514 Won Again

An Yafu only thought about how to convince Holt to stay with him.

"Who doesn't have a scandal in hollywood? Why did I embarrass you? In an open country like yours, what if I really hooked up with a real estate tycoon? I'm getting a lot of attention because of this. Who doesn't know me in hollywood now?"

An Yafu thought it was a good thing.

It all depends on the state of mind.

Holt could not help but sneer out loud, really thick-skinned enough.

"An Yafu, we're done. Do you understand?"

Holt broke up again, and he had done so before, but An Yafu thought he was angry at the time.

He thought his anger would dissipate after a period of separation.

But it's obviously not that simple.

An Yafu didn't want to break up, "Holt, how long have we been together? You broke up with me? And! You want to break up with me because you think I'm embarrassing? Isn't it embarrassing for you to play with any woman? That woman is not as noble as me. Are you sure she won't say anything to the media?"

An Yafu was just not convinced. If she broke up with Holt, would Holt want to be with that woman?

Holt increasingly felt that An Yafu was too much of a stalker.

An Yafu had no choice but to show his trump card.

"I am very popular in china. Don't you want to develop your reputation in china? Although you are an international movie star, I am more famous than you in my country. If you expand your popularity in our country and endorse more money than you can handle, will you be so against money?"

An Yafu's words were very alluring, and Holt thought about it carefully.

That's right, when she was with An Yafu, one reason was that she was really flirtatious, and the other was that Holt wanted to expand her overseas popularity.

Earn more money from a few more endorsements.

He didn't seem to have lost much either.

No matter what the real estate tycoon's wife revealed, as An Yafu said, there were scandals and scandals everywhere in hollywood.

Which female star is pure and innocent?

Holt thought about it for a long time. He smiled and then reached out to grab An Yafu's chin and leaned closer to her.

"It's still your little mouth that's likable, much better than the woman you brought home yesterday."

"Oh? Really? Do you still want to break up with me?"

An Yafu put on a pose and wrapped her arms around Holt's neck, and the two of them became entangled again in less than a minute.

An Yafu finally smiled with satisfaction. She knew she had won again.

Holt would never break up with him.

After the two of them made up, Anya frey asked Holt in his arms, "Will you be late tomorrow?"

Holt smiled and shook his head, "No, we'll finish the trick as soon as possible and try to get this movie to be released in a few years."

Holt was also looking forward to the movie's box office sales in the country, and the more money he made, the more opportunities he had.

He was counting on this movie to win an international award or something.

For each other's benefit, Holt would not easily break up with An Yafu.

As expected, Holt kept his word and arrived at the set early the next morning to start work.

Not only that, the two of them once again became like conjoined twins, and their love was sweet.

At noon, they went to a restaurant near the studio to eat, and they even ignored other people's eyes, you feed me and I feed you.

Even an yafu's assistant couldn't stand it.

But this has always been An Yafu's old trick, and the assistant felt that Holt was much more handsome than the real estate tycoons An Yafu wanted to hook up with.

She was young online, and it was nice to be with Holt.

The only pity was that Holt was worth more than the real estate tycoon.

News of An Yafu and Holt's reconciliation spread through the streets of the united states in a few days, and soon reached the country.

The entertainment headlines these days were all about An Yafu and Holt.

The two of them had received a lot of attention before, and they unexpectedly became the focus of the domestic media after half a month.

But no one forgot about An Yafu's scandal.

For a well-known female artist who had no scandals in china, hooking up with someone else's husband abroad was already the biggest stain on An Yafu's life, and it was impossible to clean it up.

But this was her choice. She must have felt that the value behind these scandals was more beneficial than the damage caused by the scandal.

Now, this method is also considered a means of hype in the entertainment industry.

The heat wave had not dissipated, and the woman who had been hanging out with Holt the other day couldn't sit still.

Everyone in the united states knows that An Yafu can make a name for herself. Can a young model like her make a name for herself?

Holt didn't know the name of the woman at all, but she was very popular with her at a party that night, so he took her home for the night.

On the third day of Holt and An Yafu's news, the unknown little model followed suit.

She reported to the media that anya fu had given up her pride to beg Holt and her to come back to life, and that Anya fu had slept in Holt's bed the day she wanted to get back together.

For a moment, the news stirred up a thousand waves again.

An Yafu didn't care about this kind of news at all. As long as someone else was willing to bring her name to the hype, she would be remembered by more and more people.

Because of Holt, the Paparazzi has been following An Yafu everywhere these days.

There were more than a dozen media outlets waiting to interview her.

Not only that, the domestic media was even about to explode the number of assistants, even the president of the domestic brokerage company personally called An Yafu.

"Yaf, a lot of domestic media want to interview you recently. See if you have time for me to make arrangements."

An Yafu put on the airs of an elder sister. "Boss, I've been following you. I didn't change companies from my debut to my fame, but how did you treat me when I was suffering before? Do you think I really can't get the money to invest in my own movies? I heard you wanted to train new people to take my place, didn't you?"

An Yafu was even more popular now. She was well known in hollywood, and several directors wanted her to film.

Although it was still the role of two girls and three girls, it was much better than before.

A few days ago, in hollywood, she didn't even need a supporting role, not to mention two or three women.

An Yafu knew that if she became famous overnight in the movie fire, she could also win the female lead in hollywood.

An Yafu was confident in himself.