06 Private Contact

Chang Manni sometimes felt that he might really be a little neurotic.

For some reason, after that night, I always felt that the people and things around me seemed to have something to do with that man.

Chang Manni looked down at the diamond ring in his hand uneasily, but it still refused to come down.

That man, can you dump him?

Zheng Chenyi stared at Chang Manni, his lips curling up slightly.

What an interesting girl. He's such a handsome man standing in front of her, but she's thinking of someone else with her head down?

Was she thinking about Zheng Chenxuan?

Zheng Chenyi coughed a little, and Chang Manni smiled awkwardly, "Sorry, I was a little dazed just now. By the way, the dean said you donated a lot of money to the Welfare home and bought clothes and stationery for the children? I didn't expect you to be so kind. Thank you so much. These children are actually quite pitiful."

Chang Manni looked at the children playing in the yard with a faint sadness in his eyes.

Zheng chenyi checked all the information about chang manni. She came from a good family.

Although he was not a noble family, his father was a pilot and his mother was a flight attendant. Their family's conditions have always been good.

But why did this girl love these Welfare home kids so much?

Zheng Chenyi asked in puzzlement, "I'm sorry. Maybe my question is a little abrupt. Miss Manni cares so much about the Welfare home kids, don't you..."

Chang manni turned her head to look at Zheng Chenyi. He was really handsome, although it was rude to ask such a question to someone she met for the first time.

But looking closely, Zheng Chenyi's eyes were clear, just concerned and without any other intentions.

Somehow, looking into those eyes, Chang Manni felt at ease and comfortable.

Even if you don't say anything, standing next to this man will make you feel at ease.

"It's nothing. I just feel sorry for them. My father passed away five years ago. Later, her mother remarried to the united states. I was a little lonely by myself. So he often came to the Welfare home to celebrate the festival with the children. Gradually they became familiar with each other."

Perhaps he felt the same way, so Chang Manni was especially concerned about these children.

Zheng Chenyi knew about it, but didn't say much. He just nodded and asked softly, "They seem to like your dessert very much."

Speaking of this, Chang Manni, who was just a little gloomy, suddenly brightened up, "This is not my boast. I'm good at baking and cooking! I own a family bakery."

Zheng Chenyi was also aware of this.

Chang Manni saw that Zheng Chenyi was just smiling at her and did not say much.

She knew she was exaggerating, so she smiled shyly and continued, "You have money to support the Welfare home. You should be a big boss, right? Of course, my bakery is no match for your company. I make bread and desserts at home during my break. I earn pocket money from time to time."

Chang Manni scratched his hair awkwardly and, alas, boasted in front of the rich. Is it too conceited?

Zheng Chenyi did not feel that Chang Manni was overestimating himself, but was deeply affected by her.

When it came to baking, the woman kept her mouth curved high from beginning to end.

She spoke so enthusiastically that her big black pearly eyes grew more lively and lovely under the sunlight.

Zheng Chenyi smiled warmly and shook his head, "I envy you for doing what you want to do. Please treat me to your cake next time, okay?"

Zheng Chenyi was actually looking forward to meeting Chang Manni again.

"Oh... Okay, okay."

Chang Manni didn't expect zheng chenyi to say that. She blushed shyly and nodded.

The dean stood by and smiled at their intimate contact, although they did not talk for long.

But when the two of them stood together, the scene was so beautiful.

Both of them were so kind and thoughtful, and the dean was looking forward to them becoming a couple.

The children of the Welfare home had already returned to the classroom to begin their lessons, and Chang Manni slapped his head, "Damn it, I'm going to be late."

She still has classes this afternoon.

She and xiaoxiao had arranged to have lunch together in the school cafeteria, so she was really late.

Zheng Chenyi watched her run away and immediately ran after her, "You want to go back to school? I'll drive you."

Chang Manni stopped immediately.

There's a car for you!

This way, we can definitely get to school early and chat with xiaoxiao and brother Zhiyuan for a while.


She had only met this man for the first time in less than an hour.

It's not good to take someone else's car the first time we meet, is it?

Zheng Chenyi just wanted to drive chang manni back to school, but he didn't expect the girl to have such a rich expression on her face.

He frowned and hesitated, then looked excitedly at his car as he tried to get on it.

Zheng Chenyi could not help but smile.

"Get in the car. I'll see you off."

With Zheng Chenyi's repeated requests, Chang Manni had no choice but to get into the car.

"I am a student of xx university. Just send me there."

Chang Manni got into the car and sat directly in the passenger seat, saying his school name.

Zheng Chenyi wasn't in a hurry to drive. He glanced at Chang Manni and then leaned over to get closer to her.

As the handsome face approached Chang Manni, she was so nervous that she didn't even dare to breathe.

God, what is this man doing?

Chang Manni was about to question her when she realized that Zheng Chenyi had helped her fasten her seat belt.

Chang Manni blinked in a daze. Uh... He just helped himself fasten his seat belt.

Chang Manni turned his head around and hit his head against the car window in frustration, but he kept rubbing his head in pain and complaining, "Oh my god, Chang Manni, you're really crazy!"

They were just kind enough to take her back to school and help her fasten her seat belt.

But what was on her mind?

After that night, how did she look at everyone like a wolf?

At this moment, that night, the ambiguous scenes of her being with Zheng Chenxuan kept running through Mani's mind.

Her pale face instantly turned red into an apple.

Zheng chenyi watched Chang Manni go crazy in the corner of his eye, not knowing what happened to her.

However, she was still a college student and had not graduated yet.

At her age, she was simple, kind, cute and energetic. It was indeed pleasing.

Zheng Chenyi contacted Chang Manni privately, but he didn't mention anything about his cousin Zheng Chenxuan.

So no matter what, Chang Manni couldn't imagine the relationship between Zheng Chenyi and Zheng Chenxuan.

When the car reached the school gate, many students looked over.

A few girls could not help whispering, "Look, that's a luxury car! Guess who's sitting in that car?"

"Fei er from the dance department? I heard that all the people who pursued her were big bosses."

"Or maybe it's qianqian from the cheerleading squad. I heard her suitors are very rich."

Everyone held their breath and stared fixedly at the door that was about to open.

After a while, the door finally opened.

However... The woman who got out of the limousine was not a dancer or a cheerleader.


Yesterday's gossip girl, the new celebrity on campus, Chang Manni!