511 I Will Marry You

Every time she thought about it, Chen Xuan's mother was glad that there was an old man at home.

He was such an imposing and intelligent old man.

Mani helped the old lady and her mother-in-law sit down on the bench in the garden, then instructed chen xuan, "Wash some fruit and bring it over."

The old lady immediately shouted, "Just let the servant get it."

Mani smiled and said to her grandmother, "Grandma, it is right for chen xuan to be filial to you and your mother-in-law. He's very different now. He even cooks. When I was busy with work at eldest aunt's place, he took care of his two children at night."

The old lady was indeed surprised to hear manni say so.

She knew that her grandson had changed a lot, but she didn't expect him to change so completely.

But that's good. Chen Xuan has become more human.

The old lady liked this kind of Chen Xuan, with a warm smile on her face from time to time, and her eyes were always filled with tenderness when she looked at Mani.

This was much better than Zheng Chenxuan, who was cold and indifferent to her old man.

"Okay, then I'll eat the fruit that my grandson washed."

Chen Xuan carried the fruit to the kitchen and heard Mani and grandma laughing in the garden.

Chen Xuan was increasingly hoping that time would slow down.

It was almost half a year after the two-year deadline, and there was still one and a half years left. I didn't know if I could make Mani fall in love with him as soon as possible.

Chen Xuan only had one idea, that Mani could fall in love with him before the two-year deadline expired.

When the contract was canceled, he and Mani would be together for a long time.

That would be great, but he also told Mani too many lies, I don't know if these lies will be exposed one day?

When the time comes, can Mani understand his difficulties? Can you forgive him?

Chen Xuan really hoped that An Yafu's movie would be a great success and that it would be best not to return home for the rest of his life.

Mani was enjoying a rare vacation with the Zheng family.

But she didn't know that zheng chenyi was suffering at this moment.

The time limit given by his mother had come, and he had no more time to delay.

He had a lot to do. He had to act in front of people and show off his love with Yuyan.

Chen yi wanted to propose to her in public and be polite to yu yan's parents.

Chenyi didn't know if he could make it to the end, but he had promised his mother and made a choice.

In the afternoon, Chenyi took the initiative to call Yuyan.

Yuyan looked at the caller id and thought something was wrong with his eyes.

The phone rang for a long time before she pressed the answer button in a daze.

"Brother Chen Yi? It's you?"

"Well, do you have time? Come out and meet me."

It was still that indifferent voice, but he was right.

Brother Chen Yi actually called her and asked her out to meet him?

Oh my god, is she dreaming?

Yuyan thought about what Chenyi's mother had said to her before and made her wait patiently for a few more days. There must be good news.

I didn't expect Chenyi's mother to be so powerful. As she had expected, Chenyi had indeed contacted her voluntarily.

Yuyan immediately nodded and agreed, "Okay, okay. You can go anywhere you want."

Chen yi wanted to find a quiet place to talk to her.

"Let's go to xx hotel. I'll wait for you in the private room of Ziyun restaurant."

Yuyan and Chenyi decided where to meet and immediately put down the phone and began to dress up.

This is a good thing, absolutely a good thing.

Would chen yi agree to marry him?

Yuyan smiled stupidly at the mirror, picked and picked in front of the wardrobe, and finally chose the clothes to wear.

When they went downstairs, Yuyan's parents saw her daughter dressed up so beautifully and in such a beautiful mood today. Yuyan's mother couldn't help but ask curiously, "Yuyan, who are you going to see? Why are you so happy today?"

The two elders had been very worried, although their daughter and Chenyi were dating.

But Chenyi hasn't been visiting the house at all lately, not only that, but the Zheng family doesn't seem to be in a hurry.

They had no idea whether or not the marriage was settled.

Recently, her daughter was full of worry all day. She didn't say anything when she asked her what was wrong.

They were really worried that their daughter and Chenyi had a fight before, or that the marriage was canceled.

Yuyan happily told his parents a good news: "Chen yi asked me to meet, parents, I tell you, I think this time Chenyi came to me to talk about marriage."

"Marriage? Are you sure?"

Yuyan nodded, "I'm pretty sure. Wait for my good news at home."

Yuyan left the house humming a tune, and Yuyan's parents began to inform their relatives and friends excitedly.

This is a great thing.

Yuyan arrived in the private room of the restaurant as promised.

Chenyi had already ordered, but he had no appetite to eat.

Yuyan was smiling, but Chenyi kept a straight face, and their attitudes were much worse.

"Brother Chen Yi, do you have something to say to me when you ask me out to meet you this time?"

Chenyi nodded with a serious face. He was silent for a long time before he said, "I want to talk to you about our marriage."

Yuyan was so excited that he almost cried out when he heard the word "Marriage."

Is Chenyi finally willing to talk to her about marriage?

Are they finally getting married?

"Tell me, I'll listen to whatever you say. Whatever you want to do with the wedding is up to you."

Yuyan listened to Chenyi. She was satisfied as long as Chenyi was willing to marry her. What else could she ask for?

The more Yuyan looked forward to it, the more excited he was. The more depressed and upset Chenyi felt.

Marry a woman you don't like, and look at her silly and happy face.

How could he feel better?

Chenyi still wanted to tell Yuyan what he really thought.

Yes, I promised my mother that I would marry you. But... I don't love you, Yuyan. You should know that. I really didn't fall in love with you. Our marriage was only because my mother wanted me to marry you, and my grandparents thought you were the best candidate to be a Zheng family granddaughter-in-law, so I decided to marry you. Do you understand what I mean?"

Yuyan was originally so happy that chen yi suddenly poured a basin of cold water down.

The smile on her face faded away and she glanced at Chenyi awkwardly.

In fact, why did he have to be so straightforward?

She understood his intentions, and she always understood them.

"I know, I know you won't fall in love with me. But I love you. I want to be with you. That's enough. I'll try to be what you like. I am really suited to be your Zheng family granddaughter-in-law. I will also be filial to your grandparents and your mother. I am willing to do anything for you. I don't need you to love me. Let me love you. That's enough."

Yuyan's bold confession did not move Chenyi very much, but felt that it was a burden.