505 I'll Help You Chase Him

The last time she met brother Zhiyuan, Xiao Xiao had been sulking because she had ignored Zhang Xinghao for days.

Even when he was looking straight at him, he didn't look well at all.

Zhang Xinghao knew that Xiao Xiao was angry about Mami and Zhiyuan.

To make her happy, Zhang Xinghao also organized a company trip.

It could be said that the group tour of the company was all an excuse. He used the company as a cover and wanted to play with xiaoxiao.

In order to make xiaoxiao happy, Zhang Xinghao was still generous this time.

He paid for a trip to france.

Xiao Xiao didn't want to participate, and she wasn't in the mood now, but it was a corporate event.

It would be unreasonable not to save her alone.

Xiao Xiao had no choice but to take the suitcase and follow them onto the plane.

But after boarding the plane, xiaoxiao found out that everyone was in economy class, but she was arranged to be in first class, and she was still sitting with Zhang Xinghao.

Xiao Xiao asked him angrily, "What do you mean? Why did you put me here?"

What would everyone think of her?

The whole company was in economy class, and she was the only one around the president. Everyone would have misunderstood their relationship.

Zhang xinghao calmly ordered a glass of juice to calm her down.

"You are my secretary. Of course you have to sit with me. I know you're angry about Brother zhiyuan, but you're almost angry. I don't understand what you're angry about. Worried that Brother zhiyuan and mami will be together?"

As soon as zhang xinghao finished speaking, xiao xiao glared at her angrily.

She really wanted to pour the glass of water on his face.

"You are such a scoundrel."

Zhang Xinghao shook his head helplessly. "You're really funny. Don't you know who Zhiyuan likes? Don't you know Zhiyuan? You know that Zhiyuan's heart can't be shaken by mami, and you can't make Zhiyuan love her, but you're here worrying and sulking all by yourself. Can't you laugh?"

Zhang xinghao was right, and he saw it clearly. Zhiyuan would not fall in love with mamei.

Even if Mami did make a change in the end, and even if mamei used all the means, Zhang Xinghao was convinced that Zhiyuan would not be moved.

Because of this, Zhang Xinghao was sure that Mami had no chance and Xiao Xiao had no chance either.

Because Zhiyuan would never fall in love with xiao xiao.

However, he did not say these words. If he did, xiaoxiao would not pay attention to him for half a month.

Who made this woman hold such a grudge?

"I know, I know. I know brother Zhiyuan loves Mani. He will never fall in love with Mami. But I'm just angry. You don't know how good brother Zhiyuan was to mami that day. He didn't even believe Mami. In Brother zhiyuan's heart, Mani was first or second. I feel like I might be behind Mami now."

Mani's position could not be shaken by Xiao Xiao, but she still wanted to keep the second place. She couldn't even let other women take this position.

Hearing her say that, Zhang Xinghao couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Second or third, it's not the only one in Zhiyuan's heart. What's the point of fighting for this order?

Xiaoxiao was already upset. Seeing him smile so happily, she was immediately unhappy.

She turned her head and suddenly fell silent. Zhang xinghao called her name, "Xiao Xiao... Xiao Xiao."

But Xiao Xiao didn't want to talk to him at all. Zhang Xinghao took a closer look and saw that the girl was crying secretly.

For a moment, Zhang Xinghao also fell silent.

Oh, why is she so stubborn and infatuated?

Maybe he didn't want xiaoxiao to be so sad, but Zhang Xinghao took the initiative to say, "Forget it. I just like Zhiyuan. I'll help you."

This sentence intrigued xiaoxiao.

She wiped the tears off her face and asked doubtfully, "You want to help me? How can you help me?"

Mami had already told Brother zhiyuan that she and Zhang Xinghao were sleeping together. How could Brother zhiyuan still like her?

Now that I think about it, Xiao Xiao really regretted it.

Zhang Xinghao was helping out, "I'll help you, but you have to promise me that if he's still indifferent to you in the end, you can give up."

Xiaoxiao ignored him and asked, "What do you think you can do?"

"If I say I can help you, I will. Anyway, don't ask."

Zhang Xinghao didn't know how to help her either. First, she should create some opportunities for her.

But Zhang Xinghao also felt hopeless.

The main reason was that xiaoxiao didn't dare to confess. Maybe she had to confess. After being rejected a few times, she would give up completely.

Xiaoxiao didn't know if she could trust Zhang Xinghao, but he had so many girlfriends and had such a rich history of love.

Just trust him for once.

Otherwise, I'll call chen xuan and ask him to find an excuse to send Zhiyuan and Mami to work together. The four of us spent a few days together in Paris."

Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes after hearing this. What kind of good idea is this?

It's just too bad to be bad. Why did you bring Mami along?

The last thing she wanted to see right now was Mami.

Zhang Xinghao had no choice but to continue explaining to xiao xiao, "You don't understand. Anyway, you still have a place in Brother zhiyuan's heart. Didn't he treat you like a sister? Then you and I will continue to act as lovers, but you and I have a good and bad relationship, in short, high-profile has been attracting his attention. The most important thing for you right now is for him to notice you, right?"

Xiao xiao thought for a while, and it seemed to make sense.

The first choice was to get Brother zhiyuan to notice her.

"You've always been just a sister to him, and when you get closer to me, he'll realize that you're already a woman, a mature and sexy woman. No longer the little sister in his heart."

Xiao Xiao continued nodding, not to mention Zhang Xinghao's analysis.

However, Brother zhiyuan and Mami are not employees of Zhang Xinghao company. Can they come here in Paris?

Zhang Xinghao blinked proudly, "You're underestimating me! What's my relationship with chen xuan? That's my brother's relationship. I can make sure it's ok if I call him."

With that, Zhang Xinghao picked up the phone and called chen xuan to ask him for help.

"Chen Xuan, you asked Zhiyuan and mami to come to Paris. Xiaoxiao and I are here too. We have something to do. Anyway, just find an excuse to let them come to Paris for business."

Zhang Xinghao asked Chen Xuan for help, but Chen Xuan only replied coldly, "No."

A complete slap in the face.