508 Do You Still like Me?

Xiao Xiao nodded thoughtfully. "Oh, then you still like me."

"Yes, I've always liked it. Why?"

"It's nothing. I just find it strange that you still like me. I like it as much as before, so why did you help me chase Brother zhiyuan? If I catch up with Brother zhiyuan and Brother zhiyuan and I end up together, what will you do?"

Zhang Xinghao never thought of such a question, because he felt that xiaoxiao could not catch up with Zhiyuan.

Somehow, Zhang Xinghao was so confident that she thought Zhiyuan would never fall in love with xiaoxiao.

On the other hand, Zhang Xinghao also wanted Xiao Xiao to be happy. If she wanted to get in touch with Zhiyuan, he would give her the chance.

At the end of the day, she had completely failed. Sooner or later, she would see Zhiyuan's heart.

If she was afraid, she would not look back at him.

Zhang Xinghao was silent for a while and looked at her with a gentle gaze. "Isn't loving someone supposed to make her happy? So I'll give you a chance to pursue your happiness. But xiaoxiao, you have to remember that if you can't catch up with your happiness in the end, I will never let go of my hand and let you leave me."

The implication was that Zhang Xinghao would only help xiao xiao this time and only give him this chance.

If Zhiyuan couldn't, he would never allow xiaoxiao to fall in love with another man.

Xiao Xiao didn't take it seriously. How much could he believe?

She believed that zhang xinghao would help her, but she did not believe that zhang xinghao would always love her.

In fact, even Zhang Xinghao himself should not have this confidence, right?

"Gee, even if I can't catch up with Brother zhiyuan in the end, I won't be with you. You might fall in love with another woman by then. Who can make it clear about love?"

Zhang Xinghao shook his head bitterly.

She might as well not believe herself. What could Zhang Xinghao explain?

The only thing he could do was to give time to test his true feelings for xiao xiao.

Xiao Xiao looked at the night sky in Paris and felt that he was about to get drunk. There were two days left and he could meet Brother zhiyuan in two days.

In this romantic capital, she hoped that Brother zhiyuan and she could develop a romantic memory that belonged to both of them.

"Zhang Xinghao, you must help me then. I want to be alone with Brother zhiyuan."

Zhang Xinghao laughed coldly, but still agreed, "Okay, I'll arrange all kinds of opportunities for you."

Whatever she wanted, Zhang Xinghao would try to satisfy her.

In china, Mani woke up in the morning to pick out the clothes for work today as usual.

After all, eldest aunt was a very tasteful person, and she could not make any mistakes in her dress.

Chen Xuan saw her hesitating in front of the wardrobe, smiled, and then took out a casual shirt from the closet and handed it to her, "You should wear this one for a few days."

"This one? Are you kidding me?"

Mani was dumbfounded. Eldest aunt would not allow herself to appear in front of her in such clothes.

Eldest aunt hated wearing casual clothes.

Chen Xuan rubbed Mani's hair helplessly and threw the clothes on her, "Eldest aunt asked me to let you know that you have been free recently. She will give you a week off so you can have a good rest."

Mani stood there stupidly, thinking that he had heard wrong.

Eldest aunt, eldest aunt, who was so strict that he called her when she was in the hospital and told her that she had to go to work the next day, actually gave her a week off?

Is that possible?

How is that possible?

Mani walked to chen xuan and pinched his arm. Chen Xuan gasped in pain. "What are you pinching me for?"

"Am I dreaming? Are you kidding me? Or is it april fool's day?"

Mani even wondered if he was hallucinating.

Or was he dreaming?

Looking at his wife's silly appearance, Chen Xuan patted her face painfully. "Poor man, eldest aunt's torment is turning her into a mental illness! I'm not joking, you're not dreaming, and today is not april fool's day! I'm serious. Eldest aunt really said he wanted you to take a week off."

Mani still couldn't believe what he heard.

The company is so busy now, will it really give her a week off?

Mani reflexively found his phone and called eldest aunt.

Eldest aunt wondered why Mani called her personally.

After answering the phone, eldest aunt's cold voice came from the microphone, "Is something wrong?"

Such a cold voice pulled Mani back from her fantasy, but she hesitated and asked cautiously, "Eldest aunt, Chen Xuan said you gave me a week off? I just wanted to call you to confirm. Is it true?"

"Of course it's true, or what do you think?"

Eldest aunt's attitude made Mani dizzy.

He had to send her to south africa yesterday, and he had been working late into the night the other day.

Even when she was sick and had to work, why did she suddenly treat her so well?

Mani glanced at Chen Xuan. Could it be that chen xuan saw that he had worked too hard and ran to plead with eldest aunt so that she had to give herself a break?

Mani said awkwardly, "Eldest aunt, did Chen Xuan tell you something? I'm fine. I can go back to work. You don't have to give me this special treatment."

Mani remembered that he was now an ordinary employee of the company and could not have such special treatment.

If all the overtime colleagues knew that she had been slacking off alone for a week, they would hate her to death by the time she got to work.

Instead, Mani would rather work a little harder on his own.

Eldest aunt frowned. Why is this girl so stubborn?

"I'll give you special treatment? Do you think I need to give you special treatment?"

Eldest aunt was still so vicious, so ruthless to hit Mani, so she did not know how to answer for a moment.

It didn't seem like she needed any special treatment.

But would he at least help Chen Xuan out for her sake?

Seeing that she was silent, eldest aunt continued, "You didn't lose anything by taking a week off. It was your body that made things difficult for us, but it was helpful for you to go home and rest."

Eldest aunt also wanted to comfort Mani and let her rest at home, but his words were more hurtful.

Mani was a little disappointed. Was he really that bad? Has been causing trouble for everyone?

He's been doing pretty well lately.

Eldest aunt had no choice but to force himself to soften his tone, "Mani, you've been through a lot lately. Rest well for a week before coming back to work."

It was rare for eldest aunt to say a gentle word, so Mani had to nod and say thank you before hanging up.

Chen Xuan grabbed her phone helplessly and waved it in front of her. "Don't be silly. Eldest aunt didn't mean anything else. Just let you rest when you're tired. Don't think too much."