500 Fake Ones Really Can't

Chen Xuan thought that chen yi would get married sooner or later, so he could adopt a child after marriage.

If Chenyi and Yuyan were to adopt Meijia, they could meet Yuanhang often.

After returning from the Welfare home, Chen Xuan took advantage of Mani to take a shower and whispered in Yuanhang's ear, "It's done. The dean promised to keep Meijia."

Yuanhang hugged him excitedly and kissed him incessantly.

Daddy was great. He left Meijia as soon as he got out.

But the only regret was that elder sister Manni still didn't want to adopt Meijia.

While sleeping, Yuanhang and xing qi changed their positions. He sat next to Mani and let Xing Qi sleep next to his father.

After turning off the lights, Yuanhang made sure that daddy and Xing Qi were asleep, so he moved to manni's side and whispered in her ear, "Elder sister Manni, are you asleep?"

Mani was still awake. He lowered his head and replied, "Not yet. What's wrong? Can't sleep? Miss you, Mami?"

Yuanhang shook his head. What's the use of thinking about Mami?

Mami never seemed to miss him.

Little Voyage mustered up the courage to ask, "Elder sister Manni, you said you might leave? Will you leave me and Xing Qi in the future?"

This was what Yuanhang wanted to find out the most.

In the past, Yuanhang wanted An Yafu to come home as soon as possible, so he wanted Mani to leave the Zheng family early.

But now, Yuanhang only wanted her to stay and never leave.

Mani choked on his question and didn't know how to answer it.

This kid is so smart. He remembers everything he said before.

Yuanhang saw her silence and asked sadly, "If you don't answer, will you really leave? Why did he leave? Are you and my dad getting a divorce? Is my father not good enough for you? Elder sister Manni, can you not leave us? If my father treats you badly, my brother and I will treat you well, and we will treat you twice as well."

Yuanhang's request made Mani's heart ache.

In less than two years, the children could not leave her.

If it was time to part, she really did not know how to face the children.

Mani sighed silently. Was she going to continue lying to the children that she would always be with them?

But how could a child understand her marriage agreement with Chen Xuan?

Yuanhang hurriedly cried, "Elder sister Manni was always my fault. I didn't know how to drive you away. But I really like you now. I will never do that to you again. I'm fine. Look at how pitiful my brother is. He's so young that he doesn't even know who his Mami is. My brother likes you the most. Can you not abandon us?"

Yuanhang used the word abandonment, which almost broke manni's heart.

Yuanhang must have felt that he was abandoned without Mami, so he was afraid that he would abandon him again.

Mani hugged Yuanhang tightly in her arms, heartbroken.

In order to appease Yuanhang, she had to tell a white lie, "Okay, I promise you, I will never abandon you, okay?"

Mani thought that even after the two-year agreement expired, she and Chen Xuan were still friends and family.

Even if she didn't live in the Zheng family, she could always come and play with the children.

As long as the children were willing, she was willing to be their elder sister Manni and Mommy Mani forever.

Only when Yuanhang heard such an answer would he fall asleep satisfied.

He slept soundly that night, but Mani couldn't sleep.

This was the first time she had seriously considered her relationship with chen xuan and the children.

In fact, she also liked and began to rely on this feeling.

But that's an illusion. This is not a home, not a real home.

Mani knew that he was not the person Chen Xuan was looking for. A man who lost his most beloved woman must have missed Yuanhang and Xing Qi's mother the most.

He would never fall in love with him, would he?

In any case, Mani thought Chen Xuan was infatuated and listened to her.

Mani was in a daze until the middle of the night.

It was already past seven in the morning when she woke up. She didn't wake up the child and chen xuan.

He went downstairs to the dining room and had a quick breakfast before going to work.

She had gradually adapted to this fast-paced work.

She arrived at the office half an hour earlier than ann and eldest aunt every day. First, she helped eldest aunt prepare fresh lilies. Eldest aunt only liked lilies.

Then he helped her to tidy up her desk.

Half an hour later, when eldest aunt arrives at the office, she hands over another cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Eldest aunt was very satisfied with her performance. In three days, she had already familiarized herself with her habits and personal tastes.

Today, Mani was wearing a classic long dress from a certain brand, which was very appropriate with light makeup.

But he still looked a little weak.

But that's what eldest aunt wanted.

Today, the whole company was busy, and Mani was no exception.

After a quick lunch, he rushed back to his office to pick out the color cards he had chosen.

Ann complained less about her. After all, she was still very smart.

Fashion week was getting closer and closer, and colleagues from other departments were still working overtime after work.

In particular, Design department colleagues haven't slept for several nights.

Ann had a temporary flight to Paris, so all her work fell on Mani.

Eldest aunt was off work, but Mani was still struggling.

After some time, Mani looked up and found it was already past eight.

The people in the canteen must be off work. Mani didn't want to trouble Chen Xuan to bring the food.

She was going to order some takeout.

At this moment, a voice came from the elevator. Mani looked up. It was brother chen yi?

Brother Chen Yi came to see her with two bags of food?

"Brother Chen Yi, why are you here?"

Mani was overjoyed. She didn't expect brother chen to come before Chen Xuan came.

Chenyi knew that ann was going to Paris today, so he knew that Mani must be very busy and had to work until midnight.

Chen Xuan also wanted to come to the company to accompany Mani, but when Xing Qi had a fever, he stayed by the children all night and could only hurt Mani.

Chenyi also came here because he knew that Chen Xuan couldn't leave today and couldn't come to the company to accompany Mani.

"You must not have eaten yet, right?"

Brother Chen Yi took out the food he had bought and put it on the table. When Mani asked about the smell of the food, he felt his stomach growling.

"Brother Chen Yi, you really came at the right time. I haven't eaten yet and I'm hungry."

Chenyi smiled and lovingly scratched manni's little nose.