510 If She Had Married Anya Fu

Mani and Chen Xuan helped the children change their clothes. After Mani personally fed xing qi breakfast, the family of four got into the car.

Xing Qi was in a good mood and kept humming a tune. Yuanhang was even more excited.

Mani could not help but pinch Yuanhang's little face and tease him, "Yuanhang, why are you so happy today?"

Yuan aerospace really smiled and said sweetly, "Every time I go to kindergarten, the butler uncle sends me there, but other people's children go to kindergarten every morning because their parents send them there. Her parents also picked her up after school. Only Xing Qi and I can only be picked up by the butler's uncle."

So, it turned out that Yuanhang was the one who looked at other people's children every day, and was a little envious of them.

Today, he was also sent to kindergarten by his parents, so he was naturally happy.

Chen Xuan glanced at Mani. As a father, he didn't know what the child was thinking, let alone Yuanhang's thoughts.

If Mani hadn't asked him this question today, Chen Xuan would never have known that his son envied others the most.

What about giving him a carefree life?

All he needed was the company of his parents.

Mani was a little sad, she promised like a child.

"I'm working at your aunt's place now, and you know that your aunt's company is very busy. I can't promise to come and see you off or pick you up every day. But as long as I have time, I will come and pick you up personally, okay?"

With her words, Yuanhang felt very satisfied.

He nodded sensibly and rested his head in Mani's arms.

At this moment, An Yafu's position in Yuanhang's heart was getting smaller and smaller.

Mani caressed Yuanhang's little head dotingly. The child was getting closer and closer to him.

After a while, the car drove to the kindergarten.

Mani and Chen Xuan got out of the car at the same time. Mani held Xiao Xingqi in one hand and Little Voyage in the other.

The teacher who greeted them at the door was surprised to see that manni and Chen Xuan had personally sent the children over today.

"Zheng Boss, Mrs. Cheng, why are you here to see the children off today?"

Mani smiled and nodded to the teacher. How was it? Is Yuanhang still obedient in kindergarten?"

The teacher touched Yuanhang's head and praised him, "Of course, Yuanhang is smart and sensible. He used to be a little cold and unsociable, but now he gets along well with the children."

In this way, Mani was relieved. She was not worried about anything else, but worried that Yuanhang's personality had followed Chen Xuan.

So cold and so proud, it's strange to make friends.

Fortunately, his father, chen xuan, had changed, and now the child's character was getting warmer and warmer.

Yuanhang Mani was not worried, but the little one in his arms was a little mischievous.

"Our xing qi is still young. He must cry a lot in kindergarten, right?"

Hearing manni say this, Xing Qi shyly buried herself in her arms.

The teacher not only smiled but also said, "I cry a lot. I cry to find my mother, but after all, the child is only two years old and still young. Actually, Xing Qi did very well."

Mani talked to the teacher like the child's biological mother, asking about the children's current situation, and asking the teacher to pay more attention to their children.

Such a kind scene was captured by other parents on their cell phones.

After all, what were the identities of Chen Xuan and Mani, who personally sent their children to kindergarten, should have sent the photos online.

It was almost time for class when Yuanhang and xing qi kissed Mani on the face and then followed the teacher into the kindergarten.

Mani was reluctant to leave and stood at the entrance of the kindergarten until the children were sent into the classroom by the teacher. Chen Xuan held her hand and left.

After getting into the car, Mani couldn't help but sigh, "I'm telling the truth. Although I don't know what kind of person the woman you liked before was, I think she must be very outstanding. Otherwise, they wouldn't have given birth to such cute and sweet children as Xing Qi and Yuanhang."

Mani didn't mean anything else. He just wanted to show respect to the woman before chen xuan.

Chen Xuan looked a little embarrassed.

An Yafu?

That woman was no good.

The reason why the children were so obedient and sensible was not because Anya fu was born well, but because Chang Manni taught them well.

Chen Xuan wasn't talking, but drove to Zheng family's old residence.

When they arrived, the old lady and chen xuan's mother were basking in the sun in the garden.

The weather has been good recently, and the old lady often watches the flowers and basks in the sun in the garden.

After Mani and Chen Xuan came back, the smile on the old lady's face never stopped.

"Mani, you child, I haven't seen you for a long time. Let me see. Have you been working too hard lately?"

Mani smiled and hugged the old lady, "Grandma, I'm dying. It's been really hard lately, but it's all worth it."

The eldest daughter-in-law went too far with the child, and the old lady thought that Mani would complain to her after meeting her.

But unexpectedly, although Mani admitted that it was hard, he smiled and said that all the hard work was worth it.

Young people nowadays, where else can we find a pragmatic child like Mani?

Grandma patted Mani on the back and praised her little granddaughter-in-law with relief, "Good boy, it's not for nothing that I love you. You, eldest aunt, that person has always been like this. That's how she works. If she's not really making things difficult for you, don't take it to heart."

Grandma knew that Mani was wronged and that a child who didn't drink much had been sent to the hospital. She could imagine how hard she drank when she went out to accompany her for dinner those two days.

But the old lady didn't want to cause any estrangement between Mani and her eldest daughter-in-law.

Mani nodded sensibly, "Grandma, what are you talking about? Naturally, eldest aunt won't make things difficult for me. I went to eldest aunt's and found that eldest aunt's work was really fast and powerful. But the other colleagues could keep up, but I couldn't. This means that this is a matter of my personal ability. And I'm not really good at clothes. But grandma, what I'm doing is okay, and I can keep up with everyone."

Under eldest aunt's strict guidance, she had indeed made rapid progress.

So Mani never hated eldest aunt.

Mani was so sensible, not to mention the old lady, even chen xuan's mother was very satisfied.

Needless to say, his son did marry a good wife.

If it were An Yafu, he would have held a grudge in his heart.

That woman was so scheming that she almost married into the Zheng family.

Thinking of this, Chen Xuan's mother felt a little scared.

If Chen Xuan wasn't with Mani, if Chen Xuan really married An Yafu, the Zheng family wouldn't know what it was like.

I guess this family property will be lost by her sooner or later.