509 Looking Forward to Another Pair

It's good to be like this, just take a long vacation for yourself.

After adjusting, she went back to work, trying to keep eldest aunt from worrying about herself.

Mani finally smiled and rolled back and forth comfortably on the bed, "Ah, it's better to take a vacation."

This rare holiday is really a good time to come.

Chen Xuan looked at Mani's relaxed face, but his heart ached for her.

It won't be a few good days. Soon, the news of Brother Chen Yi and Yuyan's marriage will spread, and the wedding will be held next month.

She still seemed to think that she was okay, but on the day of the wedding, she saw the man she liked and her good sister enter the palace of marriage.

She must not be in a good mood.

Chen Xuan also fell on the bed, face to face with her very close, "How do you plan to allocate this week's vacation? Or are you tired and resting at home today?"

Mani thought about it. It was boring to sleep at home all the time.

"Let's take Xing Qi and Yuanhang to kindergarten first, then. Well, do you want to go home and accompany your parents and grandparents?"

Mani didn't even notice a detail. She used to say that Chen Xuan's parents always said your parents, but now that the word "You" has been removed, she is used to saying" parents."

Chen Xuan noticed all the small details. He smiled and said dotingly, "Okay, then I'll tell my parents earlier if I know you're going home. Mom and dad have to get ready."

Every time Mani came home, Mani's parents-in-law would prepare all kinds of gifts for her, either clothes or designer bags, and her grandparents would personally wrap a big red envelope for her.

Now her aunt also loved Mani very much. If she knew that Mani was coming home for dinner today, she would be busy making a good meal for her.

Chen Xuan took her hand in a heartbroken and grateful way, "Good for you to go back. Mami and Brother zhiyuan left for paris yesterday for a business trip. It would take a few days to come back, and the house must be deserted. Grandpa and grandma must be bored. They'll be very happy if you go back this time."

Mani already had a plan, "That's great. I have a week off anyway. Otherwise, we'll stay at my grandparents' house for three days, and then we'll go home for the next four days. In the afternoon, when Xing Qi and Yuanhang finished school, we went to the kindergarten to pick them up to grandma's house. Grandma hasn't seen the children in a long time."

Mani enjoyed having a family together, especially a big family like the Zheng family.

She was very close to her grandparents and parents-in-law, and now Chen Xuan's aunt doted on her.

So whenever he had time, Mani wanted to go back to live with them and spend more time with them.

But Mani was worried that Chen Xuan would be on vacation with her all the time. Was that really okay?

Are you sure it doesn't matter if you don't go to the company? It's too headstrong for you to rest when I'm so busy with work."

Chen Xuan smiled disapprovingly, "I'm the vice president. Who am I afraid of? I can go to work if I want to. And I can work from home."

"Well, that's settled then."

Chen Xuan nodded, feeling more and more happy that this day had passed.

After washing up, the children rushed into the bedroom and saw Mani and Chen Xuan lying on the bed. The two little guys jumped onto the bed, and Xing Qi lay directly on Mani's stomach.

Yuanhang also lay between Mani and Chen Xuan.

"You, elder sister Manni, have a holiday today. You have to rest for a week. Starting today at your great-grandmother's house, how about staying for about three days?"

As soon as the children heard that Mani was going to rest for seven days, they were so excited that they jumped on the bed and refused to stop.

No matter where the children were, they felt satisfied with manni by their side.

Mani unconsciously raised the corner of his mouth. This scene was indeed too happy.

When the butler came in to deliver the juice, he immediately took a picture with his cell phone.

He didn't want to take photos secretly, but he felt that the family of four was really warm at this moment.

The housekeeper sent the photo to Chen Xuan, and Chen Xuan sent it to his mother and grandmother.

The old lady knew that the Mani family was coming to stay at home for three days and immediately asked the housekeeper and servants to start cleaning the room.

Mani and Chen Xuan lived in the bedroom before Chen Xuan, and the two children followed, so the old lady asked the housekeeper to prepare another room.

Chenyi's aunt knew that Mani was coming, so she had the driver drive her to the supermarket in the morning.

Chen Xuan's two children were cute and likable, and Chenyi's aunt was going to buy some snacks for the children.

Chen Xuan's mother helped the old lady to take a walk in the yard. "Mani is really thoughtful. He just spoke to chen xuan on the phone. He said that Mani offered to take the children home for a few days during the holidays. Maybe he's afraid that we'll be lonely."

Indeed, it was a little too lonely to be home so big but the children were not at home.

The old lady nodded and smiled in relief.

"Mani has always been very thoughtful. I don't know what your sister-in-law is up to, but it looks like everything has been settled. She shouldn't be so harsh on Mani anymore."

Naturally, it would be the best.

"Sister-in-law should have her own ideas for doing this. Mani has survived anyway."

Chen Xuan's mother-in-law was relieved that her sister-in-law could be nicer to manni.

The old lady counted the days. "It's been a few months since Mani got married."

"Yeah, so it's been four or five months."

The old lady nodded and smiled, "I don't want to rush them, but I want to hold a great-granddaughter as soon as possible. Look, Xuan er has two boys, and a daughter is perfect. Just a daughter."

The old lady liked girls so much that Chen Xuan's mother couldn't help but cover her mouth and smile.

Yes, they were in a hurry to get pregnant, but there was no way to hurry manni.

After all, the children haven't been married for a year yet, so they shouldn't be under too much pressure.

Chen Xuan's mother was afraid that the old lady would not be able to calm down, and she repeatedly told her, "Mom, don't pressure her when Mani comes later. How tired was the child a while ago? Wait and see. It usually takes six months to a year to have a child. Anyway, Mani is still young. You can definitely carry your great-granddaughter."

The old lady also felt that she was too anxious.

I can't wait for Mani and Chenyi.

Thinking that Chenyi was getting married soon, the old lady smiled from ear to ear. "I think my great-granddaughter and great-grandson should be able to hug soon. After all, chen yi and yu yan are getting married soon. I hope Yuyan's first child is a boy."