He's Getting Married, the Bride Is Not Her

"What? Chang Manni again? That girl has been very popular lately."

A few girls talked and took out their cell phones to take pictures of her immediately.

The girls in the school cast envious and jealous eyes.

What kind of luck did chang manni have?

Yesterday, she was proposed to by Zheng Chenxuan, the vice president of the Cheng group, and today, she was personally sent back to school by a luxury car.

But now, everyone is more curious, who is the owner of this car?

Soon, the door on the other side slowly opened and a man came down from the driver's seat.

He turned around and smiled warmly at Chang Manni, as if there was something between them.

At this moment, one of the girls screamed, "My god, do you know who that man is? That's Zheng Chenyi, Zheng Chenxuan's cousin! The president of the Cheng group."

When this was said, everyone was even more jealous.

The Cheng group brothers were all in Chang Manni's pocket.

What kind of enchantment did that girl use?

Thank you for sending me back to school today. I'll treat you to my cake next time I get the chance."

Zheng Chenyi nodded and said softly, "Okay."

Chang Manni waved at zheng chenyi and immediately turned back to the campus.

But soon, she received strong hostility from her classmates.

Chang Manni continued to walk in awkwardly. In the school cafeteria, brother Zhiyuan and xiaoxiao had already taken up their seats.

When xiaoxiao saw her come in, she immediately waved at her, "Here, we are here."

Chang Manni immediately walked over and sat down. Brother zhiyuan looked at Chang Manni with disappointment and then brought the prepared food to her.

"What happened that night? And just now, who sent you back?"

Brother zhiyuan couldn't help but ask.

Chang Manni knew what she had done these past few days, and it really disappointed everyone.

But... She didn't know how to explain it.

"What happened that night was an accident. I was also confused. I was going to the hotel to find lin Tianyou and Wang Danni. But when she drank too much, she went into someone else's room by mistake. As for just now, I met a new friend at the Welfare home today. He sent me back."

Chang Manni explained briefly what had happened these days.

Xiao Xiao looked at Chang Manni's innocent face and shook his head helplessly, "I say, big sister, don't you know who that man is?"

The whole campus exploded, but Chang Manni didn't know who she was having sex with.

"Who is it?" Chang Manni stared at xiaoxiao stiffly, still eating her favorite beef jerky.

Zheng Chenxuan, vice president of Cheng group, you slept with Zheng Chenxuan, you know! And the man who just sent you back is none other than Zheng Chenxuan's brother, Zheng Chenyi."

Xiao Xiao's words were like a direct blow to Chang Manni.

"What? What?"

Chang Manni was so shocked by the news that he choked on his lunch and coughed.

Xiao Xiao hurriedly punched her back, "Are you stupid? And look at this diamond ring in your hand. Zheng Chenxuan has taken a fancy to you. That's great news. You're going to marry into a rich family and become a rich wife. Forget about that brat Lin Tianyou. He's been dating Wang Danni for a long time. That brat stepped on two boats."

Wang Danni was the school belle, although Chang Manni was also a beauty.

Usually, manni was more low-key, and Wang Danni's family background was nothing to say, so naturally, she was a big shot in the school.

But the thought of Lin Tianyou betraying himself made Chang Manni a little sad.

Xiao Xiao leaned over again and whispered, "I'm telling you, we're graduating in six months. Lin Tianyou couldn't wait to find a job. Think about it. What's Wang Danni's family background? If she marries Wang Danni. He's the son-in-law of the Wang family. I heard that Lin Tianyou had met Wang Danni's parents. Her father also promised lin Tianyou a branch office for him to manage."

Chang Manni could not help but laugh coldly. It turned out that Lin Tianyou gave up on himself for his future.

That's right, everyone wants a bright future.

How much love in college can last until after graduation?

Everything was too naive for her to think about.

Chang Manni was in a bad mood and lowered his head.

Zhiyuan sat by and saw everything. But he didn't know how to comfort Chang Manni.

Chang Manni, who lived a simple and low-key life, liked to bake and save money, seemed to have been no longer peaceful since the day Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Chenyi intervened in her life.

Zhiyuan bought a bottle of milk tea for Mani.

"It's not bad for you to give up on a man like that."

Chang Manni knew that Brother zhiyuan was comforting herself, and she forced out a smile.

Even so, how could two years of love be forgotten in an instant?

Chang Manni was still in a state of lovelorn depression, but suddenly there was a commotion in the canteen.

Chang Manni and xiaoxiao looked around and saw Lin Tianyou, the scumbag, walking into the canteen with Wang Danni in his arms. They were openly showing off their love in front of everyone.

Chang Manni immediately lowered her head. At this moment, the last thing she wanted to see was that scumbag Lin Tianyou!

But god didn't let her go. Apparently, Lin Tianyou and Wang Danni saw Chang Manni too.

Wang Danni held Lin Tianyou's hand with a smile and walked towards Chang Manni step by step.

The other students in the cafeteria couldn't help but laugh together. Xiaoxiao looked at Brother zhiyuan and whispered anxiously, "Brother zhiyuan, what should we do? They're coming towards manni."

Zhiyuan did not answer, but stared sharply at Lin Tianyou who was slowly approaching.

This scumbag has the face to approach Chang Manni?

Wang Danni stopped beside Chang Manni and looked down at the defeated general in front of him. He could not help but laugh sarcastically and say, "Ouch, who do I think it is? It turned out to be Chang Manni, a famous student in our school! Mani has been enjoying himself recently. I didn't expect to hook up with the president of the Cheng group and Vice president. I'm really envious. Unfortunately, the ceo is just playing around and won't really marry you."

Chang Manni sat there in an unusually calm manner, although deep down, she was frantic enough to reach out and tear this bitch apart.

However, the only shred of reason left in her heart had been telling her not to act rashly.

"Mani, Mani, you're hiding pretty well. Tianyou always thought you were so pure. I didn't expect you to go to a hotel with someone else... Oh, I'm so shy. By the way, I came to see you today to tell you good news. Tianyou and I are getting married on the 20th. You're Tianyou's ex-girlfriend anyway. We'd like to invite you to our wedding."

Wang Danni's charming eyes, with the joy of victory, had completely crushed Chang Manni.

Chang Manni stared at Lin Tianyou, the man she had loved for two years, but now he just looked at her with a cold smile. There was no warmth in his eyes.

Even the past feelings disappeared.

Chang Manni clenched his hands and stubbornly bit his lower lip.

She admitted that she was still impulsive at this moment, but she just didn't want to see them so proud.

Chang Manni suddenly got up and nodded with a smile, "Okay, I will definitely go to your wedding. But what should we do? Chen Xuan also proposed to me. I don't know if our wedding will be before yours."