09 Flash Marriage, Flash Birth

In front of Chang Manni, Zheng Chenxuan always had a high and mighty attitude.

Chang Manni could not help but look down at her body. Please, although she was not a sexy thing, she was also graceful.

On campus, she was at least one of the top ten beauties.

However, for the sake of his willingness to give himself three stores, Chang Manni silently endured his unreasonable ridicule.

Things went well. Chang Manni signed his name on the contract.

Zheng Chenxuan withdrew the contract and got up to leave.

Before leaving, Zheng Chenxuan reminded Chang Manni, "Pack your bags and we'll arrange for you to stay at home for the next few days."

At home, are they going to start cohabiting?

Chang Manni nodded, her hands intertwined uneasily.

Although he accepted the bloody marriage in his heart, Chang Manni was still uncertain if he wanted to live together.

Zheng Chenxuan and his black bodyguard had left, and Chang Manni was left alone in the health room, watching the willow leaves rustling in the wind outside the window.

Her heart was in a mess.

There was no turning back. The contract was signed, and she had no way out now.

Knock knock knock knock Xiao Xiao's knock came from outside.

Xiaoxiao waited at the door for a long time, but Mani didn't come out. She asked worriedly, "Mani, are you okay?"

Chang Manni replied, "Oh, it's okay. I'll be right out."

She immediately walked out of the health room, and xiaoxiao was relieved to see that she was safe and sound.

But Chang Manni didn't mention anything about marriage.

She didn't say it because she didn't want Xiao Xiao and Brother zhiyuan to worry about her.


Chang Manni's relationship with the Zheng family has been discussed on campus recently.

Chang Manni turned a deaf ear to it, as if all the disputes had nothing to do with her.

Chang Manni didn't have any classes these afternoons, so she went straight to the Welfare home as soon as the class ended.

Chang Manni went to help take care of the sick children in the hospital.

It was a warm afternoon and the sun was shining brightly. The children gathered around Chang Manni innocently, begging her to tell them stories.

Chang Manni lowered his head and thought about it, telling them cinderella's story.

"Although the stepmother and sisters were vicious, the prince finally found cinderella and they were happily together."

Children like fairy tales, especially girls.

When she was a child, her father would always tell her stories before going to bed, and among those classic fairy tales, cinderella was Chang Manni's favorite.

After the story was told, the children blinked their eyes and still wanted to hear it.

Someone was clapping behind him.

Chang Manni looked back and didn't expect that the person standing behind him was Zheng Chenyi, whom he met in the Welfare home a few days ago.

At that time, she did not know his identity, let alone his name.

Now that Chang Manni knew everything, he felt uncomfortable.

Zheng Chenyi's approach to himself was not as simple as it seemed, was it?

Zheng Chenyi smiled lightly, and his warm voice was as beautiful as a spring water, "Good story. Should I give you a pair of crystal shoes?"

Zheng Chenyi's eyes gleamed with calculation, which made Chang Manni even more uncomfortable.

She took a few steps back and kept a distance from Zheng Chenyi. "I don't know what zheng always means," she said indifferently."

Chang Manni raised his head to meet Zheng Chenyi's inquisitive gaze and looked straight into his eyes.

Whether it was Zheng Chenyi or Zheng Chenxuan, she was always so straightforward.

Zheng Chenyi lowered his head and smiled, shaking his head helplessly, "I'll just say whatever I want. You don't have to worry too much. It looks like you already know who I am."

Zheng Chenyi regretted that if he hadn't personally sent her back to school that day, he might not have revealed his identity.

Now that she knew that he was Zheng Chenyi's cousin, she was not as comfortable with him as before.

Zheng Chenyi enjoyed the state and feeling more.

Chang Manni shrugged helplessly, "In our school, there are no secrets to hide. They recognized you the moment you showed up."

It seemed that everyone knew about Zheng Chenyi and Zheng Chenxuan, but Chang Manni was as ignorant as a fool.

"Are you angry with me?"

Zheng Chenyi asked softly. Chang Manni was surprised by the apologetic look in his eyes.


Do you want to apologize to yourself?

In fact, Zheng Chenyi didn't do anything wrong. He approached her just to get to know her.

Chang Manni shook his head, "No, we've only met once. You really don't have anything to hide from me."

She didn't ask, he didn't say, and he couldn't be blamed.

Zheng Chenyi and Chang Manni sat side by side on the small bench. This time they came to see her, they wanted to take her to the Zheng family.

Because of the Zheng family, there's a big secret.

"Let's go. I'll take you to chen xuan's house."

Chang Manni obediently got up and followed Zheng Chenyi away. It was good to go and see him. Anyway, he was going to move in in in two days.

It would be better to have a mental preparation if you went earlier.

In Chang Manni's mind, the Zheng family was so rich, and Zheng Chenxuan's villa should be one of those magnificent palaces, right?

Isn't that how rich people decorate?

However, when the car really stopped in zheng chenxuan's garden, Chang Manni was completely shocked.

There was no golden palace, nor was there any grandeur in the imagination.

It was a european-style villa with a pointed roof and a slate-blue roof tile that stood out in the sun.

Chang Manni and zheng chenyi got out of the car and continued to walk deep into the villa.

Along the way through the garden, the lush and lush bamboo stood in two rows along the path, and the green bamboo leaves gradually surrounded the top, forming a natural barrier.

To be honest, Chang Manni really liked it here.

After a long walk, the two finally arrived at the villa.

Chang Manni looked up at the european-style villa in front of him. In front of the french window on the second floor, there seemed to be someone staring at him non-stop.

Is it an illusion?

Is there anyone else in the villa?

Chang Manni didn't ask any more questions and followed Zheng Chenyi into the villa.

Zheng chenyi showed her around.

The overall style of the villa was mainly black and white. It was not surprising to think that Zheng Chenxuan was usually cold.

Although the overall feeling was colder, the furniture was all in warm colors, and the two colors complemented each other to create an elegant and low-key living space.

Chang Manni kept nodding, and it was obvious that Zheng Chenxuan had good taste.

But her favorite was the large french window in front of the living room.

From here, the scenery is the most beautiful.

At this moment, a childish voice sounded behind him, "Big uncle, who is this woman?"

Chang Manni turned around and looked down at the little boy in front of him. His cold eyebrows, indifferent eyes, and his every move were too similar to Zheng Chenxuan.

Could it be chen xuan's brother?

Zheng Chenyi smiled awkwardly and introduced, "Mani, let me introduce you. He was Chen Xuan's son, Zheng Yuanhang. From now on, he will be your son."

After getting married, Zheng Chenxuan's son was naturally her son.

Chang Manni pointed at the child in front of him in surprise and said with emotion, "Is his child so old? I got married in a flash, but I didn't expect to be born in a flash!"

Do you still give me a young lady right after you get married?