Chapter 48 Wife-protecting Maniac

He Mingyang quickly put down the newspaper and blew on liu Qingqing's hand to stop hurting his wife's hand.

Although he was old, he hadn't given up on exercise for years and his muscles were very hard.

"Yes, yes, it's all my fault. But our daughter is still young. What's the rush to get married? I think the same as Mi Niu. My daughter is so good, but she can't be taken advantage of by some brat. She can't even get through this without my approval. She can't marry my daughter."

The guardian maniac He Mingyang is online.

Liu Qingqing gave him a blank look and stood up trembling, "I have nothing in common with you. I went to dance with elder sister Meijun. You can protect her. When she's forty and she's still single, do you have to be anxious?"

When He Mingyang heard the words "Dancing in the square," he was so anxious that he couldn't even care about his daughter anymore. He quickly chased after her and complained," Ding Yiming doesn't care about his old lady. He has ruined my Qingqing. All day long, she would go to the square and dance with those shameless, immoral old men. Honey, if you want to dance, let's dance in the sky garden at home, light some scented candles and play some music. Isn't it much better than that square?"

"You know nothing!" Liu Qingqing was too lazy to talk to him.

This guy, the older he gets, the more like a child. When he was young, he was jealous. When he was old, he became jealous.

Although there were many old men who asked her to be their partner, none of them were as handsome as her old man, and she refused.

She said several times that she wanted He Mingyang to dance with her. They wanted to get into the national finals, and she wanted to push the square dance to the world.

In the end, the old man couldn't bring himself down. She said a lot of nice things, and he was still proud.

In that case, she could only find other old men to dance with.

He Mingyang dressed up like a trance-stalker and hid himself in the flowers around the square.

When he saw an old man in a tuxedo walking up to Liu Qingqing and reaching out to him for a dance, his anger rose.

He Mingyang darted over, not as fast as an old man in his sixties or seventies, but more agile than that young man.

The old man in the tuxedo was so happy that he thought he could finally invite the most beautiful old lady in the square as a partner today.

It never occurred to him that his fingers were only ten centimeters away from him, but he was cut off halfway.

"You, who are you? How can you just grab a partner?" The tuxedo was unhappy.

He Mingyang took off his coat and revealed the white casual suit inside. It was so handsome that all the old ladies were staring at him.

"I'm her wife."

The tuxedo was discouraged and could only reluctantly walk to another old lady.

Qin Meijun burst into laughter and winked at Liu Qingqing.

Of course, this idea was given by Qin Meijun. He Mingyang was on the verge of old age, but like Liu Qingqing when he was young, it was a little awkward, but he needed to give some heavy medicine.

Liu Qingqing looked at He Mingyang angrily, "Don't you think you can dance in the square? What are you doing here?"

He Mingyang immediately added, "Wherever my Qingqing is, any dance is the most beautiful and expensive in the world."


All the old men and women in the surrounding circle made expressions of wanting to vomit. They were really old and shameless. How old were they?

Liu Qingqing was happy and happily walked back and forth with He Mingyang, "Since you're here, don't think about leaving. I'm going to enter the international finals of square dance. Are you confident?"

He Mingyang answered loudly, "There must be!"

When Liu Qingqing won the individual glamour award of the international square dance competition, Mi Niu finally got the good news.

She got married in a flash!

"This man actually defeated me. I'm not convinced. I decided to trap him with my marriage first, and then slowly figure out how to defeat him. When I win, I'll kick him out. I'm only interested in the strong."

When liu Qingqing's eightieth birthday was over, her daughter told her that she had decided to give birth to a child and teach the child all her skills, then let the child beat his father to prove how powerful his mother was.

When liu Qingqing and He Mingyang died at the last moment in the world, Mi Niu came back with her husband and children.

Mi Niu's husband was doting on her.

He said that if Mi Niu wanted to beat me, he would only have the next life.

Mi Niu said unconvinced, "Okay, then it's a deal. I'll look for you in the next life. I'll beat you."

Liu Qingqing was relieved to see that her most worried daughter had a happy ending.

She shook hands with he ming and closed her eyes at the same time, walking very peacefully.

[ The end of the play ]