Chapter 369 I Want You to Marry Me

Chapter 369 Nian Nian's deep love for you to marry me

The dress was surprisingly well-fitting, with a white couple's jacket and jeans.

Yao Baobei pulled up his hair, pushed open the door and walked out.

Shu Nian was standing in the middle of the living room with his back to hers. From afar, he looked like the bravest knight.

"I'm dressed."

She opened her mouth and a crisp voice entered Shu Nian's ear. Then he saw Shu Nian standing beside him.

The white coat he was wearing was exactly the same as the one he was wearing, and the sunlight shone on him from the side, pulling out a long shadow.

Yao Baobei was stunned almost immediately after he spoke.

"It fits."

Shu Nian looked her up and down and blurted out. Then he looked at Yao Baobei's surprised eyes and immediately turned away, "Let's go."

She followed and sat in the passenger seat, "Where are we going?"

This, however, stumped Shu Nian. He wanted to drive straight to his destination, but suddenly realized that he needed some other documents to do it.

He turned over and put one hand on the steering wheel, "Yao Baobei, do you know where your household register is?"

"Household register?"

She was stunned and replied reflexively, "In mom and dad's room."

Wait, what's wrong with that?

"Nian Nian, why are you asking?"

Shu Nian gazed at him, "Go to your house and get it now."

He threw down a few words and started the car immediately. Along the way, Yao Baobei asked without any intention of answering.

The latter frowned suspiciously.

Does the household register need a passport? Or a visa? She has them all. Other than that, could it be a marriage certificate?

The thought flashed by, and even yao Bao Bei felt ridiculous.

She shook her head and stopped thinking and went home obediently.

However, Yao Yao was in the living room.

Shu Nian only took Shu Wei and gu xinyan out of the country, but did not take this into account.

After Shu Wei left, the mahjong mat, which was always one in three, could not be grouped up. Someone was so bored that he could only stay at home and study how to knit a sweater.

Seeing Yao Baobei and Shu Nian appear together, he immediately waved his hand, "You two come over and help me see how this trick works?"

"Nian Nian, do you think this pattern is suitable for both boys and girls?"

She asked modestly, pointing at a small piece of clothing in a magazine.

Shu Nian looked at the magazine and then at Yao Yao, frowning silently, "Aunt Yao."


"First of all, you have to know how to knit a sweater."

He reminded him mercilessly that there would naturally be no good fruit to eat.

Yao yao was so angry that she slapped him on the head, "Brat, you're still running on me."

Her raised foot was blocked by Shu Nian, and she sat down discontentedly, "I tell you, nothing is difficult in the world but a man with a heart. Who are you, aunt Yao? What are these hands? Back then, he was the mastermind who saved countless lives. How could such a trivial matter as knitting a sweater stop me?"

Besides, all you have to do in front of me is to flatter me. Don't beat me up or I'll let you out of your nude childhood photos."

Yao Baobei rolled his eyes wildly. His mother was good at everything. Even this temper had not changed for so many years. Fortunately, dad was used to it, and even took her boasting as a hobby.

But the person who was threatened didn't react at all and still looked at Yao Baobei.


Yao Baobei moved her eyes and saw shu nian urging her with her lips.

She could only sneak upstairs and sneak into Yao Yao and Ying Jinshen's room. Her mother had always been a nervous person, and these things were usually kept in a drawer.

Sure enough, she opened the bedside cabinet at will and saw the household register inside.

But what exactly did Nian Nian want her to do with the household register?

Downstairs, Shu Nian read the steps in the magazine and explained them step by step.

"This is the most basic method. Just keep knitting in this way and count enough needles. At the end of the stitch, look at the picture on the right."

As he explained, he stared at the shape in Yao Yao's hand, whose eyes almost overflowed with love, "Nian Nian, if you don't fix it first, I'll knit your hair down."

She shoved the needle and thread into Shu Nian's hand without hesitation and watched him start his movements with a straight face.

"It's still my son. I really regret not having another son. According to my relationship with your mother, she has two sons. It's not bad to share one with me."

Seeing that the wool in Shu Nian's hand was woven into a small shape, the love in Yao Yao's eyes grew stronger. All she could do was grab Shu Nian's hand and plead, "Be my son?"

"Mom, what are you doing? Knitting a sweater, but why is it Nian Nian? Are you teaching Nian Nian?"

Yao Baobei leaned over and stared at Shu Nian's increasingly proficient technique in disbelief.

After hearing her voice, the latter immediately threw the wool into Yao Yao's hands, "Nothing. Take everything. Then let's go."

"Wait, I haven't learned yet."

"You should follow the steps and learn slowly. If you really can't, I'll let mommy tang teach you."

Yao Baobei clearly noticed a suspicious dark red on Shu Nian's cheekbones. She pursed her lips and chuckled, "So you taught my mother. I really can't see that you still have the potential to do this."

"Shut up."

Shu Nian glared at her, feeling embarrassed. If word got out that he was a big man touching these things, it would be a joke.

So he immediately dragged Yao Baobei out of the Ying family and almost heard Yao Yao's frantic voice at the door.

"You stinky girl, you haven't married yet and your arms are turning out."

"Why isn't Ying Jinshen back yet? He should have another son."

"Wow, Wei Wei is so nice. Where are the two sons, the two of them!"

Yao Yao suddenly made up his mind and decided to fight the young master again to give Yao Baobei a younger brother!


Poor Yao Baobei, still in the dark. Not long after, when a brother who was 25 years younger appeared at home, someone almost fainted.

At this time in the car, the road became more and more strange, Yao Baobei finally couldn't help but ask: "Nian Nian, you have to tell me the destination."

She sat down angrily and tilted her head to question Shu Nian. But the latter did not react at all.

"You'll know when we get there."

Shu Nian's expression suddenly became a little uncomfortable, and Yao Baobei's current mood, it seems that the situation is not too good.

Sure enough, after the intersection, Yao Baobei shouted to get out of the car, "Stop the car, stop the car. It's so messy outside. How can a girl like me go anywhere with a man?"

"Shu Nian, if you don't let me down, I'll call the police!"

That was a little too much.

Shu nianming knew that she was deliberately angry with herself, but she was also so angry that her face turned red.

What do you mean by going anywhere you don't know? This place is not strange, let's not say it first. Is he an outsider?

He gave Yao Baobei a sullen look and turned his eyes away. Instead of stopping, it sped up even more.

"Hello? This is kidnapping!"

Yao Baobei clenched his fists and wished he could punch him like that.

But Shu Nian was also stubborn. The more stubborn she was, the more he refused to speak.

Anyway, it's two minutes away.

However, when the car started to turn, Yao Baobei looked at a building in front of him and suddenly widened his eyes.

"Nian Nian, the civil affairs bureau is ahead. Are you, are you going to marry me?"


He stopped the car just in time and turned to look at Yao Baobei. There was a dark emotion in his eyes, "I agreed to your proposal."

As soon as she finished speaking, Shu Nian grabbed her and got out of the car. Regardless of the latter's astonishment, he led her inside.

Yao Baobei's face was full of astonishment. When he looked at the three big words on his head, he couldn't even say it well, "Don't, don't joke."

"That's not funny at all!"

She shook her hand and walked past Shu Nian.

Unexpectedly, a man's low voice came from behind him, "Yao Baobei, are you going to give up?"

Yao Baobei felt as if he had stumbled a few steps and almost fell to the ground. Listening to the whispers around her, she suddenly turned her head, "You, what are you talking about? Who, who gave up?"

Even if someone abandoned him, that person was still him.

Besides, even if it was her first time taking the initiative, it wasn't last night. No matter what, she was a girl, and she was the one who suffered.

But all of this seemed to hold true in Shu Nian's eyes.

"A few minutes ago, you asked me to marry you. Do you want to go back on your word now? Or did you push me to bed the other night and forget everything about me?"

It turned out to be a reverse push...

Most of the onlookers were also small couples, and when they heard this, they began to whisper.

Yao Baobei could almost feel the color in everyone's eyes. She wished there was a hole in the ground so that she could get in.

"Young girls nowadays are so bold that they can do such a thing."

"That man doesn't look like that kind of person either."

She put all those words into her ears, and when she was so embarrassed that she didn't know what to do, Shu Nian was still standing there.

Yao Baobei suddenly felt a surge of anger in his heart and turned around.


Shu Nian went straight to hold her, and when Yao Baobei faced him, he saw the light in his eyes.

In his heart, there was a trace of helplessness and guilt.

In front of many people, he held them in his arms and coaxed them softly, "Okay, I'm kidding. No one will abandon them. You proposed to me, and I said yes, so it's normal to get married now, isn't it?"

Where is normal?

It's not normal at all!

Yao Baobei glared at him, her eyes bulging out in a cute and cute way, "You're playing with me again!"

"I didn't..."

Shu Nian finally tasted the taste of a wolf, so he said in a low voice, "I have taken the household register, do you think I'm still joking? Yao Baobei, if you don't feel well, I'll propose to you now."

His body suddenly fell down, and from nowhere, he took out a red brocade box and opened it in front of Yao Baobei, "Please marry me."

Yao Baobei was taken aback, only to feel that the surroundings, together with the air, had quieted down.

Nian Nian asked her to marry him?

He's here, proposing to her?