Chapter 367 Once More, I'll Go over It with Deep Affection

Chapter 367 Nian Nian's deep love revisited

The raised hand was very high, very eye-catching!

"Brush!" Yao Baobei felt that all eyes were on him. She froze on the spot, looking around in a daze.

Did anyone tell her what was going on? Was she supposed to go up and take off the man's pants?

"Sister-in-law, seize the opportunity and go!" Before he came, Gu Xiang had already found out, and immediately whispered in Yao Baobei's ear, "Behave well and bring him home. Sister-in-law, you can't miss the opportunity again."

Her ambiguous encouragement made Yao Baobei's face redder and redder.

In fact, how could Yao Baobei not know that Gu Xiang was joking? However, she could only look up and see the exposed abs of the man on the stage.

All of a sudden, his face was burning red.

"Miss, please come on stage!" The host was especially excited, especially when he saw how shy Yao Baobei looked and decided that he was a newcomer.

The more unfamiliar, the more interesting.

Between the pushing and shoving, the rest of the people waiting became more and more impatient. They immediately gathered together and pushed Yao Baobei onto the stage.

She stood there in a daze, not daring to look around.

"Quick, quick, quick!"

Someone urged, and gradually the voice was unified. Yao Baobei only had one word left in his ear.

She was so stiff that she could hardly move. I can't wait to find a hole in the ground.

"Think, think!" Yao Baobei shouted gu xiang's name, but her voice was already drowned in the noise of the crowd.

Gu Huai, who was not far away, finally saw this scene and almost spat out a mouthful of salt and soda. He wanted to push the crowd away to stop him, but the women around him were too excited.

Gu Huai tried to squeeze on the stage, but when he saw all the women around him, he felt goosebumps all over the floor.

He almost immediately dismissed the idea.

At this point, the host's patience reached its limit, and he pushed Yao Baobei to one of them: "Miss, don't be shy. Everyone here is more daring than you. But I picked you. I have to say it was fate."

Our handsome man is actually very shy, but now he has come towards you. Miss, your hand is on his waist right now. With just a little force..."

Yao Baobei didn't dare to breathe. She subconsciously turned her head to the side and closed her eyes.

The host held his hand tightly and touched the cotton fabric.

The tentacles made people nervous until their hearts beat faster.

It was difficult to ride a tiger. Yao Baobei covered his chest and cheered himself on.

Very well, Yao Baobei, you can do it!

What's there to be afraid of if you can pull it off and leave in a minute!

You don't have a boyfriend and you're not married. Nian Nian wants to get rid of you anyway. What's the point of looking at a man?

After a long time of psychological hints and encouragement, Yao Baobei finally mustered up the courage to grab a small piece of cloth in his hand and force it down...

"Wow!" The crowd was boiling, and the sound of applause came from the tide.

She didn't finish?

"Miss, you should try harder. Hehe."

The host's words entered his ears, and Yao Baobei finally dared to look up, but he saw the man who just walked in from the door.

A familiar face entered her eyes, and she saw that extremely dark eyes were looking at the scene on the stage.

Yao Baobei could almost hear the roar through the crowd: "Yao, bao, bei!"

How could Shu Nian be here?

How could he be caught red-handed for doing something bad?

Yao Baobei then withdrew his hand without thinking and immediately jumped off the stage, "Think about it. Let's go. Your big brother is here!"

"Who, who's here? Sister-in-law, you haven't finished tearing his pants. I haven't seen them yet."

Look at you!

Yao Baobei wanted to knock Gu Xiang out with one punch and run back with the man on his shoulder. But it was clear that she had almost lost her escape.

During this time, Shu Nian had already come to them. With one hand on each side, he dragged it straight out.

Gu nianben was still staring at the stage to see if he had the chance to slip up and try. However, the sight in front of her was suddenly blocked. She slowly looked up and saw Shu Nian with a livid face.

She opened her mouth wide like a ghost and wished her mother would give her another pair of legs.

"Still not leaving?"

Shu Nian dragged Yao Baobei with one hand and Gu Xiang with the other. The cold breath made the people next to him unconsciously step aside and he dragged them out of the door.

Gu Huai immediately paid the bill and followed the three of them.

Big brother, big brother, this is not what you saw. It was a misunderstanding."

Gu Xiang, who had come back to his senses, wanted to cry but had no tears.

Usually, she would run out at night, so she was often trained. This time, he went to this kind of bar openly. If his parents knew about it, they would have to smoke.

She seriously doubted whether she could survive the disaster by then.

"This is really a misunderstanding. I swear the truth is not like this! Seeing is not necessarily believing. If you don't believe me, ask second brother and sister-in-law."

Gu Xiang couldn't care less, as long as she could get away with it. She swore that if she betrayed Yao Baobei and gu huai to save herself, she would sell out immediately.

Woo woo.

Only then did Shu Nian stop and look at Yao Baobei and Gu Huai coldly.

Raise your hand: "Ask your second brother?"

Seeing that he was pointing at himself, gu huai subconsciously nodded and then shook his head violently, "I was pulled out. I don't know anything!"

"Gu Huai, you traitor!" Gu Xiang glared at him, then turned around and changed into that flattering smile.

Shu Nian snorted coldly. This time, he finally turned his attention to Yao Baobei.

Yao Baobei was blown away by the cold wind and calmed down instead, "I'm here. If you want to blame me, blame me. It's still young. I brought him here to see the world."

When she told a lie, her face was not red and her heart was not beating.

The atmosphere immediately became a little frightening. Gu Xiang secretly glanced at Shu Nian's icy eyes, and she suddenly felt a chill all over her body.

For the first time, she felt that she might as well just admit it, which was to be cut off.

But now, after Yao Baobei took on the responsibility, why did she feel that the situation was getting worse and worse?

"See the world?"

"Yes." Yao Baobei raised his head and revealed his beautiful and elegant neck, "Now that you've ruined it, let's go back. Think, bad, go!"

Yao Baobei turned around and led the twins past Shu Nian.

Gu wanted to shrink his neck, afraid that a knife would cut it off from behind.

And just after she thought she was in a desperate situation, a figure suddenly passed by her. Suddenly, he pulled Yao Baobei back in front of him.


"Sister-in-law! Ah no, big brother, what are you going to do with sister-in-law? Shall we go back together?"

Seeing Shu Nian shove Yao Baobei into the car, she drank gu huai and was thrown on the icy road. He immediately knocked on the window and asked.

Naturally, the only response to her would be the car that was leaving.

Gu Huai said coldly, "Stop looking. Big brother is going to fix sister-in-law. Just be glad you're lucky."

"Then, he won't do anything to sister-in-law, will he?"

Gu Huai rolled his eyes and grabbed Gu Xiang into his arms, "Are you worried about that? Are you cold? Hurry home. This place is full of women. Don't come here anymore."

"Got it."

Yao Baobei was stuffed into the car by shu niang, and he was still reluctant. But shu niang didn't give her the chance to escape and locked the doors and windows to death.

So she could only keep a straight face and didn't even want to look at Shu Nian.

The latter drove straight to where he lived and pulled people in.

His strength was so great that Yao Baobei felt a pain in his wrist, "Let go!"

Shu Nian refused and dragged her in even harder.

"I told you to let go of me, Shu Nian. Are you angry? Are you throwing a tantrum at me now?"

Shu Nian's livid face gave a positive answer.

Yao Baobei threw him away and sat down on the sofa, "You can't care what I want to do. Why are you still angry? You should be happy if I do this. Maybe you can find someone you like inside."

"Just pretend to think about it. She actually thinks it's fun, not what you think. You're so fierce. Don't make things difficult for her when you get back."

Shu Nian suddenly turned around and stared at her with his dark eyes, "Yao Baobei, do you know what you did today?"

The harder she spoke, the more angry Shu Nian became, the more uncomfortable she felt.

She was clearly thinking about other women, but she still wanted to provoke her.

It's all agreed!

If he doesn't like it, let it go. If she lets it go, why does he keep pestering him?

"Didn't I just watch a strip dance? As for making you look like the destruction of the earth. Besides, it's not like I haven't seen a naked man before."

She only saw him a few days ago.

As soon as he said this, his breath changed.

Shu Nian's gloomy face softened a little.

He stood in front of Yao Baobei and looked down at her, "You're imagining things again."

"I didn't." Yao Baobei had already objected without thinking, "You are the one who thinks and changes his mind. It's late. I'm going home."

He didn't let her go.

He grabbed his wrist with his arm and pulled him into his arms.

A deep voice fell in Yao Baobei's ear, with a faint seductive aura surrounding it.

He held him in his arms and did not give Yao Baobei a chance to fight back. Without even thinking about it, he bent down and said, "What do you think of the man you saw today?"

He did not expect that he would suddenly mention that person. In fact, Yao Baobei was now in his arms, and he did not have the strength to think about anything else.

"He's very handsome, tall and strong, with eight abs and chest muscles. He has a hot body. That should be good, too."

After that, there was a slight hum in her ear, as if she was disdainful.

Yao Baobei raised his angry eyes and suddenly held his hand tightly to his chest.

"If you count, are these eight abdominal muscles and two pectoral muscles? Touch it again to see if it's too hot. As for that, you should know it well."

When she heard this, she took her hand back as if it had been electrocuted.

Shu Nian raised his eyes and finally smiled, "Why? Didn't you forget everything? I don't mind revising it for you."