Zhiyuan, who was so sincere and devoted to Mani, Zheng Chenxuan chose to escape guiltily.

Zheng Chenxuan turned and went upstairs. He went back to his study and asked the servant to bring some invitations.

"Young master, are you going to write the invitation personally?"

The invitation was handled by someone, but Zheng Chenxuan was so nervous that he seemed to care about the person who was invited.

Zheng Chenxuan nodded, then waved him away, "Go down. I'll call you if anything happens."

The housekeeper walked away wisely. Zheng Chenxuan spread out the invitation and wrote An Yafu's name on it.

Yes, this invitation was sent to hollywood in advance.

He was expecting An Yafu to attend his wedding.

Zheng Chenxuan's heart was in writing when there was a knock on the door.

Zheng Chenxuan thought it was the butler and said softly, "Come in."

The door of the study was pushed open and a man came in, but not the butler, but his cousin Zheng Chenyi.

Zheng Chenyi walked to the desk and saw the name on the invitation. He could not help but frown, "You invited An Yafu to your wedding? Was it intentional?"

If that woman showed up, then Mani!

There must be danger!