515 Has No Right to Interfere

"Boss, when you sent me to hollywood for development, I told you I was here for the female lead. But the company was really weak, and I had to get all the resources myself. I personally invested in this film. There have been a lot of other companies that have been contacting me lately, and they're throwing out olive branches like me."

An Yafu even spoke with great confidence.

Trying to steal her first sister's seat? She wanted to see who had the guts and ability.

The boss didn't want to offend An Yafu, so he coaxed her and said, "Who told you this? There must be some misunderstanding! Yaf, I dug you up and nurtured you. All these years, we have a relationship. Will I abandon you if I say I abandon you? You will always be the first sister of our company. Who can compare to you?"

An Yafu was overjoyed by the president's words.

The previous grievances were worth it.

The boss said by the way, "All the good resources I have are reserved for you. Two shampoo endorsements and three cosmetics endorsements. This is for you to keep."

When An Yafu heard that there were so many advertisements to shoot, his tone softened, "Yes, the president is the best to me. We've been together for years. About this endorsement, I'll be back in a while to sign the contract. As for the reporters who want an interview, ask your assistant for an appointment."

The president was relieved. Now that An Yafu was famous, he was a little famous in hollywood.

Naturally, he had to coax her into doing the interview.

But as An Yafu's boss, he was still a little worried.

"Yaf, you want to be in love with Holt now. I'm very happy for you. It's just that... The domestic scandal is a bit too much to end. Although hype can boost your reputation, scandals can cause you a lot of damage."

The boss just wanted An Yafu to understand that the good character she had built up before was probably going to be ruined by now.

No one could accept the contrast. She had no gossip before, and now she's the third party.

It's not that An Yafu didn't think about it, but it doesn't matter. As long as she's popular and famous now, she can't care about anything else.

"I just need to be famous. Okay, there are a few reporters waiting outside to interview me."

The boss had to hang up.

An Yafu didn't take the boss's words to heart. She put on her makeup and went out with her assistant for an interview.

Foreign media reporters have sharp questions.

"Are you angry that Holt is with an unknown little model? You can't even compete with a small model?"

An Yafu only laughed a few times and then mocked the reporter, "That day Holt went to a party and drank too much and had that kind of thing with that little model. But that was when Holt drank too much. It doesn't matter. We really love each other now. That's all."

"So you don't care that he was with another woman the other day?"

"Is it common in the united states? Everyone was talking about emotional freedom and finally their own feelings. They were all adults. Who didn't make a mistake and who didn't? Holt and I tolerate each other, and we will not be defeated by the voices of others if we love each other. And that little model was just trying to get some attention out of her."

An Yafu's answer was so magnanimous that the foreign media liked her even more.

It looked like she was the kind of coolgill who was free and easy.

Soon, all the reports about An Yafu came flooding in.

The next morning when Mani and Chen Xuan lived with the old lady, they turned on their phones and saw all kinds of push messages about An Yafu.

Mani opened them one by one and looked at them. Sister Yafu has been really popular lately.

It seemed that everyone was talking about her, but not her work, but her character.

Chen Xuan couldn't be bothered to read those messages and just reset all the news clients on the phone.

But even if the news client was set to not allow entertainment messages to be pushed, all sorts of information about An Yafu would still reach his ears.

Even the servants at home were whispering about this woman behind her back.

After all, An Yafu used to come home a lot.

While Mani was still in bed with the children, Zheng Chenxuan immediately got up and went to grandma's room.

"The servants at home are talking about An Yafu in private. After all, the servants know about An Yafu's relationship with me. They knew about An Yafu every time he came home. I'm worried that manny will hear some gossip."

There is no impermeable wall in the world, but chen xuan doesn't want Mani to know about it.

If Mani knew that the two children she loved were An Yafu's, how would manni feel?

The old lady turned on the tv in the house and casually switched on an entertainment channel.

Sure enough, all the entertainment programs were talking about An Yafu.

The old lady listened for a while, and Chen Xuan's mother happened to push the door in.

"Mom, look at this anyafe..."

She saw her son here before she could finish her sentence.

"So are you."

Chen Xuan nodded and stared at the tv with a serious expression.

The old lady didn't expect An Yafu to be so restless in hollywood.

Hooking up with other people's husbands, real estate tycoons, and even international male stars.

Even if it was true love, there was no need to show it all over the world, right?

Does she think this is a good thing?

She was a mother, didn't she know that Yuanhang could see this news all the time?

When this happened, Chen Xuan's mother was most distressed by her little grandson.

"Xing Qi is fine. I'm glad that Xing Qi directly recognized Mani as his mother. But what about Yuanhang? That kid knows everything. Yuanhang didn't know how long she would cry after reading such news. He must be very sad."

Chen Xuan remained silent.

Every time An Yafu gets any news, Yuanhang does pay attention.

In fact, he would see it if he didn't want to.

Everyone was talking about his mother. How could he avoid it?

The last time An Yafu and Holt appeared together in the media, the exposed photos were directly published in the newspaper, and his son saw that he was injured.

This time, although it was just these interviews, Yuanhang was literate and could almost read what was written on the news.

The old lady sighed helplessly, "But this is An Yafu's private life. We really have no right to ask."