The emperor died far away

The emperor died far away



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"She is the daughter of the son of the first wife, the princess of the holy father. However, because he was weak and sickly from a young age, and had no talent for martial arts, he was ignored by his father. Father didn' t care, aunt bullied, sisters schemed, and finally died miserably in the small courtyard, her body was almost turned into a puppet. Her whereabouts were strange and decisive. She was the king of assassins in the world, but because of a piece of blood jade, her soul traveled through. On the day that the king of assassins became the daughter of the xiangfu, the situation changed, the stars were disordered, and the god beast of the country was panicking. People say that people from heaven go down to earth, so you can't pry ... She wanted a simple world, a world where she could come and go freely, a world where she could bow down and bow before her, and a man who loved her incomparably. And look at the incompetence of the bag, how to shake nine days. ...""

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