Chapter 371 Deep in Love, Deep in the Bones

Chapter 371 Nian Nian is deeply in love

Yao Baobei couldn't stop him and went to the Gu enterprise with him.

She did not know that Shu Nian was actually worried, which was why she had to stay with her.

There was a lounge next to the office, and Shu Nian was next door, so she stayed alone to pass the time.

"Young master, everything has been done as you instructed. The next thing we do is wait for him to get into the condom."

"Now we're almost there."

Wang Jin's face was more serious than usual. He heard a noise coming from outside the door and immediately walked over.

It was Lin Jitian who came in. The moment he saw Shu Nian, his eyes flashed for a few seconds. However, there was no displeasure at all.

"Uncle Lin, this way, please." Shu Nian was very considerate. After waving to Wang Jin to leave, he took the initiative to sit opposite Lin Jitian.

Lin Jitian narrowed his eyes and smiled.

From what he looked like now, there was hardly any displeasure. There was even a faint appreciation for Shu Nian.

Shu Nian poured him a cup of tea and said slowly, "Uncle doesn't have much time to come back to North city. I heard you have a project with the Ji family?"

"It's just a little cooperation. Gu enterprise, on the other hand, has been growing faster and faster over the past few years. I didn't expect you to be more powerful than your father."

After swallowing up Lin shi's business, the company began to develop gradually. Recently, there have been opportunities to establish an extremely positive corporate image, and today's Gu enterprise, there are faint signs that North city is number one.

Lin jitian, on the other hand, has become more low-key in recent years. When Lin Zhaoying finally didn't marry Gu Xinyan, he knew that the lin family would be ruined.

Unexpectedly, in the end, his wife and son were separated and he lost everything.

Shu Nian did not seem to notice the change in his mood. "Uncle Lin knows the situation. Why not consider working with the Gu enterprise?" We can give you more than Ji family."

"Hehe." Lin Jitian thought it was a joke, "Working with the Gu enterprise? I'm afraid it's been swallowed up before it even started."

His face was mocking and his heart was filled with anger.

Shu Nian, on the other hand, was more and more certain that Lin Jitian had never given up on his hatred for the Gu family. He had been dormant for many years, so he probably wanted to take this opportunity to avenge himself.

The atmosphere became awkward for a moment and no one spoke for a long time.

Shu Nian was calculating in his mind how to deal with him. If lin jitian agreed to cooperate with the Gu enterprise, he would naturally have a chance to find out his secret bit by bit.

But now, the person in front of him was like an old fox, and his words did not reveal any other problems.

"Shu Nian? You are more cautious than your father. But after all these years, I never saw him again, and you should know what happened back then. My family is ruined and my wife and family are separated. I'm afraid I won't be able to calm down until I die."

Lin Jitian's hand suddenly tightened and his eyes were filled with anger, "I owe all of this to your father!"

"Shu Nian, you..."

Before he could finish his sentence, the office door was suddenly pushed open.

Someone carefully poked his head out and rolled his eyes, "Nian Nian."

Yao Baobei was embarrassed to see that there was someone else inside. She walked out carefully and hurried towards Shu Nian.

"Nian Nian, I have an emergency."

She frowned, her heart somewhat anxious. Unexpectedly, Shu Nian immediately lowered his face and said in a rough voice, "Didn't you see any guests? Get out."

"But, it's really an emergency." Yao Baobei stamped his foot and looked flustered.

She had just remembered that Shu Nian didn't take any precautions when they were together last night. It's been a long time now. Should she buy the birth control pills immediately?

Shu Nian noticed with sharp eyes that Lin Jitian had been staring at Yao Baobei and immediately pushed him aside, "We'll talk about it later. I'm busy right now."

"And, Yao Baobei, can you solve this on your own without relying on anyone else?"

Shu Nian saw Yao Baobei's battered face as soon as he finished speaking. He immediately felt his heart bulge, but he subconsciously blamed the angry man, "Get out!"

Nian Nian was angry at her again?

Yao Baobei's lips were pursed and her eyes were red.

She wanted to say something, but shu niang's glare was so fierce that she stifled her words.

"If you go out, go out. I'll solve it myself!"

Originally, I wanted to ask him for his opinion. If he didn't have a contraceptive device before, then I wouldn't be afraid now.

She just thought that since they were married, could they not use contraception?

But when the door of the office was closed, Shu Nian did not react at all. Yao Baobei could only leave, mumbling to himself.

Until Wang Jin stopped her, "Miss Yao, where are you going? The eldest young master has instructed you to wait for him in the lounge."

He's busy. I'm going to buy something. But Wang Jin... "Yao Baobei suddenly lowered his voice and blushed." Where's a pharmacy near here? There are those who sell birth control pills."

Wang Jin suddenly widened her eyes and couldn't help but look at her for a while before coughing softly, "It's in the department store next door. You can go straight through from the eighth floor."

"Okay. Thank you."

She hurriedly walked away, feeling really humiliated and humiliated.

In the office, the atmosphere between Shu Nian and Lin Jitian became even weirder.

Lin jitian gulped down the tea in his cup, "Who was the girl just now? Beautiful and smart, you have a good eye."

"You have misunderstood. It is the daughter of an elder from an aristocratic family who is entrusted with care." He lowered his eyes and avoided Lin Jitian's gaze without a trace.

It was not that she was afraid to admit Yao Baobei, but that she was unwilling to expose her to danger.

Lin Jitian was going to deal with the Gu family. If Yao Baobei was involved, she would be in more danger.

Shu Nian's heart sank when he thought of the way she had been wronged. He was in no mood to continue the conversation, "Since uncle Lin has no intention of cooperating, let's call it a day. I have some other things to attend to, so I won't entertain you any more."

"Well, I will definitely consider the Gu enterprise if I have the chance." Lin Jitian said this, not knowing what he was hinting at, so he got up and shook hands with Shu Nian, then left.

After confirming that Lin Jitian had left the Gu enterprise, Shu Nian's expression became more solemn. He walked out and saw Wang Jin outside, "Young master, how did it go?"

"He was very cautious and didn't get much out of it. But I'm sure the Gu family will be among his targets."

After that, Shu Nian walked to the lounge with a frown.

Just two steps later, Wang Jin explained, "Miss Yao has left."

"Where did she go?"


Shu Nian paused and turned around suspiciously, "What's wrong with her?"

"No discomfort, hehe. It's to prevent trouble from happening." Wang Jin squeezed his brows and smiled ambiguously, "She said she was going to buy birth control pills."

He then patted Shu Nian on the shoulder, not noticing that his face was getting uglier and uglier.

Yao Baobei is going to buy birth control pills?

Are they married and still using contraception?

Is this girl crazy?

Once again, he felt that things were out of his control, and even his beating heart began to betray him.

And it was all because of Yao Baobei.

Wait, when Shu Nian walked into the elevator, he suddenly remembered how she had just rushed into the office.

This was the important thing she was talking about, and she was asking her to solve it herself.

Only then did Shu Nian realize that something was wrong. Judging from yao Bao Bei's understanding, she must have thought that she did not want a child for the time being.

Or maybe, she's always thinking in the wrong direction.

"Drip!" When the elevator reached the eighth floor, Shu Nian immediately went down. The gloomy look on his face and the cold air on his body made people unconsciously retreat.

Some recognized his appearance and greeted him in a low voice. Then, regardless of whether they responded or not, they immediately avoided him.

Shu Nian walked away with a livid face, but did not expect that just as he turned around, someone behind him called out to him, "Nian Nian."

The voice was so familiar that Shu Nian turned around almost immediately.

It was Yao Baobei who was standing in the elevator next door. She was still holding something in her hand and was surprised to see him appear in a hurry, "Is your guest reception over?"

Shu Nian didn't answer immediately. He only looked up and down at her and finally pulled her to his side, "Have you eaten the food you just bought?"

"Yes." Yao Baobei opened his mouth and let out a breath.

Her natural answer made Shu Nian's body suddenly stiff, "Eat, eat?"

The corner of Shu Nian's mouth twitched. After seeing Yao Baobei nod, he roared, "You can eat whatever you know, and you won't discuss it with me before. Do you really want me to let you solve it yourself? Do you know how much damage that thing does to your body?"

His face was livid with anger, and all his emotions gushed out in an instant. He wanted to grab her and give her a good spanking.

However, Yao Baobei was puzzled. She was in a bad mood when she was suddenly scolded like this.

But shu nian looked really scary, and her hands were very tight.

"Hey, your grip hurts." She protested softly, pulling her hand back and complaining, "I don't know what harm chewing gum will do to my body, but if you mind so much, I won't eat it in the future."

Shu Nian froze on the spot, "Mouth, gum?"

"Mm-hmm." Yao Baobei rolled his eyes at him, completely incomprehensible.

However, Shu Nian's breath changed in an instant. He immediately clenched her hand and said solemnly and seriously, "So, what about the medicine? What about the medicine you're going to buy?"

Yao Baobei's face turned red at the mention of this. She carefully pulled shu nian to a corner and whispered, "I was going to buy it, but she insisted on asking me when I did it and if you did it or not."

"But how would I know?"

How can you say such a private thing like that? Besides, she was in a daze at the time, and indeed could not remember clearly.

When Shu Nian saw this, he suddenly chuckled and pulled him into his arms!