506 Doesn't Give Him Face at All

Xiao Xiao had already heard what Chen Xuan said and rolled her eyes even wider.

What kind of brotherly relationship is that? Chen Xuan doesn't give him face at all, okay?

Zhang Xinghao had no choice but to continue with the ink, "Chen Xuan, don't be so mean, okay? You're the vice president of the Cheng group. Do me a favor and find an excuse for them to come to france."

Chen Xuan was curious. Why did zhang xinghao suddenly want Mami and Zhiyuan to go to france and Paris?

"What do you want to do?"

"Nothing. You want to train Mami. This is a good opportunity."

Zhang xinghao begged him for a long time, and Chen Xuan thought it would be good to let ma mei visit Paris.

Paris fashion week is about to begin, and eldest aunt is short of manpower, so it's good to ask Zhiyuan and ma mei to help.

"Give you face. I'll send them to Paris. They'll be there tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

The two agreed that after Chen Xuan hung up the phone, Mami and Zhiyuan were immediately arranged to fly to Paris to prepare for the fashion week.

Mami and eldest aunt had already said hello, although eldest aunt did not believe in mamei's ability.

But there should be some small things that can help.

Eldest aunt didn't like Mami, but he had to give her a chance to grow up.

Eldest aunt told them to go to the head of the local branch immediately after they arrived in Paris, and the head of the branch would arrange work for them.

Zhiyuan's trip to Paris with mami this time was not a simple task.

The people from the publicity department went there to participate in all kinds of big shows, mainly the big shows served by the two luxury brands under the Cheng group. They must participate.

I need to take more photos and write a few articles to promote it.

Mami was so excited after receiving the job that he went home to pack his bags.

And to spend a few days and nights in Paris with Brother zhiyuan, why was there an inexplicable excitement?

When she got home, Mami's mother was delighted to hear that her daughter and Zhiyuan were going to Paris on a business trip alone.

I also heard that this was arranged by her, second elder brother.

Mami's mother arrived at Mani immediately. Mani must have arranged this.

Mani really seemed to be helping to set up Mami and Zhiyuan.

"Bring a few more nice clothes. If you go to the fashion week, you have to look prettier."

Mami's mother wanted her daughter to dress herself up so that she could attract Zhiyuan's attention.

Because she was the little princess of the family, her first business trip, the family prepared a lot of necessities for her, what cold medicine, gastroenteric medicine, and a suitcase of beautiful clothes.

At night, Mami called Zhiyuan for help.

"Brother zhiyuan, how many suitcases do you have with you?"

"One, one is enough."

"Ah? My mother prepared three suitcases for me. It's a little too much, isn't it?"

Zhiyuan was a little helpless. Maybe the family loved Mami too much.

"That's too much. We're only going for a few days. Just two."

After Mami put down the phone, she rearranged her suitcase and brought two suitcases as Zhiyuan said.

The next morning, Zhiyuan took a taxi to Zheng family's old residence to pick up mamei to the airport.

Mami's mother dragged Zhiyuan into the house to sit for a while.

When the old lady and the old man saw Zhiyuan coming, they also came out to talk to him.

"This is Mami's first overseas business trip since she started work at the company. She's still a newcomer and doesn't know anything. You'll probably be very tired taking her with you this time."

Zhiyuan smiled and thought that she was fine and could handle it.

Mami's mother, on the other hand, was a little worried, "This child still doesn't pass the english test. She hasn't been very good at english in australia all these years. And she's been pampered since she was a child. I'm afraid she'll get lost. You have to keep an eye on her."

Zhiyuan nodded. Since he took her abroad on business, he had to keep an eye on her and not lose her.

Chen Xuan and eldest aunt were very considerate about paying for their plane tickets and accommodation, as well as all the taxi fare and food expenses.

It was equivalent to two people going to Paris without spending money, but only if they finished their work first.

After a while, Mami finally dragged two suitcases downstairs.

Mami's mother saw that her daughter had one less suitcase and asked, "Look at you, this child is a mess. You have one less suitcase."

Mami's mother was just about to ask the housekeeper to help take the suitcase down, and Mami immediately stopped the housekeeper, "No need to go." Then he turned to his mother and explained, "Brother Zhiyuan said it's too much trouble to carry so much luggage. Two suitcases are enough."

Mami's mother thought Zhiyuan had a way. Mami would listen to what he said.

In this way, she was relieved.

Knowing that Chen Xuan and sister-in-law would reimburse all the expenses, Mami's mother still stuffed her with a card.

Worried that she would be wronged there.

"Okay, mom, I'm not worried about Brother zhiyuan following me. We're going to be late. Let's go first."

Worried that they would be late at the airport, the two of them got into a taxi and left.

Seeing her daughter so positive, Mami's mother burst into tears with excitement, "Mom, you see, Mami has really become quite good."

The old lady nodded her head in relief. Yes, Mami had changed when she heard one.

That's good.

It would be even better if Mami and Zhiyuan could get together.

Mami and Zhiyuan had already left, and Chen Xuan had informed Zhang Xinghao.

Zhang xinghao took his employees to a five-star hotel in downtown Paris.

After receiving the news, Zhang Xinghao went straight to Xiao Xiao's room.

Xiao Xiao's room was right across from him anyway.

"Your Brother zhiyuan has already left. They are mainly here to work. Paris fashion week is about to begin. You know the two luxury brands owned by Cheng group."

Xiao Xiao nodded. Who wouldn't know?

One of the eight major clothing brands in the world, these two clothing brands have quite a reputation.

"Of course they're going to have a show here at Paris fashion week. It's still a show. Zhiyuan and mami were sent by the publicity department to take photos and interview the big models on the runway. It's not a lot of work. It'll take two or three days."

Xiao Xiao nodded. She was here to work. How could she attract Brother zhiyuan?

My relationship with chen xuan, there's no problem going to the front row to watch a show. And your Brother zhiyuan will be in the front row."

In this way, Brother zhiyuan would naturally see it.

Xiao Xiao couldn't help but give Zhang Xinghao a thumbs-up. Not to mention, he had a good brain when he needed him.

That's right, Brother zhiyuan would be surprised to see her at the show.

She was going to surprise Brother zhiyuan.

It would be even better if I could get rid of that annoying Mami.

However, there was no choice. Xiao Xiao could only endure it for a while if Brother zhiyuan and mami were partners.