513 You've Humiliated Me

The old lady pinched Yuanhang's little face and said helplessly, "You're all so old. When are you going to stick to elder sister Manni and daddy? You guys are boys."

Yuanhang wasn't talking, so who told him to be the most sensible and not talk back to his great-grandmother?

Xing Qi hid behind Mani and whispered, "Too grandma is fierce! We're not very big. I'm only two years old and I'm still a baby. I don't care if I want to sleep with Mami."

Xing Qi had a childish temper.

The old lady burst out laughing at xing qi.

Forget it, since the children are so clingy to Mani, then just bear with it.

If they want to create people, there will always be a chance.

"Forget it. Forget it. I don't care. Since the little guy wants to sleep with you, Mami, you can sleep together."

The old lady remembered the photo Chen Xuan sent her this morning.

The family of four was so happy playing in bed.

That's good.

Only then did Xing Qi sweetly say, "It's still too grandma's best."

Mani had to hold xingqi in his arms, and then Yuanhang followed them upstairs to the room.

Looking back at her room, the old lady could not help but say to Chen Xuan's mother beside her, "Look at how good their family is. Even if An Yafu married in, it wouldn't be so good."

Chen Xuan's mother nodded in agreement, "But mom, I'm a little worried. You saw the entertainment news just now. If An Yafu were to find a man, it would be best to get married, then I would be completely relieved. But her attempt to hook up with Holt failed, and her previous attempt to hook up with a real estate tycoon failed. In the end, she couldn't find a good man. If the movie failed again and she had no money to spend, she wouldn't want to come back and pester Chen Xuan, would she?"

That girl was totally treating the Zheng family as a money-spinner tree and would cry about poverty as long as she had no money.

Once or twice, the Zheng family wouldn't help her this time either.

But what happened before Anya fu and chen xuan, Mani did not know.

Chen Xuan's child even said that Yuanhang's mother was dead.

If Mani found out the truth one day, would the harmonious family of four still be as loving and sweet as they are now?

Chen Xuan's mother's worry was not unreasonable. The old lady thought about it seriously and thought that An Yafu was indeed a hidden danger.

But that kind of girl, do you want them to find her a suitable husband to take charge of her lifelong happiness?

"Let nature take its course. If An Yafu comes back, we have to find a way to deal with her."

"Most importantly, I heard from chen xuan that that girl, an yafu, was very scheming and deliberately approached Mani, becoming good sisters with manni. If Mani finally knew that Chen Xuan and An Yafu were going to lie to her, how sad would the child be?"

Chen Xuan's mother's words gave the old lady a headache.

The biggest failure of their Zheng family life was to get their two grandchildren to know An Yafu.

That woman was a disaster.

I didn't expect it would be a disaster if the relationship was broken.

"Let's talk about it then. For the time being, that woman will only stay in hollywood to develop her career. She won't be back in a year or two."

The old lady had a headache and Chen Xuan's mother helped her back to her room to rest.

And an yafu, she did have a headache recently.

The movie was about to be finished. Although Holt and I had a bad time a while ago, that guy still came to the set every day to continue filming.

But these days, Holt didn't come to the set.

He's delaying everyone's construction. It's all about money.

An Yafu finally got the money from Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Chenyi.

An Yafu also wanted to use the movie to make a beautiful comeback, so that those who looked down on her, waiting to see her laugh at people to see how powerful she was.

But how much is Holt holding up for himself now?

An Yafu had been waiting on the set all morning, and even the director was a little angry.

"Yaf, how did you handle this? You're Holt's girlfriend. Don't you know if he can film this scene today? We were about to finish the shoot, and there were still a few scenes left. This is a waste of time."

An Yafu had to follow the director's temper and persuade him, "Yes, yes, director, you're right. It was indeed in everyone's time, and I didn't expect him to be like this. Calm down, I'm going to look for him."

An Yafu called his assistant.

"Do you know where Holt is?"

The assistant shook his head, "I don't know Holt's schedule either."

Yafu rubbed her temples with a headache, "Forget it. Let's go to his house."

An Yafu and his assistant called a taxi and went to Holt's house.

Fortunately, An Yafu remembered the password to Holt's house, and she entered it directly into Holt's house.

There was no one in the living room. An Yafu walked in and heard a noise in the bedroom. She followed the sound.

Holt was entangled with a woman who was a blonde but not a hollywood artist.

Maybe they met at a party.

An Yafu was a little angry. She walked over and grabbed the woman's arm and pulled her off the bed, "Who let you in?"

That woman was not good-natured either. She threw An Yafu away and gave Holt a righteous look, "Of course he let me in. You're crazy. Holt dumped you. Aren't you still unwilling?"

Holt did not pay much attention to An Yafu recently. An Yafu thought Holt was having a cold war with him.

Was she going to be dumped because of those words from the real estate tycoon?

She's still a hollywood actress.

An Yafu looked at Holt coldly and said sternly, "Let her go. I have something to ask you."

Holt gave An Yafu face, gave the woman some money and sent her away.

After the blonde left, An Yafu adjusted his emotions and patiently advised, "Have you forgotten that you should be filming on the set today? The director has been waiting for you."

Holt lit a cigarette and said scornfully, "There are still a few rounds left. You don't have to be so anxious."

Not in a hurry? How could she not be in a hurry?

She was still waiting for the movie to be released early, to have a huge impact on her life in hollywood.

Should this man continue to delay for himself?

"Holt, I paid you for the film."

Holt smiled even more disapprovingly, "So? Are you amazing? An Yafu, you've made me lose face in front of the whole world. My girlfriend is trying to hook up with someone else's husband! And failed!"

An Yafu had no choice. It was just one thing. Why did Holt care so much?

There are so many scandals in hollywood, so why should he care so much?