Chapter 368 Thinking of A Loving Couple's Outfit

Chapter 368 Nian Nian's lovey-dovey couple outfit

Yao Baobei froze on the spot, feeling warm all over her body. Shu Nian placed his hand on her waist and rubbed it as he spoke.

She shuddered and her legs immediately went limp. There was a faint sparkle in his raised eyes, and he wished he could push him away immediately.

But shu niang did not allow it. He raised his eyebrows slowly. A rare faint smile appeared on his lips, "Am I wrong? Or do you want to do it yourself this time?"

Yao Baobei's eyes widened, and before he could react, he picked him up.

She screamed, subconsciously clinging to Shu Nian's shoulder.

It wasn't until his back was on the soft bed that he finally put his hand against the man's chest, "I don't want it."

He narrowed his eyes dangerously and looked closely at the white and stubborn face, "Don't do anything?"

"Is that so?" Shu Nian leaned over and a strong breath fell on her cheek.

Yao Baobei pressed his lips hard, hoping to avoid his temptation, but his heart was out of control.

Every time he put down his body, he made her indulge in it.

If this continues...

If this continues, she will drown in it.

"Nian Nian, let go, let go!"

She pressed her hands against Shu Nian's chest, her eyes glistening.

It wasn't that he couldn't accept him, but that Shu Nian was by his side now. His rape, his teasing, everything made Yao Baobei feel humiliated.

He clearly wanted to get rid of her.

Yao Baobei suddenly felt like a fool, making a big round, but in the end he returned to the original point.

Back to the place where he first wanted to escape.

Shu Nian saw her red eyes and the faint tears hanging from the corner of her eyes, and suddenly felt something hit him hard in his heart, which made him unable to force Yao Baobei anymore.

"So unwilling?"

The hoarse voice came into Yao Baobei's ears, and an unspeakable anger rose in his heart.

Why should he still make such a pitiful appearance, as if, as if her refusal could really make him sad.

However, Yao Baobei still clearly remembered what he said that day.

"Nian Nian, you are now. Do you really want me, or do you feel too angry, too angry, and so act irrationally in a fit of anger?"

Shu Nian raised his eyebrows and put his hands on Yao Baobei's side. Does he still look irrational?

However, it was obvious that Yao Baobei believed in his own judgment, so he needed Shu Nian's answer even more.

Therefore, when he did not respond for a long time, Yao Baobei's expression became increasingly lonely.

"I'm not angry, and I'm not angry."

Shu Nian opened his mouth and simply rolled over to lie down beside her, "Because I know what happened tonight wasn't your idea. You don't have the guts to go to the bar yet."

Yao Baobei was a little embarrassed. She really had no guts. But in the end, he took off someone else's pants.

In that instant, when Yao Baobei turned sideways, he saw his bright eyes and his handsome face.

She almost thought that the eyes that looked at her faintly were filled with love.

But the next moment, all the memories flooded back, "Yes, everyone in North city knows. I dropped out of this marriage a year ago. How could I not have imagined that I would marry someone back a year later?"

That day, he said these words himself.

"I just heard that young master Ji likes that one very much, so I came to remind him. I hope young master Ji will take good care of her."

Nian Nian, what's on your mind?

But while Yao Baobei was still thinking, the body next to him moved closer to her. The tall and strong body covered her side and kissed her with thin lips.

She kept her eyes up, no refutation, no response. No matter how hot the breath was, he finally lost his mind.

Yao Baobei remembered this night for a long time, because that night, he gave her something very important.

- - -

When Yao Baobei woke up in the morning and opened his eyes, he saw a woman sleeping soundly against his chest.

The exquisite face reflected the morning sun, like the most beautiful crystal, with the most moving emotion.

Unable to hold back, he reached out his finger and stroked it.

Yao Baobei was so sensitive that he woke up almost the same moment he touched his fingertips.

"Nian Nian."

She widened her eyes and sat up from the bed. She also took the blanket from Shu Nian and said, "I, I made it with you again."

Yao Baobei looked hard at her head. She deserved to die. If Nian Nian wanted to be with ruili, wouldn't she be a mistress now?

Her actions fell into Shu Nian's heart, but somehow made him unhappy. He turned over and sat opposite her, not caring that he was still naked, so he stared at him with a frown, "Yao Baobei, what do you mean now? Regret it?"

In a fit of anger, he grabbed Yao Baobei's hand that had been hitting his head, "I need to remind you, this isn't the first time we've slept together."

It was not the first time that she felt ashamed of herself.

He was forced to do it last time, but now he has to do it again. He's taking advantage of people all the time.

In particular, compared to the last few minutes, Nian Nian was obviously doing too well this time.

Yao Baobei finally remembered this question: "Wait, Nian Nian, are you cured?"

"I've said it many times. I'm not sick!" The corner of Shu Nian's eyes twitched, and he wanted to dig her head open to see what was hidden inside.

He got up, wrapped Yao Baobei in a sheet and carried her into the bathroom, "Take a good bath and come out. Let's talk."

Yao Baobei was thrown into the bathroom by him. He looked at the clean space inside and then at himself in the mirror, whose cheeks were red.

Suddenly, he felt aggrieved.

What is this? What is her relationship with Nian Nian now?

Shu Nian had been waiting outside the room. When Yao Baobei came out, he threw the towel at her, "Wipe your hair. Come and sit down."

Yao Baobei was used to being obedient and walked over almost without thinking, "What are you going to say to me? If, if it's about getting married, then there's no need to say it. I won't force you."

He didn't want to get married. Everyone could tell. Otherwise, the wedding would not be postponed until the end of the year.

"Get married?" Shu Nian sneered, "I'm not interested in that."

In his opinion, it was just a formality, and getting a marriage certificate was enough. If Yao Baobei didn't like it, he wouldn't have bothered to prepare it.

However, the words fell into Yao Baobei's ears, but it was as if he was rejecting them.

His face immediately darkened, and the committee sat down beside him with grievances.

Sure enough, is that so?

"I know you were with Ji Rufeng the other day. Now I warn you, you must never approach him again. Especially going out alone with him."

"Even if you meet him on the road, you should pay special attention to the strange people around him. You'd better turn around and leave."

Shu Nian couldn't think of a good idea for a while. He wanted to find a chance to solve lin jitian. However, the other party did not make any movement. For a while, even if he wanted to check, he could not find out the problem.

It was because of Ji Rufeng.

Yao Baobei had her own plan in mind. She hesitated for a long time before shaking her head slowly, "Ji Rufeng and I are friends."

Of course, it was a friend who would use Shu Nian's life to threaten her.

"Friends will kidnap you?"

"Who said he kidnapped me? I want to be with him. I like to be with him!"

Knowing that she was angry, Shu Nian still blushed, "Yao Baobei, you can do whatever I say. Since when have you become disobedient?"


Did he really think that he had to listen to him for the rest of his life?

Yao Baobei smiled bitterly, "It used to be, but now it is. I used to listen to you, like to listen to you. If you don't want to, you can't force me."

"Besides, you're not mine yet. If I'm not engaged or married, do I have to start serving you now?"

Her raised face was especially stubborn, and Shu Nian almost couldn't get down with one breath.

He could only raise his eyes to glare at Yao Baobei, then simply pulled him to the cabinet.

"Yao Baobei, you've been getting more and more presumptuous lately. Go to a bar to watch a striptease, take off other men's pants, and yell at them for disobedience."

"Very well, you have to get married to be obedient, right?"

Yao Baobei had always been sensible. Knowing that he was angry, he did not immediately refute him directly. Instead, he quietly pouted and muttered, "Even if we get married, we won't listen."

She's not a fool!

Shu niang had been rummaging through the cupboard for a long time, but she couldn't find yao Bao Bei's clothes in it. Suddenly, he remembered something and casually put on a pair of pants and walked out.

"Wait for me here."

"Yes." Yao Baobei replied sullenly. She wasn't even wearing any clothes. She was wrapped up. Where could she go?

A few minutes later, Shu Nian returned.

Holding a paper bag in his hand, he hesitantly threw it at Yao Baobei, "Put it on and come out. I'll give you ten minutes."

Yao Baobei looked at his embarrassed face suspiciously. Before he could ask Shu Nian, he had already walked out and closed the door.

She took out the thing that was placed inside and when it opened, the tip of her nose began to ache for some reason.


Shu Nian was embarrassed when the door was pushed open again.

"I took it by mistake." He snatched the paper bag from Yao Baobei's hand, rummaged through it, and took out a dress.

She looked up at Yao Baobei's suspicious face and said awkwardly, "This is mine."

She nodded and knew it was his.

"But Nian Nian, is this for me?"

Yao Baobei raised his hand and raised the dress in his hand. The dress looked exactly like the one Shu Nian had in his hand, but it was a little small.

Now he threw another bag with his pants in it.

Shu Nian did not answer immediately. He coughed lightly and his face became more and more uncomfortable, "It's not for you. I just saw it and bought it for you."

"Don't talk nonsense. Put it on and come out."

Yao Baobei watched him walk away, lowering his eyes, his mood getting more and more complicated.

This is a couple's outfit, her size.

Nian Nian, why would she buy a couple outfit with her?