Chapter 370 Do You Want to Have Children When You Marry A Wife?

Chapter 370 Nian Nian's affectionate wife wants to have children?

Yao Baobei knew that she must be ugly now, but she could not close her mouth.

Even his hands trembled.

"Nian Nian, Nian Nian, get up."

All she could see was the scene of Shu Nian kneeling on one knee in front of her. As for the meaning of this gesture, Yao Baobei had completely forgotten.

Now, I just wish I could disappear here immediately, lest I lose face.

Shu Nian immediately lowered his face and gritted his teeth, "Yao Baobei, I'm proposing!"

Oh, oh, he's proposing. The object of the proposal was still himself.

But then again, what a strange thought.

Yao Baobei stood there in a daze, looking at Shu Nian's increasingly ugly face, not knowing what to do for a moment.

She stammered as she watched Shu Nian grit her teeth and say to herself, "You should talk now, say normal things!"

"What should I say?"

"Of course you do!" The veins on Shu Nian's forehead quivered and his emotions became extremely agitated. His voice was so loud that it once again managed to attract the attention of the crowd around him.

This time, even the staff from the front office looked in this direction.

Instead of agreeing immediately, Yao Baobei lowered his face and complained, "I knew you were threatening me to get married!"

Shu Nian didn't go up in one breath and almost fainted on the spot. He took a few deep breaths before he could recover and tried to control his emotions, "I didn't coerce you. This word can't be used at a time like this. Yao Baobei, let me remind you again that I'm proposing to you right now, right now, right now."

All of a sudden, he had the feeling that Yao Baobei was being watched until he burst into tears. He felt like he was about to cry too.

When did his proposal become a threat in the eyes of the other party?

Yao Baobei snorted, as if he had regained his senses. She looked at Shu Nian's growing nervousness and the people around her pointing at him and suddenly smiled, "I know what you're doing. But it's not that simple when someone proposes. You didn't even explain why you want to marry me. How can I marry?"

Shu Nian's mouth twitched and he was speechless.

He raised his eyes and looked at the smug smile on Yao Baobei's face. She suddenly understood what she meant.

His handsome face lifted slightly and his expression became more serious, "Okay, Yao Baobei. I like you. I love you. Please marry me. Is that okay?"

"Remove the last four words." Yao Baobei did not want to admit that he actually trembled because of his words. The tears in her eyes were almost unstoppable.

But that little pride was not satisfied, and he had to get the answer he wanted.

Because Yao Baobei wasn't sure if she would still have the chance to hear what Nian Nian said if she missed today.

Shu Nian raised his eyes and saw the slight grievance and expectation on his fair face. All his impatience vanished in an instant.

He narrowed his eyes and finally got up from the ground. His palm spread out and he put the ring inside, "Yao Baobei, if you don't say anything, I'll take it as a rejection."


Yao Baobei was so shocked that he didn't want to make things difficult for him. He immediately ran over and snatched the ring from his hand, "Who said I didn't agree? I answered."

After she quickly put on the ring, she immediately reached out and hugged Shu Nian, never letting him go back on his word, "I don't care. Anyway, I've already put on the ring. You'll be mine from now on."

Yao Baobei put his hands around Shu Nian's waist and wished he could use all his strength.

However, Shu Nian never responded to her, but said gloomily, "Then will you be obedient in the future?"


Yao Baobei nodded his head hard. He could say anything.

For her today, she was in such a tumultuous mood that she thought Nian Nian would never want her again, but he actually proposed to her.


When Yao Baobei saw Shu Wei and Gu Xinyan's wedding when he was five years old, he secretly looked forward to this day, so after twenty years, he finally waited for this day.

"Just be obedient. Let's go."

Shu Nian now had a sense of worry, and with Yao Baobei's temperament, he should get the certificate as soon as possible. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to feel at ease.

Of course, Yao Baobei would not object to it again this time, until she was holding the red book in her hand, and she still couldn't believe it.

Suddenly, she married Nian Nian.

Suddenly, she completed her dream of waiting for twenty years.

Shu Nian noticed that she had stopped, so he stood still and looked back at her through the cold autumn temperature, "What's wrong?"

"I don't think it's real." Yao Baobei pursed her lips and smiled. The moment she lowered her eyes, she touched the ring on her ring finger.

She felt like she was living in a dream.

But suddenly, a force came from the side and pulled her into that warm embrace.

Shu Nian held her hand and instead of walking to the car, he walked slowly along the path.

"Do you know where it is?"

Only then did Yao Baobei regain his senses and look up at the old building in the wind and rain, "The school snack street."

Their high school was here, and they didn't expect that there would be almost no change in the past few years.

Even the owner of the milk tea shop that was often opened not far away was the handsome guitar guy who was popular with countless girls back then.

But now, this handsome man had a doll beside him.

Coincidentally, the chubby lump came running this way. The baby obviously didn't know how to walk, but it was already holding its breath and running forward.

Seeing that he was about to fall, Yao Baobei exclaimed and subconsciously reached out his hand.

"Are you okay?"

Someone picked him up faster than she did before the child fell.

Yao Baobei was sure he was right. Someone almost grabbed the child with two fingers.

"If you can't even walk, you want to run. Tsk tsk. You deserve it if you fall."

"Nian Nian, don't talk nonsense!" Yao Baobei pinched him. Didn't he see that his parents were already here?

Shu Nian's words fell into the ears of the shopkeeper and his wife, and Yao Baobei's address surprised the man, "Hey, Nian Nian? Are you Shu Nian?"

The shopkeeper looked at Yao Baobei for a while, his eyes widening. Finally, he confirmed who she was, "You two can really get together. It's a miracle."

"But it's even more miraculous that you can lose weight."

Yao Baobei was a little embarrassed when she was exposed. She coughed softly and walked in at the shopkeeper's beck, "Did you recognize me at a glance?"

She had changed so much that she didn't even look away.

The owner smiled and pointed at Shu Nian, "It's not that easy to recognize you. You've shrunk so much compared to before."

He gestured exaggeratedly with a faint interest in his eyes.

"But this kid hasn't changed at all over the years. It's been almost ten years. It's said that over the years, no one can shake your position as the school grass."

Yao Baobei felt nothing but pride, so he held Shu Nian's arm tightly, "Of course."

She suddenly knew what Nian Nian meant by bringing herself here. Ten years ago, she was here chasing after Nian Nian, but she never got a response.

Ten years later, he brought her back to let her know the result.

"By the way, haven't you forgotten what you left here before? I'll get it for you."

Something? What is it?

Yao Baobei's face was puzzled. A few seconds later, he suddenly realized and screamed.

"Wait, wait!"

Shu Nian pulled her back and frowned, "Let him get it."

He was curious as to what it would be like to keep something for ten years.

However, Yao Baobei's face never looked good after he learned that the owner still kept the item.

She wished she could drag Shu Nian away at once, and her face was already red.

Soon, however, the owner appeared with a box in his hand, which was already covered in dust, "I wanted to throw it away, but then I thought that little fat girl's perseverance was quite touching, so I left it behind. Open it. I haven't opened it."

Shu Nian reached out his hand without thinking, but Yao Baobei stopped him halfway.

"It's better not to look at it. It's old and boring."

The more she tried to stop him, the more insistent Shu Nian became. She simply pushed Yao Baobei's hand away and opened the box.

"Ten years ago..."

Ten years ago, no, exactly twenty years ago. She had already deeply loved him, so she put all her efforts on Shu Nian.

Ten years ago, they had just been promoted to high school, when Shu Nian was already a senior because of the grade jump.

She was at the door every day, so she could only go home with him.

So, during the first year of high school, he folded 9,999 stars and put them all here.

"The others are all ninety-nine, ninety-nine, and she's the first one I've seen with a ninety-nine discount. Do you think this willpower is good?"

"Yes." Shu Nian opened it and didn't put it down. The dark and deep eyes were full of indecipherable meanings.

He reached out and fiddled with it, then saw the note spread out in the middle.

"Nian Nian, I like you."

Yao Baobei's face was flushed. He had been spying on his secret for a long time. He even stammered, "Don't, don't look. Let's go."

Shu nianyi satisfied her, closed the box, and took it away. The free hand rubbed into her palm, "Who hasn't been so young and frivolous, not to mention that even in the beginning, the person you liked was me. I'm very happy."

"Let's go. Accompany me to the company."


Yao Baobei suddenly remembered something and shook his head like a rattle drum, "You can't go. Ji Rufeng Gu enterprise's security system was his responsibility, and he was responsible for the last fake fire. He can make it fake, he can make it real, and if you go, you might target him on purpose."

"So, that's why he threatened you?"

For a moment, Shu Nian did not know whether to scold her or to feel sorry for her. This girl was indeed more innocent.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. He didn't dare and couldn't do it. It was an accident last time, but that's all. Let's not talk about whether he made a big fuss or not. Even if he did, he would have to compensate the entire ji family."

But yao Bao Bei was not at ease. She grabbed Shu Nian's hand and refused to get in the car.

The latter smiled and shoved the man up. Her hot breath fell behind her ear, "Don't worry, I finally got a wife. I haven't married yet. How dare something happen?"